[Artifact] Lieutenant Falt: The mystery of the artefact of unknown function

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Tom Cholewa

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OOC: Short sim to get team Artifact started. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves.


((Science Lab 2, Deck 6, USS Juneau))


The Juneau had gone to Yellow Alert as soon as they’d received the distress signal from the Grace Hopper. Tomas has spent the short trip back to the ring at his post in science lab 2. It was a multi-purpose science lab, so it was well equipped to deal with any eventuality, but with the limited information they Tomas hadn’t been able to prepare that much.


He’d expected that to change on their arrival, but so far that hadn’t been the case. He’d been monitoring communications from a console in the lab, but all he’d been able to determine was that the Hopper had been attacked and an artefact of unknown function had been taken from the archives, something that gave of a power signature according to Commander Melchor. It was a bit of a mystery.


Qinn: =/\= Qinn to Lieutenant Falt.  With assistance from Engineering, please access the logs from the Grace Hopper, and any data from the ring, and figure out what the thieves took and what it does.  =/\=


Falt: =/\= Aye, sir. I’ll make my way to engineering and get started. =/\=


Despite the utility of the science lab it seemed this mystery was, for now at least, all about data. And there was no better place to process data than Engineering. He tapped the combadge on his chest.


Falt: =/\= Lieutenant Falt to Engineering. =/\=


Kettick: =/\= Response =/\=


Falt: =/\= Mister Kettick, please set up a link with the Grace Hooper and obtain all data and log entries pertaining to the artefact that has been taken. We need to find out what it was and what it does. I’m on my way to you now. =/\=


Kettick: =/\= Response =/\=


((Short time skip, Main Engineering, Deck 16, USS Juneau))


Tomas entered Main Engineering and quickly located Ensign Kettick, who was working at a console with another officer he recognised as Lieutenant Deveaux. He’d only met her once before, not long after he joined the ship, and hadn’t worked with her yet. He strode over to join them.


Falt: ::nodding to Kettick:: Ensign, I hardly recognised you without your mask. It’s good to see you again.


That was a slight lie. Even with his mask Kettick’s Remmilian physiology had been pretty distinctive. It was a good icebreaker though, better than simply saying “report.”


Kettick: Response.


Falt: ::turning and extending a hand to Deveaux:: Lieutenant Deveaux I believe. I think we met once, but we were never formally introduced. Lieutenant Falt, Science Officer.


Deveaux: Response.


Falt: Likewise. So, what information has the Hopper sent over so far?


Deveaux: Response.


Tomas tiled his head to one side. To those that knew him it was a sign he was thinking.


Falt: Okay. That’s a start I suppose. I think we should start by focusing in on the power signature the artefact was generating. Any suggestions as to how we find out more about that?


Deveaux / Kettick: Response.




Lieutenant Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801



OOC: Just checked and this is my 100th sim excluding reposts. Thank you so much to all of you for making this game of ours so enjoyable.

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