JP LtCmdr's T'Lea and Indobri - Kidnapped! Part 7

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Karise Indobri

Feb 24, 2021, 6:46:57 PM2/24/21
to USS Juneau

((OOC: We are aware that the SAR team is just getting launched, but we wanted to go ahead and post the final part of this. I really hope you all enjoyed this.))

((Orstand 3 – Kensale Shuttle - Day 2))

The heat index had increased along with the sunrise, causing the shuttle’s internal temperatures to rise as well.  Even though Vulcan’s didn’t sweat, and handled the heat, and low oxygen much better than most other species, the climate inside the shuttle was growing uncomfortable and damn near suffocating.

T’Lea:  It may be wise to circulate the environmental controls for a short while.  How are you feeling?

The Vulcan hybrid was looking out through the front window over the nose of the shuttle.

Indobri: Like I was in a shuttle crash.

Which was true. But she was also worried she might be starting to develop a fever. It was either that or the cabin was getting hot. Or both.

T’Lea: So, good news, bad news.  The Spider creatures retreated with the heat.  But it looks like the outer hull has suffered some structural damage due to the toxicity of the rain.  But good news, since we landed upside down the bottom plating is likely reinforced to handle intense atmospheric conditions upon re-entry.  But bad news, we may end up cooking to death before nightfall causes hypothermia.  ::quirky frown::  Wait… maybe that was good news?

Indobri: I’m going with option C. None of the above.

T’Lea:  That’s the spirit.

The comment was lackluster under the conditions and highly charged with sarcasm.  She sat down across from Indobri, tired for no good reason, and many legitimate reasons.  There was a span of silence, and then T’Lea decided conversation was needed to gauge the Rodulan’s tolerance to the heat.

T’Lea:  Married?  Significant-other?  Pet?  Children?

It was a friendly reminder that maybe she had something to live for.  T’Lea’s reason was the reason she was here in the first place.

Indobri: :: smirking, but still a bit down :: No. Not yet. No. And No. I think that about sums it up.

T’Lea reached into her pocket and pulled out the pill she’d almost forgotten about.  One left after this one.  No worries, they’d be dead long before the half-life of the medication wore off and Pon Farr set it.

T’Lea:  I find that hard to believe. You’re attractive, smart, and talented. Any pet would be happy to have you.

Another smart-ass grin to help lighten the mood.

Indobri: Ah, but would I be happy to have the pet?

The smirk only indicated she was teasing. She loved animals.

T’Lea: Hey, Doc. What are the symptoms of heat stroke?

The only reason she asked was because the Doctor was looking really sweaty and pale.

Indobri: High body temp, a feeling of confusion, not sweating while feeling too hot, fast breathing or shortness of breath.

T’Lea:  Yeah, well, you may not be there yet, but we’re going to make sure you don’t get there soon.

She shoved another pouch of water in the Doctor’s hands, and touched the woman’s cheek, gentle-like, but with purpose. Her skin was hot. Without a word, T’Lea got up and wrenched her neck to activate the shuttle’s environmental controls on the overhead, upside down console.  A moment later a blast of cool air circulated through the cabin.

The touch of T’Lea’s hands on her cheek had felt good, but what bothered her was that the woman felt it was necessary at all. Karise could tell she was beginning to experience the first symptoms of heat exhaustion, but there was little she could do about it. But when the air started up, she immediately felt relieved. No heat stroke for her today. Maybe tomorrow, but not today.

The cost of running the climate system would no doubt dip into their survival time, but she couldn’t have Indobri dying in the meantime. She sat back down and gave the woman a reassuring look.

T’Lea:  We’ll cut power in a while, when the sun isn’t as high.

Indobri: Thank you.


Time had started to lose all meaning to Karise. She was definitely feverish. The worst part was, she was a doctor and yet she couldn’t tell why. The only injury she had sustained was the broken ankle. And then there was the fact that the air was starting to thin. The recirculators had been damaged in the crash, and since the vessel was constructed for space travel, that also meant no air was getting in. Karise was really struggling to breathe now and was stretched out in their little tent. Not that Karise was really cognizant of any of that anymore. Between the heat, the fever and the thin air, she had entered a mild delirium. That also meant that her already poor control over her telepathic abilities had completely vanished.

