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((Lab, Pirate moon))


Falt: Excellent, time to go then. ::to Kingsley:: Can you take point once we’re out of the lab, look out for trouble and stop us crashing into things?


Not only was she best trained to do that, he didn’t want her physically exerting herself too much either.


Kingsley: Aye sir.


Tomas took hold of his side of the crate


Falt: ::at Dekas:: Ready?


Dekas: Definitely.


Falt: Then let’s get out of here.


He tried to convey as much confidence in his words as he possibly could. Partly to reassure the others on his team, but mainly to convince himself he’d be able to haul the crate all the way back to the shuttle. It was the kind of heavy that felt manageable for the first 20 meters, but then seemed to double in weight every 20 meters afterwards.


As Kingsley stepped out to check the corridor, he took a deep breath and readied himself. It was going to be a long walk.


Dekas: ::a huff of amusement:: Say it again. 


Kingsley returned.


Kingsley: Absolutely.


Tomas assumed that meant the corridor was clear, an assumption confirmed when the Marine turned and led them out of the lab. The corridor was reassuringly empty,


Dekas: So what’s the plan if someone stops us?


It was a good question, and one Tomas was pretty sure he knew the answer to. They were very likely to be stopped at some point, by the two goons that had shaken them down when they’d first landed if no-one else.


Falt: We try talking first.


Dekas: ::He lowered his voice as they got closer to open areas:: Do we have a quick cover story? I’d rather avoid upsetting a gaggle of pirates if we're stopped. 


Kingsley: If someone scans the crate it should look like a load of fancy lab equipment, maybe we should just say we are buyers transporting cargo back to our ship? 


Falt: Agreed. Nice and simple, and explains what we’re up to. 


They were approaching the intersection between the short hallway they currently occupied and the much longer corridor that led back to the market, and the ship beyond. It was starting to feel like a very long way. Just as they reached the junction Kingsley motioned them to stop.


He knew not to say anything as she turned and carefully moved to see around the corner. Now they were stationary he could here the low voices of a nearby conversation as well. Kingsley looked back at Falt and Dekas, held up two fingers, and pointed down the hallway in the direction of the conversation.


Dekas let out a quiet ‘ah’ in understanding and nodded.


Tomas considered their situation for a moment. There was no one way to know if these two would be moving soon, or why they were in the corridor. They were going to have to make a break for it, and hope for the best. Besides, they were going to be able to hide for much longer as they were going to have to walk through a market full of people in a minute.


Falt: ::at Kingsley, voice low:: Unless they look like an immediate threat we need to keep moving.


She nodded in response and headed into the hallway. Tomas followed, holding his end of the crate and concentrating on keeping a steady gate, so as not to unbalance Dekas. He immediately identified the source of the talking that they had heard; a Gorn and a Nausicaan deep in conversation a few feet away in the opposite direction. He couldn’t tell if they were Market Security, but reassuringly neither had even glanced in their direction so if they were security, they weren’t very good.


Dekas: ::quietly:: I hope they stay over there.


Falt: They’re not paying us an attention, we’re okay.


Kingsley: Response


Dekas: I’m not thinking about the teeth. ::a beat, realizing he just said that thought out loud:: I mean I’m good, yes. We're good.


The walk down the corridor to the market only took a minute or so, but it felt much longer to Tomas. His hands and arms were starting to burn at the effort of heaving the crate. He was pretty sure he was going to have to put it down soon, or risk dropping it.


Just as they were about to re-enter the market Tomas remembered the surveillance system Kingsley had spotted earlier.


Falt: Hold up. ::to Kingsley:: Were you able to disable the market surveillance system, or could it still be active?


Kingsley: Response


So there was a risk they would be seen then. The last thing they needed was for someone observing to wonder who they were and what they were up to. They needed another plan, a way for the crate to be carried without raising suspicion.


Falt: ::to Dekas:: lower it down,  I have an idea.


Dekas/Kingsley: Response.


Falt: We’re strangers here so we will stand out. We need to get someone else to carry this for us. Someone who anyone observing will be more familiar with.


He glanced back down the corridor they had just come though.


Falt: And I know just who to ask.


Leaving Dekas and Kingsley with the artefact he strode back to where the Nausicaan and Gorn were still talking. As he neared, he caught a glimpse of the Market Security badges they both wore, like the Nausicaans they had met earlier.


oO This is either the best or worse idea I’ve ever had Oo


Gorn: What do you want?


Falt: How would you like to make some Latinum.


Gorn: I’m listening…


Falt: We need help getting the equipment we’ve just brought back to our ship. Five strips of Latinum each if you carry it for us.


Nausicaan: Do we look like labour for hire to you. Go away.


Keeping his face blank he turned his attention back to the Gorn. Maybe he didn’t need both of them anyway.


Falt: What about you? Price is five strips each, or ten all for you if you help on your own.


Gorn: ::without hesitation:: Deal.


Falt: Follow me, then.


He led the Gorn over to Kingsley, Dekas and the Artefact.


Falt: Our friend here is going to help us carry our purchase.


Kingsley: Response.


The Gorn picked up the crate singlehandedly and, without any outward sign of effort. This was the first time Tomas had seen of the species up close, and their strength was indeed impressive.


oO Best make sure we find a way to pay this one Oo


He pointed in the direction of the shuttle.


Falt: That way, please.


As the Gorn strode of he fell in behind him with the rest of the team.


Kingsley/Dekas: Response


Falt: ::keeping his voice low:: I’m not sure it’s a good idea at all, but I do know anyone watching on surveillance is unlikely to worry if they see Market Security carrying a crate. Hopefully we’ll get back to the ship now without a problem. ::short pause:: Although once we get there we might have an issue though, I promised him 10 strips of latinum… which I don’t have. Do either of you have any suggestions about how we pay him? ::brief pause:: Or trick him? This is a heist after all.


Kingsley/Dekas: Response




Lieutenant Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801



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