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Noa T'Nessa Levinson

Jun 20, 2020, 1:07:41 PM6/20/20
to UFOP: StarBase 118 – USS Juneau

((Holodeck 2, Deck 4, USS Juneau. Two days before the beginning of the current mission.))

Noa stepped into the holodeck, a PADD in hand. She was still in her uniform, but being alone, she allowed herself the moment for relaxation.

The holodeck was inactive, but she knew it wouldn’t stay that way for too long.

Once the doors closed behind her, she loosened herself even more, and turned to the console embedded in the holodeck arch.

Levinson: Computer, run program Levinson-7. Activate nausea countermeasures.

With a beep to confirm, the program started running.

In the center of the holodeck spawned a small, round console.

 Around the console, was a short "platform" for standing on, with a walkway aimed at the holodeck arch when it was visible. While it was entirely possible to just stand anywhere on the holodeck, Noa found it saved quite a bit of motion sickness if whatever you stood on in fact didn’t appear to move whenever you zoom or move around, especially when the scale of the program was that large.

But the console was hardly the center of attention. The entire holodeck darkened as it filled out with the holographic view of a black void, which gradually filled up with numerous dots of varying brightness, to form a large spiral of dots, displayed all around the holodeck - a galaxy. Then lines appeared over various locations, marking them as the different galactic sectors. Finally, an overlay appeared over the entire galaxy, splitting it to five parts - a circle around the center, and four quarters of the outer part. Holographic letters appeared in the very middle of each of the major parts - the central circle was labeled "Galactic Center”, and the other four parts were marked with the first four letters from the Greek alphabet - marking the different quadrants of the galaxy.

Even after working on it for as long as she’s been, that… experience of seeing an entire galaxy just forming up inside a holodeck - while also being in it… reminded her why she loved this program so much. It was so immersive, and just made her feel all giddy inside of her, each time she started it up.

It was essentially a galactic map, at the grasp of her hands, filled in with as much astronomical and geological data as she could gather… And simulations that deduce the missing holes. A pet project of hers, that admittedly got rather big. It wasn’t comparable to an astrometrics lab, nor even used sensors at all, but she liked to think the program ARCHIVED the astrometric data, in an interactive way.

She approached the console, and looked at it once again. It was mainly used for time manipulation and rotating the view, as well as some other functions. The rest could be accomplished by voice commands.

She set the PADD down on the console, before issuing a command.

Levinson: Computer, focus on grid 182, Alpha Quadrant. Dialran system.

The visuals quickly shifted and zoomed in from a view of the entire galaxy to a localized view of a placeholder sphere- she hadn’t had data on the Dialran system at all, except the star class, so it was represented by a plain sphere. 

She had finally finished her project of approximating the Dialran system’s body composition prior to the Ringworld’s construction, and after submitting the report on it to Commander Collins, she was ready to upload the data to her program. And considering the data went over a million years back, it could change some things rather dramatically.

She issued an additional command while tapping on a few buttons.

Levinson: Activate data loading mode.

Computer: Data loading mode activated.

She moved her left hand to tap on the PADD a few times. Its display changed to denote a successful connection.

Levinson: Interface with PADD, and prepare to load the specified file.

She tapped a few final commands on the PADD, and both screens were updated to show the upload process.

Noa was positive it’d work, but it actually was THE MOMENT. Would her algorithms be able to include a RINGWORLD?

Levinson: And…

A couple of seconds later, the uploading process was successfully concluded, and a beep was sounded.

To her, those seconds seemed much longer than they actually were.

Levinson: … execute calculation.

The view of the blank sphere blinked out, and just a few seconds later, a new view appeared - a colorful view of the yellow G-class star, surrounded by the massive structure of Ring 42, divided to different regions, along with some data on it.

A smile appeared on her face, as she closed her right hand to a fist.

Levinson: Yesh!

There wasn’t a point in hiding her happiness, considering she was alone! The computer wouldn’t judge her!

oO But there’s one more thing to test… Oo

She turned back to the console, and opened up the time interface.

oO It’s time to turn back time. Oo

She set the interface to display a period well before the approximated construction time, and it seemed to work - instead of a Ringworld, there was a fairly regular star system with a number of planets - the same ones she approximated from the research she did. She then tuned the time to one after the approximated construction, and the planets were replaced by the Ring.

She couldn’t approximate the construction’s exact time periods or duration, but she was glad it worked so well. Maybe the program could approximate the time period better than her.

She then stayed for a few more minutes, checking a few more things in the program - to see if there were any more stuff she needed to fix or possibly improve.

After writing down a few notes on the PADD, she was satisfied her work was done there for the day.

Levinson: Computer, ::beat:: save program on file, and discontinue.

The spinning galaxy in the holodeck promptly faded away, along with the console next to her and the platform.

Letting one more smirk out, she proceeded to the doors, and left the holodeck.



Ensign Noa T'Nessa Levinson

Science Officer + Wiki operator

USS Juneau


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