Ensign Nifraag Thand - Countdown to more Problems

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Nicholas St Gabriel

Jan 20, 2022, 10:27:11 AMJan 20
to Juneau
((Ancient Lab, Surface Ring 42))

Kendrick: Jeopardy. ::thinking:: It could mean danger, right?. ::looking at Careno:: Something that regulates and coordinates something dangerous? A weapon? Some kind of energy source?

Careno: Response

Thand: It's possible, but I need context, not just conjecture.

He snarled the last bit, but continued to scour the area for clues.  In all languages context was key - last week he was working on old writings in Fremanise which required reading entire hundred word passages to get the appropriate translation for the first word. The lab was not offering him many clues, its dull colors shone back macking him.

Kendrick: ::nodding:: Agreed. But at this point we don't know enough of their language to understand the function of these consoles. Unless you're able to download a dictionary, I'm afraid conjecture is our only option.

oO Sure, blame me.  I was fine for hours before you showed up. Oo 

Kendrick: These lines here, do they remind you of something you've seen before? In Engineering or perhaps someplace else?

Careno: Response

He looked toward where they were pointing and focused his attention and PADD pickup on the writing in question.  

Thand: ::nodding irritably:: It's either that or 'Power' or 'Source'. 

Any: response

Thand: ::sharply:: Have found any other consoles that work?  If we get a little indication of what it does, or its structure, I can refine the translation.

Careno/Kendrick: Response

Thand: If you see a dataport its possible, but I haven't found anything resembling that.

He was glancing over the console, looking to see if had missed an access or computer port, as he did the screen subtly changed - just a single glyph in the lower right-hand corner.  He waited, frozen, and stared at the character, hoping he wasn't right.  He was able to count to ten before it changed again.

oO Frack Oo

Any: Response

Thand: If my match is right 232 seconds.

Any: Response


Ensign Nifraag Thand
Linguistics Specialist, Science Division

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Captain Oddas Aria
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