JP Lieutenant JG Falt and Ensign R'Kala: Group Therapy (Part 1 of 2)

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Tom Cholewa

Feb 1, 2022, 11:52:32 AM2/1/22

OOC: The research station infrastructure thread morphed into a group therapy session for Falt and R’Kala. This is part 1 of 2.


((Incomplete Science Lab, Starfleet Research Station, Ring 42))


Falt: There’s a human phrase my mother taught me, “a problem shared is a problem halved.” I need to arrange a visit to the counsellor after my brief imprisonment on Anadasa. Maybe we could share our concerns together instead, like group therapy?


R’Kala: Are you sure


Falt: Why not? We could go outside, find a rock to sit on? The weather is lovely out there today and I doubt anyone will bother us?


R’Kala: Alright, I can do that. I haven't gotten too swamped yet this shore leave with evaluations.


Tomas nodded. For a moment he hadn’t been sure if the Klingon would agree to his suggestion.


Falt: ::smiling:: Excellent, I’m getting in before the rush then.


R'Kala: Shall we continue?


Falt: ::nodding:: Absolutely.


R'Kala: Great. I was wondering if this lab would be big enough to include an arboretum or if we'd need to include it someplace else. It seems antithetical to have a science station studying the flora of a place like the Ring and not have one.


Tomas checked the schematic.


Falt: I agree. In the plans both science labs have configurable space set aside. I doubt the research station really needs two configurable areas so we could suggest that the section in this lab becomes an arboretum? It wouldn’t be huge, but it would be bigger than those on most science ships. What do you think?


R’Kala: Yes, I agree.


Falt: We’d need another internal wall but I think the big change would be external windows, can’t have an arboretum without natural light.


R’Kala: It’s a shame we don’t already know those calculations. ::she raised her PADD to see if she could find out::


Falt: Why don’t we go outside and see which area would be most suitable. I’m sure we could swap the science labs around if nothing else, especially if one lab will get more natural light than the other.


R’Kala: Sounds like a good idea. I could use the air as well. Lead the way.


((Short time skip, Lake outside Starfleet Research Station, Ring 42))


A few minutes later Tomas stepped out of the half-finished research station and into the bright sunlight of a Ring 42 day. He took a deep breath. Nothing beat a real atmosphere, even one that was subject to artificial weather control like the Ring.


The station was located in a city, but as fortune would have it the planners had found an area of what was presumed to have been a large city park. He quickly orientated the station's internal layout with their surroundings. As fortune had it the external wall of science lab two sat in a clearing, about 5 metres from a small ornamental lake.


Falt: I think there will be plenty of natural light for an arboretum here, what do you think.


R’Kala was looking at her tricorder as Tomas was talking. She looked up from her readings and smiled at him.


R’Kala: I think it’s a perfect option.


Falt: And as an added bonus the station’s personnel will get a wonderful view of this lake.


He realised someone very sensible had understood that station personnel would likely feel much more at ease on the alien structure if they were living in a pleasant spot. He wandered over to the edge of the lake and peered at his reflection in the glassy water.


Falt: This looks like it will be a great spot for the station's staff to enjoy some downtime.


She nodded in agreement. This space certainly had a sort of serenity to it.


R’Kala: Would you care to have some downtime before we continue with our assignment?


Falt: ::pointing:: there’s a couple of rocks over, big enough to be seats. Can you think of a nicer spot to have a counseling session?


As he said that he became aware that R’Kala, being Klingon, might not share his appreciation for the aesthetic of the place. Then again, maybe she did.


She looked at the rocks. She suspected that the counseling suite would be a better place for a counseling session, away from distractions, but that was her own opinion. She could understand though how some might find appreciation of this space.


R’Kala: Sure, this will work.


The pair wandered to the lake and took a seat.


Falt: So, since you’re the actual counselor I’ll go first. How would you like to begin?


R’Kala placed her hands on her knees. She was still new to this counseling role.


R’Kala: Well, normally during a session I’d invite the client to tell me how they’ve been doing. ::She looked at him:: So, how have you been?


Tomas pondered how to answer this for a moment, should he blurt everything out at her at once, or take it slower and let the new counselor lead? He decided on the latter.


Falt: Overall, I think I’m good.


R’Kala: That’s good to know. Have things been okay for you on the Juneau?


Falt: Again, good. I’ve been aboard for six months now and I really feel like I’ve settled in.


It was the typical answer that most people gave when she asked that question. For the most part, the Juneau was a great ship with a fantastic crew.


R’Kala: I read in the post-mission briefing that you were imprisoned for a while?


Granted he had not been imprisoned for years, which could cause immense psychological issues, the very act itself could still lead to some kind of stress or anxiety. It was only appropriate that she, as ship’s counselor, make sure that that experience hadn’t affected him too much.


Falt: I was, and that is one of things I wanted to talk to you about. ::short pause:: Not the imprisonment itself, that was brief and fairly undramatic, but the events leading up to it.


R’Kala: Go on, I’m listening.


Tomas was glad he’d already cleared the air with the Captain before this meeting. It meant he could be open and honest without feeling like he was going behind the Captain’s back.


Falt: I made a decision to provide a distraction for Kendrick and the Captain to safely get away from some soldiers. The Captain and I have disagreed since as to whether it was necessary. I believe it was, but would also acknowledge that I was angry at the time and it might have affected my judgment.




Ensign R'Kala

Ship's Counselor

USS Juneau





Lieutenant JG Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801



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