(JP) PNPC LtJG Nyka Wyss & Lt. Cmdr. Karise Indobri - Night Fever

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Aug 30, 2021, 8:12:35 AMAug 30
to USS Juneau – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((OOC: The Bee Gees Night Fever for reference.  I thought the lyrics fit with the night club atmosphere and the mood of the sim. The Lyrics Of The Bee Gees- Night Fever - YouTube))

(( Soliton Wave, Lightside Station - The Up and Down District ))

Indobri: I would sooo love to dance. It’s no fun just watching. But I still have this beautiful Red to finish drinking.

Wyss hopped off the stool and held out her hand.

Wyss: C’mon.  Enough drinking.  Time to shake your booty.  I’ll be your wingman.  If somebody cuts-in I’ll skedaddle.

oO Or punch them in the face. Oo

oO  Bad, Nyka.  Bad.  She’s a grown woman.  If she wants to hook up with a dirtbag that’s her business. Oo

Kari really didn’t care at this point. She really did just want to dance. And if Nyka was willing to dance, then what the heck. It was better than nothing. And she would be a great looking dance partner. And those pants would just make her that much more fun to watch.

Indobri: oO Say no. Remember T’Lea. … Yeah, T’Lea. Right. Oo :: taking Nyka’s hand and hopping off the stool :: Okay. I really do want to dance. oO And let her take that how she wants. It’s not like you are in a committed relationship. Or any relationship. Oo

The Red Head smiled and led the other woman to the dance floor.  It was crowded, and people were bumping into her as they claimed a spot, but all Nyka could think about was the warm sensation that ran through her body when Karise took her hand.

The beat was still pounding in a nice quick thump, accentuated with lots of pleasant electric sounds that shot through every fiber of her being, and filling a need in her artistic mind. She quickly got into a groove, but she let Nyka take the lead in their dance.

As the music throbbed with the lights, so did Nyka, in more ways than one.  She knew Karise wasn’t trying to seduce her, they were just friends, but clearly the Rodulan knew how to use the music to her advantage.  Nyka spent the last moments of the techno-song trying NOT to imagine what was under Karise’s dress as it floated against her curves.

Wyss: ::shouting above the loud music:: Hey! They should call you the Dancing Doctor. You’re great! What do you think? Don’t you love it here?

Indobri: I do love it. Great music and it speaks to my soul. Thank you for dancing with me.

Wyss: What are friends for?

oO That’s right. You remember that and forget what you’re thinking. Oo

The tone of the music suddenly segued into a smoother rhythm, which left Nyka a bit flat for a moment.  She saw couples around her slither closer.  Some wrapped themselves in each other’s arms, others chose the seductive dance of the sultans, teasing for attention.

This definitely wasn’t friend territory, and Nyka felt like she was betraying her agreement with Karise.  On the other hand, the Doctor was fully committed to having fun, and who was Nyka to ruin a good time.

So, against her better judgement, she slinked into the tide of the song and confusingly found herself inches away from the Rodulan.

The music slowed down to a slower beat, but Karise wasn’t ready to sit down yet, so she adjusted her dance rhythm to match the beat, and began to sway. She soon found herself within inches of Nyka, enjoying the way the redhead also matched the beat and provided a nice counterpoint to her own motions. It was almost hypnotic watching her dance.

Indobri: You know, Red. You really are a wonderful dancer.

Wyss: What?

She motioned to her ear.  The music was still ridiculously loud and so was the smattering of conversations passing by around them. She leaned in closer to hear.

Karise felt her heart skip a beat as Nyka leaned in closer to hear her, and an electric tingle ran through her body.

Indobri: I said you dance really nicely.

Wyss: Oh, that. ::shy laugh:: Us engineers have to do a lot of wiggling in tight spaces.

She did a little “s” shaped dip with her hips to prove a point.  It didn’t help lighten the situation like she wanted.  In fact, it made her briefly brush against the other woman. She quickly changed the subject.

Kari's heart skipped another beat as Nyka dipped her hips and accidentally brushed up against her. The movement, combined with the lighting, the burgundy of her pants, and the flame of her hair gave Nyka the appearance of a fire incarnate and Kari was a moth being drawn to that flame.

Wyss:  How’s nurse Pelley doing?

The sound of Nyka's voice seemed to break her out of the trance, but she'd been so engrossed she'd actually missed the words.

Indobri: :: raising her voice slightly :: I'm sorry, what did you say?

Again the volume of the room was drowning out the conversation that Nyka was desperately trying to use to keep things kosher. She stepped into Indobri, and slipped a hand around the back of her neck to speak into her ear.

