Ensign R'Kala: Doctors prodding for information

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Erin Green

Jan 22, 2022, 10:59:41 AMJan 22
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((Main Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Juneau))

Vihn: Hey, there. How can I help you?

R'Kala: Hello. I'm here for a physical. I figured I would get it out of the way now before I'm assigned something.

With feigned, exaggerated solemnity, Motor clicked their tongue and nodded. R'Kala raised an eyebrow. She had never met this doctor before. She was only familiar with Dr. Indobri.

Vihn: C'mon, then. Let's get you looked at so you can get back to enjoying your leave. 

R'Kala: Thank you.

She followed the Trill officer to a biobed. The medical tricorder rested lightly in their hand, scanning the Klingon almost completely silently.

Vihn: Ensign R'kala, correct? You're the ship's counselor now? I'm Doctor Vihn -- but Motor's fine, for the most part. Are you experiencing any notable discomfort?

R'Kala: Yes, that is correct. ::she paused:: No, not at all. 

Vihn: ::humming affirmatively.:: If it's alright if I ask, what led you to want to be Counselor?

She knew this would be a question many would ask, but what was the answer she was going to give them? She had spent a lot of time contemplating if she would give the answer that she had given the captain: there was a vacancy that needed filling, or would she be upfront with feeling rejected from the science community after her termination from the Daystrom Institute. 

She offered a slight smile to the medical officer.

R'Kala: There was a vacancy that needed filling. I have a background in the social sciences, so I thought I'd be qualified to do it.

Vihn: response

She wanted to take the conversation off of herself because she was exhausted from relieving the phone call she had had with her colleague, and now she had been replaying all of her time working at the Institute before she joined Starfleet.

R'Kala: What made you decide to become a doctor?

Vihn: response

R'Kala: Well, I can't relate to a family of scientists, for obvious reasons, but that sounds very nice.

Vihn: response


Ensign R'Kala, PhD
Ship's Counselor
USS Juneau

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