Captain Oddas Aria: Award Declaration

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((Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Annex 3B, Observation Deck))  

Catching sight of the XO she made her way to the front of the room, opposite the view and near the bar.  No official podium was set up, so she would need to rely on her booming voice and exuberant personality. She almost rolled her eyes at the thought.

It did present an interesting dilemma - as a fidgeter she was unsure what to do with her hands, usually hidden behind a coffee cup, PADD or other crutch, she settled on placing her tumbler on the bar, straightening her uniform, and then placing her hands behind her back.

Oddas: If I can have your attention.

She waited for her crew to settle and look her way.

Oddas: Thank all for coming.  As you know we have returned to Utopia Planitia for the Juneau's first review.  ::pausing for a moment:: It's a homecoming for sorts - the Juneau was built here, and launched not far from here, and as the first Warp XV ship, Starfleet wanted to see how the ship has performed, how the various systems have held up to her first missions, and if anything has come apart at the seems. ::beat:: I am happy to report the ship has come through fantastically.

She couldn't help but to smile wide, she would deny it, but she did feel pride in how well the ship had performed - not only during the mission but since its maiden voyage.  She rode the feeling for a bit, letting it override her fear of public speaking.

Oddas: The only thing more pleasing is the performance of the crew - you have performed above the needs of the ship, and beyond the expectations any Commanding Officer should have of you.

Orrey: Response

She joined in with some applause, and refilled her courage by taking a small sip of her alcoholic juice.

Oddas: First, some personnel announcements.  After consultation with, and recommendations from, the XO, we are assigning Commander Moonsong as the Acting Chief Science Officer, and Lieutenant Indobri as the Chief Medical Officer.  If you're in those departments and have any questions or gripes, go see them. Oh, congratulations.

She smirked and gave them a bit of applause and mock concern.

Orrey: Response

Oddas: When we first heard of ships being attacked in the Wilds I assumed there would be a few rogue actors behind them - when it was revealed to be a quasi-organized group of Breen renegades, the crew stepped up and worked to uncover the group behind it and put an end to it.  This work means there is one less of band of pirates in the Wilds, and for the crew's efforts they are awarded the Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.

Orrey: Response

Oddas: Likewise, it became apparent when the Breen were using the Jem'Hadar found were also victims of the Breen renegades the Juneau crew worked to deescalate the situation, and put the framework in place in order for them to, potentially, thrive as a peaceful colony in the Wilds.  This work is recognized by the crew being awarded the Diplomacy Ribbon, and my appreciation. 

Any: Response

She gave the crew an enthusiastic round of applause - she much rather gave out awards for diplomacy and peace than shooting and destroying.  It felt good, giving her the confidence to continue.

Oddas:  Lieutenant Indobri ::she motioned for the woman to join her::  While our ship was investigating events our Medical Officer, Lieutenant Indobri, worked diligently, to save the life of several crew members that had been attacked by the Rogues.  Besides being the right thing to do, without her work our mission would have failed before it began.  ::handing over a small wooden box::  Please accept the Lifesaving Ribbon as our way of saying thank you.

Orrey:  Response

Indobri: Response

Aria rose her hand to signal for the Doctor to stay with them.

Oddas:  If Commander Moonsong, Ensign Tierney,  could join us.  :: beat :: During a critical moment on the bridge when we were under attack the Juneau needed to get a message directly to the Jem'Hadar rank and file, short-circuiting their chain of command.  These three officers formed a telepathic bridge and connected directly to their minds, saving many lives.  This unorthodox thinking was a great innovation, and it is my pleasure to award you the Innovation Ribbon.

Aria handed the small box containing the ribbon over to each officer, shaking their hand, and smiling.

Moonsong/Tierney/Indobri: Response

Orrery: Response

Oddas: Mister Kettick, Mister Fiorr :: she paused for them to join her :: Through it all there was a boarding action in our Engineering spaces, during which Mister Kettick, Mister Fiorr, joined by Mister Wyss fended off the boarders through a combination of Innovation and Good Conduction.  Because of their efforts all three are being awarded both the Innovation Ribbon and the Good Conduct Ribbon.  Thank you very much, and keep up the good work.

Orrey: Response

She waited for each officer to receive their boxes and then shook their hands, nodding to each in congratulations.

Kettick/Fiorr: Responses

Oddas: Not so fast Mister Kettick. ::beat:: Two officers broke an unofficial, but I think very sensible, rule on the Juneau: step out of the way of phaser fire. Despite my irritation with them breaking this rule, I am obliged to give them the Purple Heart - a small token for taking the fire we might have otherwise needed to take as a crew.  They put themselves in harms way to save us, their crewmates, and ultimately were willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.  I'd rather them not make a habit of it, but I do appreciate what Commander Orrey and Ensign Kettick have done.  

Kettick/Orrey: Responses

She handed each man their ribbons and squeezed each officer's shoulder.

Oddas: Congratulations everyone.  These Awards give us all a change to recognize the hard work we all put, to recognize the ideals that bind us together, that make the Uniform we all wear what it is.  It is a high point in a Commanding Officer's day.  In my case it only solidifies what I have always known, which is the Juneau crew - my crew - is the best in the fleet.

Orrey: Response

She gave the crew a round of applause, smiling.  She let it go on for several minutes before she took a drink and a deep breath, before approaching the covered item in the middle of the room.

Any: Response


Captain Oddas Aria
Commanding Officer
USS Juneau, NX-99801

Sense is never common. -Robert Heinlein

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