Ensign Dekas - A real pickle

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((Main Engineering, Deck 15, USS Juneau))

Dekas: ::Clearing his throat:: Are, ah, any of you free to help me with a problem I’m having? ::once he had their attention, muscle memory kicked in and he bowed in greeting instantly:: I’m Dekas by the way.


The Aurelian's voice drew Kettick's attention away from the broken phaser gun he was trying to fix. 


The Vulcan engineer with the most traditional fur walked towards the Aurelian, Kettick one step behind her, and extended her hand in the traditional salute of her people.


Sera:  Greetings Ensign Dekas. What is the problem?


The Remmilian nodded briskly.


Careno: Response


Dekas: Right. There’s a replicator that is really giving me an issue. It isn’t responding to the normal line of fixes, and I think some extra eyes could help me sort this all out a lot faster.


Careno: Response


Sera:  Have you attempted to ‘turn it off and turn it back on?’


Dekas: That was the first thing I tried, and it didn’t seem to work.


Sera: Well, as that usually fixes this type of device, further diagnostic studies should be performed…or we could simply replace the entire unit?


Kettick: We should do our utmost to minimize the downtime. Due to widespread caffeine addiction among the Engineering crew, it has been suggested that this replicator be taken off the Master Minimum Equipment List, for fear its absence would compromise Juneau's flight worthiness.


Dekas: ::He snorted:: I feel, somehow, that many engineers would disagree with the idea that their coffee habits make them anything less than functional in comparison to their performance without it.


It was not a disagreement on his part, he wasn’t the biggest on coffees, himself. He’d never found the right flavor that sat with him in a way that left him wanting to continue frequently. And his energy was such that he didn’t need the drink to have wakefulness. (At least it had been up til now. He was still recovering so he was giving it some time.) But he knew a great deal of Engineers, and other departments, really, were the grumpiest people if they didn’t have the coffee.


Careno: Response


Kettick: I also have a sonic hammer at hand, in case you want to try the illogical but time-honored 'percussive maintenance' technique.


Careno: Response


Dekas: That’s definitely an option, but I say we save that one for last. 


Sera tilted her head in assent. 


Sera:  I will obtain my tricorder and hydrospanner and assist you.  The diagnostics I was working on can continue to run in the background without direct supervision for sometime before becoming corrupted.


Dekas: I appreciate it.


Kettick tilted his head to the side, in thought. The little green flashes coming from inside the casing were most distressing, if somewhat pretty.


Kettick: I will try to look into the access logs, to see if someone has tried to make it replicate a forbidden substance... again. Similarly, reviewing the code for any unauthorized addition might be worthwile.


Dekas: Again? People try to… ::he hummed in thought:: I didn’t know people tried to make forbidden substances, I didn’t even consider that, I’m keeping that in mind for next time this comes up. I agree with reviewing the code if that’s something people are doing.


Careno/Sera: Response


Kettick: The probability that it has become sentient and is currently trying to communicate via smoke signals is low. And my other hypothesis would necessitate jury-rigging a flamethrower, but I am reasonably certain we managed to find and destroy all the eggs last time.


For the second time in about a minute, Kettick said something surprising. Dekas wondered what kind of eggs. It was either something like a Terran ‘Easter’ or there were bugs that went beyond coding and Kettick himself in there. And he wasn’t sure he wanted to know. Although he definitely did want to know. He’d have to ask for that story at a later date.


Dekas: Clearly, I am missing out on the wild parties that go on in replicator maintenance. I always get the boring replicators that just need a change of wires. ::a beat:: I’m going to go ahead and remove the front of it to see if there’s anything we’re just not seeing.


Sera/Kettick/Careno: Response


It took him a few careful minutes to remove the front paneling from the replicator, as was seen from the front, things were glowing and it was odd.


Dekas: Well, this is just a pickle. ::he removed it from the spot it was sitting in the replicator and sniffed it:: Sweet dill, I think. It doesn’t explain the rest of this, though.


Sera/Kettick/Careno: Response


Dekas: ::to Kettick:: I think your idea of reviewing unauthorized code is an excellent idea. And we should see who last did maintenance on this thing because clearly they did it wrong.


Sera/Kettick/Careno: Response

Ensign Dekas


USS Juneau


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