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Karise Indobri

Feb 21, 2021, 10:45:43 AM2/21/21
to USS Juneau

((OOC: I know the posse is still being rounded up, but we thought we'd go ahead and publish part 6 for everyone's reading entertainment. :) ))

((Orstand 3 – Kensale Shuttle - The next morning))

Despite her own warning, Karise had demolished her own half of the bottle. And, consequently, she’d gotten cold during the night. Which probably explained why she had snuggled up so closely to T’Lea. At least, that was the lie she was going to tell herself. She pulled back a bit before the woman woke up and started grousing at her. The aftereffects of the alcohol made it such that she didn’t want to crawl out from under the blankets, but she was starving. Scooting out from under the blanket, she slid over to her stockpile and selected a few cans.

She couldn’t tell what they were - the cans were marked in a language she didn’t understand - but she dug out the opener and began prying open the cans. One sniff of the first one told her this was not going to be a tasty meal. But it would keep them alive. The second one she opened smelled absolutely delicious and she was about to dig into that one when T’Lea began to stir.

T’Lea:  Damn.  It’s real.

She mumbled her grievance that this had not been a dream.

Indobri: Morning. :: handing her can with the good smelling meal - whatever it was :: Breakfast is served.

Space rations.  At least there had been a small stash of emergency food on board – although it looked like they had been there for eons.  She took a whiff from the can and was pleasantly surprised.  She read the label.

T’Lea: Hearty stew.  I hope that means it’s filling and not full of hearts.

Karise handed her a spoon and then used the other one she had procured and dug into the can. She took one bite and nearly gagged. Whatever it was in that can was not meant for her consumption.

Indobri: Oh my Lady. What is this? It’s horrid!

After the can was discarded, T’Lea spun the label around.  She smiled deciding to have a little fun.

T’Lea: Engine lubricant.

After getting the perfect reaction from the Doctor, T’Lea let her off the hook with a smile.

T’Lea:  Vegetable pate. ::sniff and shrug:: Not bad.

With her appetite completely ruined, Karise sat back and watched T’Lea consume her meal. She wanted to wash the taste out of her mouth, but the bottle was empty, so unless T’Lea offered to get her water, she’d just have to make do without. Speaking of the empty bottle…

Indobri: Um. T’Lea?

T’Lea:  Hm?  Here.

She shoved her stew over to the Doctor, and took the vegetable pate instead.  Being that these were gourmet food rations T’Lea had her suspicions about the animal body parts used in the “Hearty” stew.  The vegetable pate was self-explanatory, though not entirely friendly to the taste buds.

Indobri: :: meekly :: I don’t suppose I did anything crazy last night, did I? I’m pretty much a lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

The Romu-vulc grinned.  That sounded like an invitation for personal amusement.  The Doctor would have to learn the hard way not to leave an opening like that for T’Lea.

T’Lea: ::shrug:: You said the alcohol made you hot, so you removed your clothes.  You then sang a Rodulan ballad in your native tongue.

She slid the woman a sly smirk, and ditched her meal for a mylar-like pouch of water.  She tossed one to Indobri.

Indobri oO OH NO! That sounds about right, too. Oo

Indobri: :: panic beginning to cross her face :: I did?

T’Lea:  No, you danced a jig and then passed out.

The relief was evident on her face. There was no way that was possible with her ankle the way it was.

Indobri: Phew. That’s a relief. I thought I might have said something embarrassing.

((TBC in Part 7))

Lt Commander Karise Indobri, MD

Chief Medical Officer

USS Juneau NX-99801




Lieutenant Commander T’Lea 

Historian/Archaeology Specialist 

USS Juneau

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Karise Indobri

Feb 21, 2021, 12:05:16 PM2/21/21
to USS Juneau

((OOC: Oops! Looks like I forgot half the sim. Here it is in whole. Thanks T'Lea for pointing that out. ))

(( Orstand 3 – Kensale Shuttle, several hours after the events of Part 5))

Several hours had passed and the time had been spent gathering information and utilizing what they had available to make the odds of a friendly rescue more in their favor. Rule number one for a successful rescue was not to leave the vehicle behind – not that they had a choice in this instance. After figuring out that they had crashed on a desolate wasteland of a planet with toxic air, acid rain, and some persistently annoying spider-like creatures that really liked to scamper across the shuttle windows, staying in the shuttle was the only smart thing to do.  However, there was a limit to even this hospitable environment. In order to extend their life-expectancy in the cabin, the stranded duo decided to decrease power consumption to nearly nill, cut climate controls completely, and reduce their oxygen levels in hopes of giving themselves more time for rescue before their air ran out.

Among other disadvantages, the shields had failed two hours ago, and there was a question of structural integrity to the vehicle, not just from the crash, but from the acid rain that was now making pitter-patter noises on the roof.

The temperature in the cabin was steadily dropping with the shifting conditions outside.  T’Lea had scrounged a couple of blankets from the overhead compartment, and had dismantled the already wrecked row of recliners to make a cozy little cave under the cockpit consoles that now hung above. If the rain hadn’t been a threat to the hull of the ship, it would have sounded quite comforting.

Karise felt rather bad that T’Lea was doing most of the work because of her ankle, but she had done what she could. She had managed to gather a small pile of foodstuff and placed it in their little cozy. And cozy it was. The temperature was dropping, but with their combined body heat being trapped in the makeshift tent, it was staying a bit warmer in here. Not that it was exactly warm. If the temperature dropped too much further, they might need to huddle together for warmth while they slept.

