Lt. JG G'var: First Impressions

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michael barnes

Jan 26, 2022, 12:48:48 AMJan 26
((Captain's Quarters, Deck 2, USS Veritas))

It had been a long Day to say the least. From the time G'var had stepped off the Runabout it had taken nearly all of first watch and into second to accomplish all the first day tasks she been ordered to met. Thankfully the X-O had assigned G'var to her own quarters, and miracle or miracles her belongs had already been delivered by the time she had gotten there. Digging through her antique steamer trunk, G'var pulled out two carefully wrapped packages. there was one final thing to do, something perhaps not customary on a Starfleet vessel, but customary on a Klingon ship. Taking a last look at herself in the mirror above the sink she nodded her head in satisfaction at her reflection.

G'var:::raising a brow:: By Fek'lhr's beard let's hope the Captain is OK with Junior officer arriving at her doorstep unannounced. Only one way to find out, fortune favors the bold as the Terrans say.

Stepping off the turbo lift G'var made her way down the corridor, with the Crew enjoying a well deserved shore leave the ship was working on a skeleton Crew, which cut down on the roving beings in the corridors. Ships always seemed more lonely without people roaming the decks at all hours. More like a Tombship, than a living breathing vessel. There was a life force that all ships had, you just had to stop and listen to hear the heartbeat. With the majority of the crew off on leave it was harder to hear.

Approaching the Captain's door, She shifted the bottle and six pack to one hand, she reflexively straightened her baldric and tunic, time to see if the Captain was in. Pressing the door chime she took a calming breath

G'var: oO Time for first impressions Oo

Oddas: Come!

Hearing the Captain give her permission, G'var stepped through the threshold into a room of pure...chaos. Looking around the room she did a quick count over over three dozen different artifacts from various worlds littering the room, the bric a brac of a life lived amongst the stars. There also various personal items mixed in with the sundried tchotchkes. There was even a modest shrine to the Bajoran Prophets at the entry. In the middle of the room gazing at a holographic projection of the Ring stood the Captain.

G'var:::standing at attention:: Lieutenant G'var reporting Captain Oddas

Oddas: Come on inside, I was just reviewing some of the city below us.

G'var:::holding out a bottle and six back:: Beware Romulans bearing gifts Captain. ::raising a brow:: A bottle of Kentucky's finest, Pappy Van Winkle, a six pack of Winchester swamp water, Ale8one. Father wanted to send a cask of Bloodwine for the Crew, but I thought it prudent to ask the Captain's permission first.

Oddas: Response

G'var:::placing the bottle and six pack down on the Captain's desk:: They are meant only as a gesture of thanks Captain for the honor of allowing me to serve onboard the Juneau, nothing more.

Oddas: Response

G'var:::raising a brow:: I could make us both a drink Ma'am and you could show me what has you so fascinated by the Ring?

Oddas: Response


Lieutenant JG. G'var
Tactical Officer
USS Juneau NX-99801
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