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((Dekas’ Quarters, Deck 14, USS Juneau))

For the first time in his life, Dekas didn’t know how to answer the question of how he was doing beyond what was expected. He might say he was fine. He was fine. Mostly.

He might also tell them that his visit home had been a small reprieve from the stress of a universe that was so unpredictable. The predictability of home had perks. The ability to just say what needed saying without worry. The close-knit community. A family that knew and accepted him without conditions. He missed those things. He missed feeling like he could fade into the backdrop if he needed to. No double takes, or widened eyes at the sight of him. No strangely personal questions from strangers he’d never see again, or touches to his wings without permission that he often ignored.

On Aurelia, he could simply be.

But that wasn’t all he could say. The relief hadn’t lasted. With all his new mannerisms and the penchant for pants, he still stood out. But even that faded into the minutiae.

The problem came with the flare-up of something unusual and its following diagnosis. A deeply unpleasant experience. As shameless and accepting as his people could be, it didn’t make the embarrassment of needing to molt and then regrow nearly every feather all at once any easier. The heavier reliance on people than he’d needed since his fledgling years from the confusion alone.

And everyone knew. Everyone knew. It didn’t help that it was guaranteed to come back eventually. It wouldn’t just be a one-time thing. The unpredictability of a flare-up, paired with the fact it was fairly uncommon made it hard to know how to keep it away permanently.

He didn’t expect the level of vulnerability to be so mortifying. He’d never appreciated clothes quite as much as he did now even with his spiffing regrowth of vibrant feathers.

And he’d never craved distance from other Aurelians so much. 

Suffice it to say, he wasn’t sure what to say. How much was too much, and how much wasn’t enough?

Dekas shook his head and put things where they needed to go. No. It didn’t matter. He would be fine. He’d take things as they came as honestly chipper as he could. Focus on the positive. He was here now.

oO Thank the flame in the sky I’m here now! Oo

On The Juneau with its fancy warpcore, and predictable ship shaking events that were unpredictable in their timing every single time. Best of all, the variety of people and getting to know them! The feathers on his head fluffed up, his bird-like version of a smile very present. He took a deep breath and straightened out the front of his uniform. 

No one else could be as excited about a basic meeting with a new higher-up except Dekas.

((First Officer’s Office, Deck 2, USS Juneau))

Dekas fixed his shirt one last time and pressed the chime on the outside of the door, waiting for the XO’s go-ahead to come in.

Qinn: Response

Dekas: ::bowing his head to Qinn respectfully:: Good evening, Commander Quinn… Qinn? Feathers, I do hope I’m saying that correctly. ::a quiet laugh:: I’m Ensign Dekas. I was told to check in with you once I got settled in.

There was an unspoken, but enthusiastic, so here I am.

Qinn: Response

The engineer held out a feathered hand in proper greeting.

Dekas: It’s very nice to meet you.

He nodded once and took a seat, folding his wings over the back of the chair.

Qinn: Response

Dekas: All considered? I’m doing marvelously well. And yourself?

As simple as those words were, and happy as he was to be there, he felt a little like he’d forgotten how to talk to people who weren’t Aurelian. Odd what a few months could do. He’d just have to work on it.

Qinn: Response



(ooc: Admittedly, this got away from me a little. The next one won’t have quite so many paragraphs. Hopefully, this works. If not? I’ll try again.)

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