T’Lea:  She murdered my mother.

The Romu-vulc and Rodulan sat shoulder-to-shoulder in silence for a while, sharing the warmth under doubled-up blankets.

Karise looked up from her near reverie, trying desperately to fight off the chills despite the warmth of the Vulcan-hybrid and the blanket she had wrapped around her.

T’Lea:  Dal Selta. ::beat::  I’m going to kill her. Marot was a lead. ::glancing at Indobri:: I’m sorry you got caught up in this. How did you find me anyway? You were supposed to meet me on the holodeck?

Karise smiled a wry smile before looking over at T’Lea and meeting her gaze. That was a common sentiment she’d heard from her own people too many times as a child. For a people dedicated to peace, it was disturbing to hear that kind of talk. That was, until that day on her father’s ship.

Indobri: I was on my way when I saw you heading for the maintenance section and decided to follow you. :: pause :: I always was too curious for my own good.

T’Lea: ::smirk::  Well, this is more exciting than what I had planned. How is your ankle?

Indobri: Painful and swollen. I’m going to need to find a way to keep it warm since I’m not going to be able to get my boot back on. But the pain is pretty bad, especially after setting it. And we used up all the analgesics for your shoulder.

The Vulcan hybrid shuffled out from under the blankets and headed toward the replicator.

T’Lea: The least I can do is try to remedy that. You said you lived under Cardassian occupation?

Indobri: Yes. During a war between the Klingons and the Cardassians, they decided our world would make a great place to occupy. :: long pause :: From everything I have ever heard, our suffering was nothing compared to what the Bajorans went through. But it was still bad. A lot of good people died under their regime.

T’Lea powered up the replicator for a moment, and skimmed the list for something specific. Unfortunately, most of the selection had been corrupted, but there was one thing that might do the trick. She keyed it in, and the replicator buzzed.

T’Lea: You never thought about revenge? Son of a-

There was a sudden splash of fluid as the obvious happened. The replicator being upside down dumped its liquid contents and two glasses all over the receptacle and T’Lea as it materialized.  She backed up and wiped at the front of her pants.

T’Lea:  Great.  Now when they find us they’ll think I peed myself. ::pointing a finger at Indobri:: Laugh and I’ll crash you on a hostile planet.

Karise couldn’t help it. The snicker that had started at seeing the liquid spill on the woman, and grew at the comment, now burst forth into full-blown laughter. She quickly bit it down and tried her best to look contrite.

Indobri: Yes, ma’am. The last thing I would ever want is to be stranded alone someplace with someone who can’t even fix a drink from a replicator.

Correcting the order, T’Lea was prepared this time and grabbed a green tinted bottle as it appeared. Returning to the pocket of heat under the blanket, the hybrid wrung off the cork and took a swig before handing it to the Doctor.

T’Lea: Champagne. It’s the strongest thing left on the menu. Might help with the pain.  Might go against Doctor’s orders.

Karise took the bottle and took a big swig of it. It wasn’t Rodulan Red, but it was good nonetheless.

Indobri: Nonsense. It’s perfect. But we’ll need to be careful. Alcohol is a vasodilator and can lower the body temperature. It’ll make you feel warm, but in truth, you’re freezing.

A thought suddenly struck T’Lea and she reached into her wet pocket to pull out a little pill box. She opened it and saw two pills unspoiled by the explosion of champagne. A sigh of relief followed.

T’Lea: That would have made things… interesting. Trapped on a toxic planet, in a failing shuttle, with a dead body, and a Vulcan going through Pon Farr. Two pills. Let’s hope they find us before I run out.

Indobri oO Oh… now what fun would that be? … behave. Oo

Indobri: Yes. Fun. So… Now what do we do?

T’Lea: Enjoy the exquisite comfort of the finest luxury transport in the quadrant.

They’d done what they could to get a signal through the planetary interference, now all they could do was stay alive and wait.  She took a drink from the bottle, not caring if the effects created a pseudo warmth, and then handed it back to the Rodulan.

T’Lea: You have no animosity toward the Cardassians, after what they did to your people?

Karise took several more swigs of the champagne, trying to steel her nerves.  By that action T’Lea knew she’d hit pay-dirt.

Indobri: :: softly :: I was sixteen when it happened. My father owns a trans-oceanic freighting company. They graciously allowed him to continue operating. But they insisted on having their own people on each voyage. I was on one at the time and there was an explosion. So many of my people died and I couldn’t help them. That was when I decided to become a doctor.

The short quiet nod that T’Lea gave was respectful of the answer, but she had to admit she was a bit disappointed with the result.  A little anger or sworn vengeance would have been nice to share.

Karise took another swallow and passed the bottle over to T’Lea.

Indobri: That day shaped my future. My present. I swore I would never be helpless to save lives again.

T’Lea: You are a far better person than most.

Karise turned and looked at T’Lea’s blue eyes, her own solid black orbs brimming with tears that were pooling, readying themselves to trickle down her cheek as she brought back that painful day.

Indobri: My point is, T’Lea. The things that happen in our life help to shape our futures. But how they shape our lives...that’s up to us. You can let your anger, hate and rage consume you, or you can let it be a force for positive change.

T’Lea downed a lonely gulp of expensive champagne like it was a beer from a hillbilly still.  It was now very clear that Karise was a good person through-and-through, and T’Lea felt a greater responsibility to protect that from the Dal if she came for them first.

T’Lea: I wish it were that simple.

Indobri oO Me too. Oo

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