Ensign Keneth Nakada - Tardy and Reporting for Duty

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Keneth Nakada

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Keneth took a deep breath as the shuttle swept around the nacelles. The brief introduction he had on his PADD showed the ship as barely a month out of drydock. Bloody hell, he’d thought. What were the chances? The crewman piloting the craft signalled back and he prepared himself for disembarking as they approached the hangar. He could feel his anticipation building as they breached the thin forcefield of the shuttlebay, alarm klaxons active in the background.

There was a thump as the vessel settled down. The door descended behind him and he nodded to the pilot with a brief smile as he continued off the craft. He was late, nearly ten hours late. He had gotten caught up at the Personnel Office getting his commissioning orders approved. There was a watermelon, four cats and a broken replicator before it had all gone wrong. Maybe he should gift his new CO a watermelon, he mused. Too early. Regardless, he had missed the shuttle out and had to shuttle for a secondary transport which traveled at what seemed like a maximum of Warp 5. But he was here now. Which is what mattered. Maybe Ensign Caden hadn’t arrived yet? Then he could remind the CO that he was earlier than ... nah, he wasn’t that duplicitous. Besides, he may already have arrived.


Nakada: Bridge

The turbolift chimed and started moving, he assumed. These new turbolifts supposedly had inertial dampeners so that you couldn’t feel them accelerating. Keneth was unsure whether that was just his training officer screwing with him or not. It seemed true though. He could barely feel it moving – the flashing lights out the side were the only indication of any motion. He checked his PADD on the way. The first item on his checklist was to report to the first officer on the bridge. The brief mission overview mentioned a comet they were investigating. Seemed a bit routine for such a fancy ship, but there may be more to it he surmised. He had missed the actual briefing unfortunately.

Next on his list was to visit sickbay for a physical. Not his favorite, especially considering the last physical he’d had involved the doctor telling him he had four eyes, before realizing it was the wrong person’s chart. Maybe it’d be hilarious again, though. He smiled at the thought. Finally he had to visit a Commander Shayne for security clearance. To be honest, Keneth had no idea what this involved. Holodeck simulations were preprogrammed with authorizations so exactly what happened on real ships was unclear.


The turbolift door opened, leaving him looking over the bridge. It was ... large. He walked over to where (what looked like) the first officer was standing and awkwardly held out his PADD.

Nakada: Ensign Nakada, reporting for duty sir.

Shayne: Response

Nakada: Yes, sir. Sorry about the tardiness, I got caught up at the Academy with some paperwork.

Shayne: Response

Ensign Keneth Nakada


USS Juneau, NX-99801


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