Indobri: ~ Beautiful… so… T’Lea ~

The Doctor was hallucinating, and those thoughts were broadcasting openly to the only other occupant in the shuttle.

Amidst the mental onslaught of Indobri’s delusions, the Romu-vulc tried to stay focused on the task at hand, which happened to be not passing out from the lack of oxygen, and trying to find something in the med kit to bring down the Doctor’s fever. 

She sifted through the slim-pickin’s of medical vials available to them, trying to recognize something in each name. T’Lea wasn’t quite sure what Karise was feverish for, on second thought, T’Lea was getting a clearer picture with every telepathic second. But what was causing the infection?

Indobri: :: feverishly :: ~ T’Lea, this is perfect. You … did a … great job with … the program. ~

Even though T’Lea’s Vulcan lungs were capable of breathing thin air, the problem was that the air in the shuttle was running out. The Romu-vulc’s deteriorating condition wasn’t that far behind the Rodulan’s. In fact, T’Lea’s visual acuity was narrowing, and her dexterity was faltering with the simplest motor function.

T’Lea: Doc, I need you to concentrate. You have a fever. An infection somewhere. What medicine should I admin-

Indobri: ~ If you’re here... ~

Indobri: Come on! The water’s perfect!

Karise watched as the woman stripped down and dove into the water to join her.

That vivid image transferred to T’Lea’s brain without warning. The Vulcan hybrid shook her head free of the dream, and pinched her eyes trying to stay fixed on her purpose.

T’Lea:  Doc, I need you—

She was going to say that she needed Karise to focus, but the words were cut off, and what remained didn’t help the situation much.

Indobri: ~ Such beautiful blue eyes. I’m going to dive under the water now. ~

The darkness overtook Karise again and she drifted in a land of black hair and blue eyes.

The Romu-vulc hunched over the med-kit for a moment, eyes blurring to the very thing Karise was imagining.  It was a vision of strong emotions, something that T’Lea wasn’t prepared for, and thus it had stunned her. Suddenly, she understood what the Doctor had been hiding from her a couple of missions ago – feelings and desires. For her.

But now was not the time for flattery, or invasions of privacy. A hard mental push and T’Lea was zeroing in on the little vials of drugs in the kit before her.

T’Lea: Doc, you’re hallucinating.

Frustrated with both herself and Karise’s highly distracting indulgences, the Romu-vulc turned and snapped up the Rodulan’s face in her hands in an effort to get the woman to exit her fantasy land.

T’Lea:  Listen to me. ::drawing in what little air there was:: What drug reduces fever?  Is it stenophyl?

Karise drowsily opened her eyes. The water had been so perfect. But those incredible blue eyes were staring back at her still.

Indobri: ~ Amazing ~

T’Lea:  Is that a yes?

Indobri: :: weakly :: Hello, gorgeous. Glad you joined me. Isn’t the water just perfect?

T’Lea gave a frustrated growl. As entertaining as this was, it was getting her nowhere.  She reached for a vial, fumbled it, and then recovered it. Time and air were running out. She held it up for Indobri to see.

T’Lea: Vertazine? ::slow gasp:: Vertazine for fever?

Indobri: You have a fever? Here, let me cool you down.

Batting away her help, the hybrid weakly pushed back.

T’Lea:  Not… me... Doc… ::gasp:: You need… to…

Defeated for lack of oxygen, the Romu-vulc slumped with exhaustion, first against the wall, and then she slid to the floor.  She dropped her hand and the vial rolled from her fingertips.  Within seconds she was unconscious, barely breathing at all.

Seeing T’Lea asleep, Karise laid her flat next to her and then curled up beside her. She just wished the air wasn’t so cold. Maybe their shared body warmth would help.

Indobri: Get some rest. We’ve had a fun day.

Karise drifted off to sleep, cradling the other woman in her arms.


((OOC: Awaiting rescue.))

Lt Commander Karise Indobri, MD

Chief Medical Officer

USS Juneau NX-99801



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