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OOC1: Apologies for the delay, I had to travel for work the last couple of days. Splitting this post into two as there was a bit to catch up on, hope I’ve stitched it all together properly!

OOC2: Anyone else agree “Alternative Universe Theory” would be an awesome name for band….


((Lab, Pirate moon))


Kingsley:  We can pull the artifact easily, getting back to the ship ....


Falt: Will be another matter entirely. Hopefully no one is aware anything is going on in the lab, thanks to Mister Dekas. If that’s the case we have a chance to smuggle it out.  On the other hand if they security do know we’re in here…


He let his voice trail off. 


Dekas: If they know, then I do not think we can get out of this room the typical way. They will be expecting that and we will be far outnumbered here. I’m sure we'll sort it out somehow. ::with very light sarcasm:: Or we could just activate the thing and see what happens. I hear it is supposed to do something regarding transportation.


Falt: That was our theory yes, although it would only be safe for inanimate objects. I’ll check in with Lieutenant Deveaux, see if she has had success translating the data we retrieved about it.  Mister Dekas, while I’m doing that can you have a look around? We need to find out if this lab could be used to produce Verterium Cortenide?


Dekas: You got it, sir. 


He turned to Kingsley. She was still upright, which had to be a good sign,


Falt: If you’re feeling up to it I need you to take a look at the artefact, see how easy it would be for us to disguise it and carry it out of here if it comes to that.


Kingsley: Aye sir. 


Orders given, he topped his combadge.


Falt: =/\= Falt to Lieutenant Deveaux =/\=

Deveaux: =/\= This is Deveaux. Go ahead, Lieutenant.=/\=

Falt =/\= We’ve found the artefact. Have you had any luck translating the data we found about it? It would be good to know what this actually did before we try moving it… =/\=

Deveaux: =/\= Everything I am seeing just seems to reinforce the idea that this is some sort of teleportation device. If you are considering using the transporter, I would advise against it until we have a clearer understanding of how it works. =/\=


Tomas sighed, he had hoped the shuttle’s transporter might have been a viable option to get the artefact out of the lab without attracting attention.


Falt: =/\= Just so I’m clear on our options, what’s your thinking behind that? =/\=


Deveaux: =/\= Well, sir, my concern is the sub-quantum signature. It’s still not clear how that will interact with our own transporters. They could end up activating the device and we might wind up with crossed streams, and the result of that could be quite unpredictable. =/\=


OOC: Assuming Falt can hear the whole conversation on the bridge


Oddas: There might be a way to attenuate the reaction by changing the carrier signal of the transporter beam.


Tomas smiled, it was often he heard the Captain reveal her inner engineer.


R’Kala: It's certainly possible, assuming we can even get to that frequency.


And it was good to hear R’Kala flex her science ‘muscles’ as well. She may have taken on the role of ships counsellor now, but she’d always been an excellent scientist.


Aratta: Even without knowing the parameters of this device, if there is a possibility of sub-quantum technology, It is wise to avoid transport until fully understanding it.  


Tomas didn’t recognise that voice. Not that he knew everyone on board the Juneau, it was a big ship, but he thought he knew anyone likely to be on the bridge. He assumed it was someone who had joined the ship recently.


Leix: I agree with Ensign Aratta, Captain. Is it worth the risk and is there an alternative?


He raised an eyebrow at the sound of another new voice. It must have been a day for personnel transfers.


Falt: =/\= Warrant Officer Kingsley is already looking at ways to get the artefact out in case the transporter wasn’t viable. =/\=


By which he meant they had been concerned using the transporter would give away their position, not that it would somehow react with the artefact. He was glad that Deveaux had been able to get anything out of the data so quickly at all, especially if it helped them avoid an issue.


Deveaux: =/\= Yes, that is my fear. I highly recommend using the shuttle to bring it back until we can study it further. =/\=


Sera:  I must concur with you Lt. Deveaux.  Beaming an object of this nature without proper calibrations could cause untold complications for this region of space.


oO Complications for this region of space; what was that about? Oo


Sera: Captain. Something Lt. Deveaux mentioned about the artifact’s sub-quantum signature. I have run the data obtained by the away team, and the item’s signature is inconsistent with anything in within our reality.   


oO Well that would explain some things .Oo


Sera: As we know very little of the ring or it’s inhabitants, anything could be possible.  It is now evident that the Ring is involved in some way an alternate universe. The knowledge that a device from a different reality is in the hands of those who make seek profit from it is…alarming. 


The Vulcan engineer was right. If the artefact was from an alternative universe then it raised questions about the Ring itself.


Leix: ::nods:: To say the least. We have to get it back to the ship and out of Pila’s hands. It’s a catch-22, sir.


Aratta: I could help with the ‘Artifact’, but in my experience it is hard to make language breakthroughs in a hurry for results. ::standing up:: But I could try if you wish, Sir!


Tomas was satisfied he had all the pertinent information and decided to end the discussion. It was edging toward too many voices and opinions, and the team had a job to do.


Falt: =/\= They’ll be plenty of time for further analysis once we bring it onboard. We’ll focus on getting it out of the lab and back to the ship, without using the transporter. We’ll keep you appraised. Falt Out =/\=


Line close he looked questioningly at Kingsley


Kingsley: We can get it into this crate and probably keep casual scans from knowing what we are doing, but its not going to be light and easy to carry.


Falt: One problem at a time. How long will it take you to get it in the crate?


Kingsley: A few minutes Sir.


Falt: ::nodding:: Do it.




Lieutenant Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801





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