Ensign R'Kala: Resisting sickbay small talk

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OOC: All feelings are IC of course!

((Main Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Juneau))

R'Kala: What made you decide to become a doctor?

Vihn: My family's got a long history of working in the sciences. I figured I'd take that and work more directly on helping people.

R'Kala: Well, I can't relate to a family of scientists, for obvious reasons, but that sounds very nice.

Vihn: It had its benefits, and its downsides. Like any other family, right? ::placing an instrument to her back.:: Cough, please.

The Klingon officer coughed. She herself tried to think about the benefits of her family, which she felt recently, had not been something that she normally thought about. Because her family had disowned her because of her career, she rarely thought about any of the benefits.

R'Kala: That's certainly one way to see it. 

Vihn: ::smiling.:: You try talking to your very self-assured mother when you're technically a few hundred years older than she is.

R'Kala had no desire to speak to her mother at the current age that she was at. She didn't think being older than her mother would make much of a difference. She reflected back to her last conversation with her mother and how awful it had gone.

R'Kala: I somehow don't think there would be much of a difference.

Vihn: I haven't gotten home in a while. ::shrugging.:: What about you? 

She wondered if she was a medical officer if she would perform the same bedside manner most did of small talk. She imagined that she imagined that she might have given someone an entire physical without ever asking about their personal life. She didn't know if it was totally necessary.

Maybe it was also the nature of the question. Last time she checked, Trill's didn't have any telepathic abilities, so was it a coincidence that they had asked about the very subject that caused her great rage? There wouldn't have been anything in her file about the relationship strain she had with her family, the House of Noggra, and Qo'noS.  

R'Kala: ::through teeth:: Doctor, I mean this with as much respect as possible but speaking about my homeworld is not something I am comfortable with.

Vihn: response

R'Kala: ::calming down:: Understandable, but that's not necessary. I came for a physical. 

Vihn: response

She realized she was probably setting a bad example. She would need to get better at these social situations and be diplomatic with others. She cleared her throat, hoping they had not been too offended.

R'Kala: But if you must know, I have not been back to my homeworld in approximately 15 years for reasons I do not wish to share. 

Vihn: response


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