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OOC: Trigger warning as SIM covers child mortality. Reader discretion advised.


((USS Juneau, Deck 10, Clanhouse))


Oddas: These diagnostics both say the sensors are working ::she pointed to her readings::, however, the checksum values between the two sets of tests match which should not be possible.


Tomas checked the readings and nodded.


Falt: So the panel is indicating no atmosphere and the tricorder says there is both M-class and K-class atmosphere at the same time. Which can’t be possible.


Oddas: That's right, obviously both can't be true at the same time..


Tito: No they can’t


Williams/Any: Response


Tomas paused. He was 100% sure the environmental failure wasn't real and was linked to his vision of Enni. The problem was proving it. He forced himself to remain calm and measured on the outside. On the inside he was getting increasingly frustrated with his inability to prove it enough to convince his colleagues. He decided to try explaining again, it was that or shove the Captain out of the way and open the door himself.


Falt: There is no scientific way I can think of for us to distinguish between hallucination and reality, especially as we are all sharing these visions. I’m not sure we’ll be able to do any test that will give us the level of proof needed to open the door with 100% confidence. Lieutenant Tito was right sir, we really can’t be sure of anything. We may need to fall back on gut instinct and logic.


Tito: I agree


Any: Response


Falt: Well, my gut says there is no way this can all be a coincidence. Visions and manifestations happening at the exact same time as  environmental failures and communications loss? That seems unlikely, so real or otherwise they appear to be linked.


Ijo: Unless the other failures are also in your head.


oO That's what I've been saying all along!! Oo


Ijo: I'm just a wannabe archeologist, but it seems if you think one thing could be fake, it could all be ...


The Captain looked at the blast door and at the hallway beyond, she seemed to want to believe what this vision said.


Any: Response


Falt: The bigger question is whether this is intentional or not. Is this just our collective response to some kind of hallucinogen, possibly projected by the nebula? Or is their some sort of intelligence trying to keep us, or most likely the Captain, here on purpose with these visions. Given the potential ramifications I’d recommend we assume the later and respond accordingly.


Tomas paused, hoping that his monologue had the desired effect on the Captain.


Oddas: That could be the bigger question, but a clue lies beyond this door.  :: nodding toward the door with the small porthole size window :: Do you see what we don't see?


Tito: I do, it shouldn't be like this.


Any: Response


Oddas: That's right, frost, flashing red lights, debris, all of that. I'm willing to bet - am betting - the atmosphere is fine on the other side.


oO Finally!! Oo


Tomas decided not to tell them that the lack of these signs could just as easily be an hallucination. It wouldn't help and beside, he was adamant the lack of environment was the hallucination.


Ushow: ::standing and looking on with disgust:: You're going to get your crew killed.


The Captain gulped and looked around at their small group. Tito nodded.


Tito: Let’s find out...


Time to find out if he'd been right to trust his gut.


Falt: Indeed.


Williams: Response


Ijo: ::glaring at Ushow:: It's going to be fine.


Oddas: Still, maybe grab onto something.


Tomas listenend to the familiar computerised tones which eminated from the door panel as the Captain tapped each step of the opening sequence.  


Oddas:  Computer, this is Captain Oddas Aria, Command Code Kilo Pagh, Alea, Zero, Bravo, Oscar - emergency override manual control Clanhouse emergency bulkheads deck 10.


The Captains command codes earned a strange beep from the panel. Tomas was sure if that beep had been words it would have said "bad idea!". A manual lever slid out, ready for the override to be activited.


Tomas half-heartedly took hold of a wall brace. He was confident it would be fine.


Oddas: 3 ::she placed her hand on the lever:: 2 :: she planted her feet and tried to wedge her body into the open panel:: 1 ::she noticed too late neither Ijo or Ushow seemed to take any sort of cover:: Mark!


The Captain pulled the lever. The door opened a few inches at the same time as a particularly loud alarm sounded. More importantly there was no sudden decompression, no rushing air, and no K Class atmosphere choking their lungs.


Lieutentant Tito put his hand through the small opening and began  to force his way into the door.


Tito: C’mon…. Open already...


Tomas joined him. He worked his shoulder into the space and pushed. The edge of the blast door digging into his flesh as he increased the pressue on the door.


Any: Response


The door began to yield. Slowly at first but then with increasing speed as the combined force from the four of them overcame the initial friction. With a final shove the blast door sunk back into it's housing.


Tito: There we go… It looks like we manage to find a way out.


Tomas absentmindedly rubbed his shoulder where the door had dug in.


Falt: That wasn't an hallucination, its definately going to have left a bruise. 


Oddas/Williams: response


The manifestations of Tito's wife and child came to him, the little girl looked confused. Tomas felt a pit growing in his stomach as he listened.


Paris: Are you leaving me Daddy?


Tito closed his eyes, likely steadying himself before responding


Tito: You are not here, not real…


Tomas wanted to say something, anything, to help the man. He couldn't think of anything appropriate so instead tried to reinforce the point for him.


Falt: ::gesturing at the others:: None of them are.


He looked around, Enni was missing. She hadn't followed them. The growing pit in his stomach got bigger.


Oddas/Williams: response


Paris began sobbing, the sound did nothing to calm Tomas' rising panic. Vetras came to comfort her.


Vetras: That is so mean of you, she’s just a child...


Tomas looked up and down the corridor, Enni was not there. He had a horrible feeling he knew why. If the hallucination of the failed environmental controls had been an echo of Enni's death then now that the door had been opened...


This time Tito his voice was cold and hard, like he'd caged his emotions in a prison of iron. Tomas wished he could do that.


Tito: I would love so much for this to be true. But it isn’t…


Tomas pushed past Tito and his family, walked into the Clansman, and stepped back 20 years.


He was in New Berlin. The sun was beaming through the thin lunar atmosphere, it's bright light shining through the window of his best friends dormitory. She lay on her bed, bathed in the warm orange glow.


oO Please don't make me see this again Oo


He sobbed as he walked closer, tears running down his face and dripping onto his uniform. As he grew nearer he could see her eyes were open, staring into nothingness. Her lips were blue. He heard his voice, older than it had been when it had first found her.


Falt: Wake up silly


She didn't move. Tomas reached out and shook her. He knew what to expect this time but still recoiled in surprise. He scoped her up in his arms, she was as cold as he remembered. In that moment he didn't care if she was real or not, he wished he could say anything to bring her back.


Falt: Wake up Enni, wake up.


He heard voices in the background and the room faded. He was back in the Clansman, still holding the manifestation of his long dead friend in his arms. Weeping, he dropped to one knee and carefully placed her down on the floor. He wiped away a tear that had fallen onto her cheek.


Falt: I missed you so much.


The girl faded and was gone. The voices became those of his crewmates. He became aware of a steadying hand on his shoulder.


Any: Response


Tomas stood and pulled himself together as best he could, conscious of the dark patches on his uniform were his tears had fallen. The intense grief was fading, leaving him feeling spent.


Falt: It seems that now I've re-lived that experience the hallucination has ended.


Oddas/Tito/Williams: Response


Tomas forced a half-smile at that.


Falt: Well we now definitely know they are visions and we know we can stop them. Where to now, sir?


Oddas/Tito/Williams: Response




Ensign Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801




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