Lieutenant Dekas - Watch as this JG becomes a full BLT! (Not Clickbait)

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Ace Christensen

May 7, 2022, 4:01:27 PMMay 7

((Clanhouse, Deck 10, USS Juneau))

Oddas: Thank you for coming - both the crew of the Juneau, those joining us from the Arrow, and Captain Rahman.  I truly appreciate it - it is an honor to have you with us as we finish one chapter and begin the next.  It is no secret that during the Juneau's time in the Aavaro Wilds we have made a mark, and we have done so because of the fine work of the fine crew.  They say a ship is as good as her Captain, well I am only as good as my Crew - so thank you, thank you for holding up the ideals of Starfleet, and thank you for giving your fellow crew everything they need to do their best as well.


Any: Response


Dekas didn’t instantly start clapping. That was still something he didn’t do naturally. Feathers didn’t make for a very satisfying clap sound. Instead he just intently listened for the moment.


Oddas: To start, for its part in tracking down the Artifact and, the investigation surrounding those efforts, the entire Juneau Crew is being awarded the Starfleet Investigation Ribbon.  Likewise, as a result of their efforts to combat piracy in the Wilds the crew has been awarded the Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.  Good work everyone.


Any: Response


Oddas: If I could have the XO, Doctor Indobri, Major Leix, Lieutenant Kendrick, and Ensign Sera join me next to the podium.  ::pause:: Whether it was Commander Qinn, Doctor Indobri, and Ensign Sera endeavoring to save the Grace Hopper, or Major Leix, Lt. Kendrick working feverishly to save the freighter, sometimes officers go above and beyond to accomplish the mission - showcasing the ideals of the Federation and Starfleet.  For their efforts, they are receiving the Good Conduct Ribbon.  Congratulations and keep up the good work.


Oddas took the time to shake each of their hands and give them their small wooden box with the ribbon in it.


Qinn/Indobri/Leix/Kendrick/Sera: Responses


Oddas: ::returning to the podium:: Commander Qinn, Doctor Indobri, if you could stay, Misters Falt, Dekas, and Kettick if you could join us.  ::pause:: During our mission, the crew was tasked to rescue a number of hostages that had been taken by pirates, and to recapture the artifact stolen from the Grace Hopper.  Mister Dekas, and Mister Falt you have been awarded the Intelligence Star. Similarly, Commander Qinn, Doctor Indobri, and Mister Kettick you have been awarded the star for your efforts to free the hostages.


She handed the small box with a ribbon to Mister Kettick and cuffed him on the shoulder.


Kettick: Response


She moved on to shake the hand of the next recipients.

Qinn/Falt: Responses

Dekas: Thank you.


Oddas: Congratulations


Indobri: Response


Oddas: Good work, everyone.  Mister Kettick hang back please, Ensign Sera, Ensign Aratta, please join us.  Often during the course of our work we are called to innovate, to improvise, to be 'miracle workers'.  Without this work, many times our ships would fall apart, our ships would fall apart, and our Captains would look bad. ::beat:: During this mission, the crew was stuck between a rock and a hard place - how to provide supplies to an unknown without changing the balance of power.  Ensign Sera and Ensign Aratta were able to provide an innovative solution to this problem. Later, when many issues kept the crew from transporting many prisoners at once, some quick thinking by Mister Kettick again provided a solution.  For this work, all three are awarded the Innovation Ribbon.


Kettick: Response


Oddas: ::shaking his hand and handing the ribbon:: Congratulations.


Sera: Response


Oddas:::handing the ribbon:: Good work.


It was about then that he chose to start clapping. What could he say, he was a fan of the Engineers.


Aratta: Response


Oddas: Keep up the good work.  ::returning to the podium:: Mister Kendrick you are required.  During your time aboard the Freighter you sustained an injury - and while I do not approve of such behavior, I do acknowledge it happens.  When it does, we acknowledge it, we honor it with the Purple Heart.  While congratulations seems an odd thing to say, I will say 'Thank You' - and let's not let it happen again.


Kendrick: Response


As she handed the small box to the man she squeezed the man's other shoulder, nodding her thanks.


Oddas: Thank you very much.  ::pause:: While you are here, we are going to take care of some housekeeping.  Mister Kendrick, I hereby make your position as Chief Security and Tactical Officer permanent, with all the rights and privileges thereto.  


Kendrick: Response


He was about to allow himself to bask in the happiness he felt for his friends, and then Oddas addressed him quite unexpectedly.


Oddas: Mister Dekas, ::motioning next to her:: your fellow crewmates have talked about you, have looked up to you, and have all agreed it's time for you to step up, do more for the ship.  It's time for you to flex your wings a bit, and show off.  To that end, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant.  


She moved to pin the new full pip on the Aurelian's uniform before shaking his manicured hand. 


And just like that, the JG became a full-blown BLT. (Bird Lieutenant.). 


Dekas blinked twice in shock. It really felt as though he’d just been promoted to JG. He couldn’t figure out what amount of overachieving he must have unintentionally done to earn it. But he was grateful. Grateful that people in the crew thought highly enough of him to suggest it be something he deserved. And that the Captain thought highly enough of him to agree with it.


Dekas: ::with a bow of his head:: Thank you, Captain.


Oddas: At the end of the night, the XO will have a further assignment for you.  ::pause:: Before moving finishing up the awards and promotion the last announcement is no less important because it is the last - Lieutenant Falt, you are hereby appointed to the position of Chief Science Officer.  I know you are going to do great.


It was probably good that he was still a bit in shock about the promotion and the mention of an additional assignment. How exciting. And how exciting that Tomas was the Chief Science Officer! He was thankfully sober for all of this and didn’t jump-hug the man. Instead, he applauded like a normal person.


Falt/Any: Response


As they stepped down, Captain Oddas took a deep breath and looked out at the crowd, then toward the window, and back at the crowd, preparing for the next set of announcements - and by the look of it, it was coming soon.  The visiting Commodore was already making her way to the podium.


Rahman: Response

Lieutenant Dekas


USS Juneau


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