Captain Oddas Aria: If I May Have Your Attention

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Nicholas St Gabriel

Dec 30, 2020, 2:37:57 PM12/30/20
to Juneau
((Holodeck, Deck 4, USS Juneau))

It looked like most of the crew was gathered, and she had made enough of a spectacle of herself it was time to present the Awards.  She sat her cup on the bar and motioned for the XO to make his way to the platform he had programmed for the occasion, where the television had been during their time in the shared reality.

As she stood behind the podium she flexed her fingers, which she realized had been clenched to the point of aching.  She stood there and looked out at the small crowd, the senior staff, Engineers, Ops Officers, Scientists, Medical Doctors, others, all looking toward her for direction, accolades, safety.  Her, the one who had to be forced into a position of command.

Oddas: ::clearing her throat:: I'll make this brief since I have a reputation for longwindedness.  ::beat:: To say this last mission was unusual would be like saying last week contained seven days.  It seems we continue to find ourselves confronting the strange, the unknown, and the thought-provoking, and coming through it with the grace and dignity expected of not only a Starfleet crew, but with the extra dedication and aplomb I have come to expect of the USS Juneau. Thank you, crew of the Juneau for your bravery, your class, and making me look good.

She joined the crew in a round of applause before raising a hand to signal she had to continue.

Oddas: First, for the entire crew, the First Contact Ribbon.  While not all First Contacts go as planned, or are recognized for what they are, each gives us a better feeling and understanding for how the universe works, for how we should act with each other.  While I wish this had ended better, we now have a much better understanding for how life in the Wilds thrives between the stars.  Each of you performed admirably and I could not wish for a better performance.

Orrey: Response 

She nodded and clapped along.

Oddas: Next, could Mister Shark, and Ensign R'Kala come forward? ::while they were coming forward Aria continued :: Mister Shark and Ensign R'Kala, though new to the crew impressed their superior officers, to the degree word reached the ship CO, who agreed their conduct was most commendable, and most in need of recognition.  To that end, Ensign Shark, Ensign R'Kala, you are presented with the Captain's Commendation.  Congratulations.

Aria waited until the XO passed out the small boxes containing each ribbon before she shook each officer's hand.

Orrey/Shark/R'Kala/Any: Response

Oddas: Each mission requires innovation on the part of a crew, otherwise they would replace us all with unmanned probes. During the most recent mission though there were two individuals who, without their innovations, we might not have made any forward progress.  Commander Moonsong, Commander Fiorr :: she nodded to motion for them to join them :: please join me.  Commander Moonsong made the intuitive leap to use Telepathy to break through and communicate, and ultimately break through the delusion.  As way of assistance, Commander Fiorr's use of the explosive cocktails to keep the creature busy also instrumental in freeing us.  For these reasons these officers are presented with the Innovation Ribbon.

She handed each officer their small box containing their ribbon, nodding thanks as she did so.

Oddas: Good work.

Orrey: Response

Fiorr/Moonsong/Any: Response

Oddas: Lieutenant Indobri. ::she spread her hands indicating some space next to the podium::  Our Doctor often works behind the scenes to keep up healthy, but sometimes has to work in a frantic manner to keep us alive in less than ideal conditions.  This was one of those times.  For her work Lieutenant Indobri is awarded the Lifesaving Ribbon.

Orrey: Response

Indobri/Any: Response

The Captain shook each officer's hand and nodded before looking to the next box and took in a deep breath.

Oddas: Passing out the next award is never easy for a Commanding Officer, but it is necessary.  A friend of mine once told me we do it because it shows we appreciate sacrifice and death, it is not something we take lightly.  Commander T'Lea, Commander Fiorr please join us.  Commander T'Lea, though your injuries have not seemed to dull your wit, I know they are not something to take lightly and were taken to protect your ship, crew, and friends. Commander Fiorr, your injuries - thankfully did not keep you from your duties and did not dull your sense of determination.   Thank you, and, ::beat:: don't let it happen again.  Accept this Purple Heart, it's the least we can do.

Aria shook the other woman's hand tightly, and with mock sternness in her eyes as if daring her to get hurt again and earning another 'Award'.  

T'Lea: Response

She handed the Operations officer the ribbon and cupped him on the shoulder to show her appreciation.

Orrey/Any: Response

Oddas: Mister Shark, and Mister Indobri, if you could come to the front for me. Ensign Shark, the change seen in you since you have come aboard ship has been palatable and noticeable to those around you.  The work you have put into your position, to improving yourself, recognized, and to recognize that work.  It is my great pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and bestow all the rights and privileges thereto.

She picked up the box with the hollow pip and pinned to it to the man's color.

Oddas: Congratulations Lieutenant.

Shark/Orrey/Any: Response

Oddas: Lieutenant Indobri, often we find officers under our command doing the job of an officer higher than their rank, someone performing as if they are doing the job they want, not the job they have.  There is no better way to get a promotion, or to get in trouble.  Lieutenant Indobri, it is my great honor to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and may the Prophets have mercy on your soul.

Indobri/Orrey/Any: Response

Aria shook the Rodulan's hand after pinning the hollow pip on the new Lieutenant Commander's collar.  She nodded and took a final look around the room.

Oddas: The final bit of business is one of personnel.  As some of you may know Major Kos has been called away on assignment, leaving us in need of a Marine CO.  To that end the XO and I are naming Captain Kiran Han as the Marine Commanding Officer, so if you have any concerns, direct them towards the new guy.

Han/Any: Response

She took a moment, looked at the crowd and drew herself up again.

Oddas: The crew of the Juneau continues to amaze me, to make me proud in the moments I need to be uplifted, and to give me inspiration in the moments I need confidence.  Good work to each and every one of you.  Thank you for the work you do, and thank you for the time, dedication, and perseverance you show to me, the ship, and to each other.

Aria led the room in a final round of applause.


Captain Oddas Aria
Commanding Officer
USS Juneau, NX-99801

Sense is never common. -Robert Heinlein

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