The tongue of flame sent out a tendril of fire that snaked around to the back of her neck and transferred its heat straight to her core.

Wyss: Nurse Pelley? Is she recovering all right?

When she pulled her cheek away from Karise’s to see if she understood, she found herself precariously close to those glossy lips.

Indobri: :: almost breathlessly :: Uh... what. I'm... oh, Nurse Pelley.

But the sibilant hiss of the fire saved her from her stumbling bumbling words as it offered to sit down.

Wyss:  Uh, maybe we're too drunk for this. It doesn’t feel very “friendly”. Should we go sit down?

She said without moving an inch from the temptation staring her in the eyes, or removing her hand from the woman's neck. How strange that every softly spoken word was loud and clear.

And the moth was hooked.

Indobri: :: huskily :: Friendly is not what I have in mind. Neither is sitting.

Before she realized - or even thought about - what she was doing, she leaned forward and drew that flame to herself, kissing it deeply and passionately, caught up in a blood fire that would make a Vulcan blush. Or a RomuVulc.

And there it was – the very thing that wasn’t supposed to happen was happening, and Nyka was doing absolutely nothing to make it stop. In fact, she was making things worse (or better) by indulging in the lengthy affections. Now it wasn’t just her body that was moving in sync with the music and Karise, but her shimmering, silken lips as well.

The moment dragged on for what felt like an eternity of ecstasy. The world around her seemed to melt away and it was just the two of them on the dance floor. She felt Karise’s hands settle on her hips, and unconsciously, Nyka rested her other hand on the Rodulan’s shoulder. The perfect bubble of pleasure had been established, and the Red Head was content to stay attached to Karise’s playful lips.

It felt like nothing could touch her, not the music, not the lights, not the crowd of people threatening to burst her precious moment. It felt like the Rodulan had taken back to the Cave of Lights, and she was getting swept away by the warm current.

Coming up for air, the Red Head surfaced from the depths of Karise’s mouth, and smiled sweetly, but unsure.

Wyss: ::soft and shy:: I don’t know what this is. ::beat:: I thought you didn’t want… oO me. Oo. This.

Karise had been totally swept away by the heat of the moment. Suddenly she remembered all those times she had spent with Nyka, hoping and praying to The Lady that finally someone would love her. She remembered that she had been enraptured by this woman’s beauty almost from the start. But she couldn’t remember why she had ever said no when Nyka had finally made a decision. The pain and the hurt was forgotten in that kiss. That moment she had dreamt about for so long had finally come and whatever she had felt for the other woman - she couldn’t even remember her name right now, only those blue eyes - was forgotten, possibly burned away by the fire sweeping through her soul.

Indobri: Sshhh. Don’t talk.

Karise leaned forward and kissed her again, this time softer and gentler.

She wasn’t letting go of the woman, and she couldn’t feel the Rodulan release her grip so she stayed with her arms clinging to her shoulders. And then there was another kiss exchanged, only this time smaller and tender.

That was it. The moment she looked into Indobri’s eyes she felt like she was falling into an abyss and wanted to find a way to be closer to her. Her gut twisted one way and then another with the thought of telling her who she really was, where she came from, why she was here, why she had initially resisted the feelings she had for her in the beginning.

Wyss: ::breathlessly:: I think I could tell you everything about me.

Indobri: I want to know everything there is to know, Red. I …

oO Want you? Have I really been clinging to this and just using T’Lea as a surrogate? No - don’t analyze this. Let it be. Just for tonight, let it be. Oo

The music started to turn and the beat picked up tempo again.  All around them the pack of dancers started gyrating vigorously to the harsh sounds of Cardassian electric-funk, but for a moment the two remained in their shielded bubble.

It wasn’t until somebody elbowed, Nyka in the rib, that she snapped out of the trance.

Wyss: Ow? Hey!

She turned and scowled at the flailing idiot wagging her appendages around like a tree in a tornado.

Dancer:  Watch it!  Learn how to dance!

Indobri: Do you want to get out of here?

Wyss: Let’s.

Indobri: Good. I know someplace where we can go and talk. Come on.

She took Nyka by the hand and led her off the dance floor and out of the club. Since she’d already paid for it, she swung by the bar and collected her bottle of wine and took it with them.

TBC in Part 2

PNPC Lieutenant JG Nyka Wyss
Engineering Officer
USS Grace Hopper

simmed by

Lieutenant Commander T’Lea
First Officer
USS Juneau
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Lt Commander Karise Indobri, MD

Chief Medical Officer

USS Juneau NX-99801


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