Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters: Feeling Like Dessert (Redux)

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Timothy Alentonis

Jul 18, 2020, 8:02:57 PM7/18/20
((The Clanhouse, USS Juneau))
Cadfael glanced to his right and to his left as he entered the room. Upon seeing both Nicholotti and Deli’rise at his sides, he strode forward with intent as his eyes focused on the perpetrator of this heinous plot to murder another engineer. There was enough evidence to bury him, and he felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and a tinge of fear as he took a breath to calm himself. He walked up behind Hask and cleared his throat to get the man’s attention.
Peters: Ahem. Mr. Hask.
Hask:  Busy.  Go away.
He shoveled another fork full of delicious whip cream covered filling into his mouth.
Nicholotti: Probably not quite how you should address your superior officers.
Deli’rise: Response
When Hask finally gave the intruders the time of day, his fork nearly fell out of his hand.  Straightening his posture, he cocked a squinty-eyed glare at the three of them.
Peters: You are under arrest for the attempted murder of ensign Nyka Wyss.
Hask:  Excuse me!  What?!  How dare you accuse me of such a thing.  That Ensign made her own trouble.  She’s a menace to the health of the ship.  You’re just going to pin her ineptitude on me?  I’m the fall guy now?
He shot off his barstool, nearly knocking it over.
Nicholotti: Ensign Hask, you will stand down.
Deli’rise: Response
The look on his face became even more crazed as he backed up away from them.
Peters: We have enough evidence to bury you with it. :: to Deli’rise :: Read him his rights, lieutenant.
Hask’s brow hardened.  He rocked backwards out of the grasp of hands that would arrest him.
Hask:  You have nothing, but lies!  ::he backed up::  I spent the best years of my life working on these engines, and now you’re going to smear my good name for some redheaded witch that can’t even attach a cable right?  You can all go to hell!
He tossed a stool, and then the plate of strawberry shortcake at them, and made a run for the exit. Kali managed to dodge the shortcake, but Cadfael was not so lucky. Once again, he got hit in the face with sweetness.
(( Flashback -- Kael’s Pub, Starbase 118 Ops ))
(( Time Index -- 239212.15 ))
:: He stood up and was about to follow Trellis to the pool table, when suddenly a small waterfall of pineapple juice poured down upon his form as someone tripping over their feet spilled his drink onto Cadfael. Fortunately, his eyes were spared as he had closed them just as the stickiness coated his head, but only seconds before he felt the drizzle of it down his face. ::
Meyers: Oh my.  I am so sorry.
Peters: :: wiping his face with a napkin :: It's alright. I'll live.
Meyers:  Let me help you, I am very sorry.
:: The klutzy officer began to towel off Cadfael's chest with it, getting to about the engineer's stomach before realizing he should just surrender the towel for the man to do it himself. Whomever this fellow was seemed to blush profusely, and to an extent it was rather a cute sight to the engineer albeit the jeans and shirt were sticky and he felt like a glazed donut... ::
Peters: It's alright. Least you could do is tell me your name. Otherwise I may call you "Butterfingers." :: light-hearted chuckle and a wink indicating he wasn't serious. :: Lt. JG Cadfael Peters, engineer and supposed miracle worker.
Whittaker: Lieutenant Theo Whittaker, chief engineer.
Meyers: ::Very nervously:: Lt. Junior Grade Christen Meyers, Communications Officer.
Meyers: I am so sorry again.  I did not mean to make you wet. ::Getting more embarrassed:: Not that I made you wet, that I spilled my wetness on to you.  ::A deeper red.:: Not my wetness but my wet... ::Pointing to the empty glass.::
Peters: oO He's kind of cute when he blushes... Oo
Meyers: Bloody Hell, I think I will die now.  
Whittaker: I think that'll be enough Lieutenant. Why don't you let Lieutenant Peters dry himself up and get yourself another drink on me.
Peters: I feel like a glazed donut. All alcohol-glazed donut.
(( End flashback ))
((The Clanhouse, USS Juneau))
(( Time Index: Present ))
Cadfael reached for the nearest napkin and wiped the shortcake from his face. He felt once again like he was the brunt of a horrible joke. He felt sticky, but he didn’t care. He would be content to stay that way until he got this fellow behind the force field.
Hask:  ::struggling::  Screw you!  And screw the Captain!  Just because she designed the engines, doesn’t mean she deserves to command this ship!  She's a fraud! ::at the lounge::  One day they’ll come for you too!  You’ll waste years of your life in Starfleet and then they’ll turn on you!  They ALL TURN ON YOU!
At some point during the confusion, Kali must’ve grabbed the man’s upper arm. Once Cadfael finished cleaning his face, he gripped the man’s other arm.
Nicholotti: :: to Melody and Cadfael :: Got him? Everyone good?
Peters: Yep. I’m good.
Deli’rise: ?
Hask:  ::shouting::  You’ll regret this!  I’ll make you all pay for this!  I want my lawyer!  Get me my lawyer!
Nicholotti: You can speak with a JAG officer once you are settled in your new accommodations.
Peters: To the brig, buster. :: then to the others assembled :: Nothing to see here, folks. As you were.
Deli’rise: ?
He joined the lieutenant and fleet captain in escorting their “guest” to the brig. After this was over, he was going to take a shower and change his uniform to get that sticky dessert feel off his face. Unlike the incident at Kael’s, his entire body wasn’t coated in pineapple this time. He was just seeing red because he still had traces of strawberry shortcake filling around his eyes.
[End scene for Cadfael]
Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters
Chief Engineer
USS Juneau NX-99801
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