[Bridge] Captain Oddas Aria: Deals with the Unknown

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Nicholas St Gabriel

Feb 25, 2022, 10:02:15 AMFeb 25
to Juneau
((Bridge, Deck 1, Grace Hopper))

Pila: ::chuckling and turning back to the console in front of him:: =/\= Busy enough, Miss Aria, busy enough. =/\=

Aria rolled her eyes, the attempt to duck her question by feigning disinterest was in and of itself interest.  She paid it back by hiding her face behind her cup, slurping her cup loudly, showing she was just as disinterested, they could take the information or not.  If there was one thing she had learned to pick through the scrap heaps of her youth, it was the more she needed something, the more it would cost her.

Then, her Engineer spoke up.

Dekas: =/\= Is there anything that would ah =/\= ::he tilted his head in thought:: =/\= help spark your memory? =/\=

She smirked wryly, even as she stepped forward and put a hand gently on Dekas' shoulder.

Pila: =/\= It would depend on what 'anything' is. =/\=

Dekas: ::nervously:: =/\= I defer to them for that. =/\=

Melchor: =/\= Administrator Pila, if we have to bring you something, your life is bound to get much more interesting. =/\=

Cole's face had slipped back into the easy smile he could turn on so easily.  At the Academy, she had been jealous of it on occasion - the uncanny ability to ooze charisma on demand.  She had found herself pulling all-nighters to get him through more than one class because of it - and found herself on more than one double-date because of it.

Pila blinked seven, eight, nine times, and looked at them as if he was weighing the consequences of a visit.  Aria had purposefully not identified herself as Starfleet, but of course by now his comm system had identified all the markers in the signal identifying it as from a Federation vehicle.

Pila: =/\= I do have need for some hard to find -- components -- someone not from the area might be able to procure them for me. =/\=

She let Cole run with the conversation, let that charisma work for her.

Melchor: =/\= Transmit a list Administrator, let us see what we have available, we are not a trading vessel but we will see what we can do. =/\=

Pila: =/\= On its way. =/\= 

The transmission abruptly closed without further word and Cole looked to her, rolled her eyes and shook his head before smiling wide.

Melchor: Well, he's hiding something.

She spread her hand's wide in agreement.

Dekas: Response

Oddas: Let's see what we are being asked for before we make any rash commitments, maybe we can help each other.

Dekas: Response

Oddas: Fair enough, but let's take a look.

Any; Response


Captain Oddas Aria
Commanding Officer
USS Juneau, NX-99801

Sense is never common. -Robert Heinlein

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