Ensign R'Kala: Ready for Duty

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Erin Green

Sep 22, 2020, 1:38:03 AM9/22/20
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((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Juneau)) 

Not too long ago it felt like she had just been inside the Holodeck performing her cadet cruise before being told she had passed and had been promoted to ensign and was given her first fleet placement aboard the USS Juneau as a science officer. R'Kala was excited. She had been reviewing the ship manual for the last couple of days and had even scheduled her medical physical. Right now though, she was in the turbolift, making her way to the bridge. She had been given a brief mission report of the Juneau's current mission assignment. She held the PADD in her hand until the doors of the turbolift opened. She saw several officers on the bridge, and to her surprise, she saw someone from her cohort: former Cadet Deckett, now Ensign Deckett. 

She stepped onto the bridge, listening to the conversation. 

Moonsong: Message coming in, Captain.

Shark: Response

Oddas: Put it through.

Jem'Hadar Pilot: =/\= Federation Vessel, we have been ordered to pull back and pursue the Breen Vessel, Ma'azz, it is required you join us. =/\=

Oddas: =/\= This is Captain Oddas, we have not been able to detect the Breen Vessel since they docked here, =/\= ::she looked to her crew for validation:: 

Moonsong: I can scan for that cloak signature, Captain.

Bridge: Response

Oddas: =/\= That said, as a sign of good faith, we are willing to transfer and render all assistance needed for you and your people.  =/\=

Jem'Hadar Pilot: =/\= What does that mean? =/\=

Oddas: =/\= It means, if you want assistance dealing with your wound, fixing your compound, making repairs, we can discuss it.  If you want assistance to go rampaging through the Wilds, we might have an issue. =/\=

R'Kala: oO They're not going to like that response. Oo

Jem'Hadar Pilot: =/\= I cannot make such deals, no Jem'Hadar can! =/\=

Moonsong: Captain… They have a hierarchy.

R'Kala: oO She gets it. Oo

Bridge: Response

Oddas: =/\= May I suggest you connect me with someone who can? =/\=

Bridge: Response

Oddas:  The Jem'Hadar were victims here, if they can bring themselves to live peacefully ... 

Moonsong: I think peacefully is a relative term, Captain.

Bridge: Response

Moonsong: ::shakes head:: They were designed to be slaves. Soldiers whom throw away their lives for their creator. I am just saying… it will be a… difficult transition.

Deckett: Difficult can't begin to describe what they are going through....but they are trying ::turns to the captain:: and I think they'll come to appreciate that you are trying too sir.

Deckett quickly turned back to his console, cheeks flushing slightly as he once again busied himself with the stations current status.

Bridge: Response

Bekanar’Klan: Response

Oddas/Tierney/Shark: Response

R'Kala made her way to the center of the bridge where the commanding officer was located. In a strong Klingon stance, she greeted the officer.

R'Kala: Captain Oddas? I'm Ensign R'Kala, a new science officer recently posted to the Juneau. Is there anything I can do to help? Orders, sir?

Odass: Response

Bridge: Response

((OOC: Short sim, but just to get me into the action!))



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