[Moon] Ensign Dekas - Threshold.

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(OOC: Once again I’m going to say be mindful. Active assimilation is dark. I had a wickedly good, but extremely emotional time writing this. So thank you for the opportunity to do so.)



Whether or not the ship had already been contacted, Dekas clicked the combadge.


Dekas: =/\= Dekas to Juneau. Big problem. =/\= 


Stelek: =/\= Report Mister Dekas. =/\= 


Dekas: =/\= ::His voice pitched a little higher, resisting it with all he was:: Assimilation tube, I'm so sorry. =/\= 


Any: Response


It suddenly occurred to him that he had pieces of technology on his person, small though they were. He didn’t know enough about this process to handle the concept that somehow it risked being corrupted along with the rest of him if he was touching it. It didn’t matter whether or not it was true. Everyone else could be hurt if that happened. Everyone else would be changed too, and no one deserved this.


Dekas: I-I need someone to take my combadge and tricorder from me. Right now.


Any: Response


Dekas: I’m sor— We need to. Sh-shut it down. We need to get down there and shut it down.


The pain slowed his movements. Heavier with the fear that he’d hurt someone, he wasn’t sure how to make sure everyone else was safe. 


Any: Response


Dekas: It doesn’t matter. Phase this thing until the door opens if you have to. Anything else wastes time.


The small outburst wasn’t meant to be directed at them, they weren’t who he was upset with. They were the ones dealing with his mistake now, if anything they should be angry at him. If he lived, he’d give his apologies and his gratitude to every single one of them personally.


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((short time skip, roughly 15-20 minutes))


Dekas didn’t remember falling and losing consciousness, he just knew that he was waking up now, and he had no idea how much time lapsed. His skin was chilled under the pins of his feathers, mottled in a way he didn’t have to see to understand. He tried to move but those movements were slowed or halted in sharp contrast to the erratic pace of his heart, apparently he wasn’t done altering yet. But almost. There was a specific agony in the feeling that his blood was becoming sludge for The Collective.


With whatever consciousness he could still tell was his own, he clicked his beak in a morbid attempt at humor, anything to ignore the things growing in his skin, and the words playing in his head like the whispers of a haunting siren song. Existence as you know it is over. Resistance is futile. 


Futility was tempting.


Dekas: ::strained, and slightly robotic:: What a pain in the neck this is, no?


Any: Response


He wasn’t sure if he was laughing or crying or both. But it made it worse, it made him look worse for the fact he couldn’t keep his emotions in check. (What he wouldn’t give to be a Vulcan, with the ability to rein it in under the threat of such a bitter end.) But Dekas wasn’t a Vulcan, or a Marine taught to expect the worst and walk forward in the control of himself knowing it could just be that way. He was an Aurelian who’d only ever known happiness. He was young, naive, and optimistic. He was an Engineer and supposed to be able to fix a problem with a paperclip and a little bit of moxie. He wasn’t built to accept that the fire was being snuffed out of him, and he couldn’t pretend he felt nothing even if his mind was telling him he should. The second he stopped feeling was the second he became the Borg, and he would resist that fate until he couldn’t anymore. He just didn't know how much more of that he had left in him.


Any: Response


He couldn’t even say he was sorry for letting them down, his thoughts increasing in their futility.


Dekas wasn’t ready to become one with tragedy, but he couldn't keep fighting a losing battle.


oO NO! No. No. Oo


Then, by the marvelous grace of everything, there was Commander Qinn. Resistance was no longer futile, and no matter how little they’d talked, Kalia with her arm outstretched, cemented herself as someone he trusted implicitly


Qinn: Take it!


Any: Response.


The medicine hurt a lot. The process of undoing what was done wasn’t much better than the doing, and he couldn’t tell who administered it to him in the aftermath, just that he gripped tightly to their arm. And at the end of his threshold of pain, he found his voice for just long enough to breathlessly say


Dekas: Thank you.


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Then his vision faded black, and he lost consciousness again. 




Ensign Dekas


USS Juneau


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