Lieutenant JG Falt: Varg is bored!

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Tom Cholewa

Jan 14, 2022, 6:48:47 PM1/14/22

OOC: As we’ve split into a couple of thread’s I’ve tried to keep everything separate but still connected. Also, Varg has also got impatient and moved us on a bit. He couldn’t help it, he needed to smash something.


((Holodeck 3, Deck 4, USS Juneau))


Falt: Agreed, we need to find a way to lighten the mood.


Vihn: Dekas, can you actually play that instrument? I bet that'd get some people talking, given how.. well, they just need a pick-me-up, I think.


That wasn’t a bad idea at all, he felt his character wouldn’t mind a good song to go with his drink.


Dekas: I know a little bit. If it does not work, I’ll just have to start singing.


Vihn: Meanwhile, you two got -- I mean, prithee, do either of you have any ideas for how we may help Dekas ply his trade?


Sera:  If we were to sit nearest the fire, it would provide the adequate illumination for Dekas to play his lyre?  ::finding it more than acceptable to set someone else up to entertain the masses:: We could also procure drinks for everyone.  Does not imbibing intoxicants encourage inhibition reduction?  The patrons could be more likely to share the information we seek. ::Looking at Vihn in a very pointed manner:: 


Falt: I’ll come with you.


Vihn: I’ll get us a table.


As they approached the bar the man behind it set his glass down and looked directly at Tomas.


Barkeep: Why if it isn’t Varg the Barbarian. Last time you were in here I had to replace three smashed tables.


He paused for a second, considering how his character would react. He settled on arrogant and unapologetic.


Falt: It’s not my fault those fools landed on your tables.


Barkeep: If I recall correctly you were the one that had thrown them in the first place.


Falt: ::smirking:: They shouldn’t have knocked my drink over then.


Barkeep: ::picking up another glass and cleaning it:: I’m not complaining, we were full for weeks after that. People kept coming in, hoping to brawl with the famous Varg. ::sighing:: That was before though.


Falt: Well what say we brighten the mood a bit?


The man behind the bar look nervous for a moment.


Barkeep: What did you have in mind, I’ve not had enough patrons recently to afford any more smashed tables.


Sera:  A ‘circle’ of drinks, please.  Inebriation will allow us to respectfully interrogate your patrons so that we may depose your tyrannical leader.  ::pantomimes whispering and thinks this acting thing is an interesting approach that perhaps could be utilized in other aspects of her life::  I know about inebriation - I said all kinds of things that I didn’t…mean…to…


Tomas raised a quizzical eyebrow, that was the Vulcan’s attempt at acting? It certainly hadn’t impressed the barkeep, who had remained silent. Nodding to herself she tried again, reaching across the bar and grabbing the barkeep by the arm.


Sera:  Drinks for all of us now and answer our questions about the ominous castle so that we may reverse the mist and grant you all freedom of travel…or…I shall request that Fal-Varg break ALL the tables. 


Tomas laughed a hearty laugh at that.


oO Much better Oo


Judging by the Barkeeps response her second attempt had registered with the program.


Barkeep:  Gods!  ::chokes a little:: Yer…yer crazy!  Fine…Fine!  Just, don’t break the bar, please!


Sera nodded and released the man. Giving him a nod she turned and headed for their table. Tomas gave the barkeep a mischievous wink as he hurriedly prepared their drinks, and then followed. As he neared their table Dekas also returned. Whilst they'd been at the bar Tomas had caught a glimpse of him deep in conversation with an Auburn haired woman. He wondered if the Aurelian had managed to learn anything new.


Sera::  I have secured drinks – then we will interrogate the patrons, obtain the information we require, and…::voice trails off::


Vihn: Are you alright? That was... A lot.


Dekas: ::chuckling:: But apparently very effective.


Sera:  I am acting.  Ale, song, interrogate.  It tis a plan. 


oO She’s really getting the hang of it now Oo


Vihn: A plan indeed! I feel I should say, though -- while you were securing our libations, I saw someone slip out of the building and turn towards the keep. Something tells me our presence and our intentions are not a secret to the Lord of the land.


Falt: A spy! We should have gone after him!


Vihn: Pursuing them alone seemed unwise, but I'd keep an eye out. Let's pick a face out of the crowd and get to that interrogation part.


Dekas: I agree. I will go over near the fire and… play some songs. Distract a little. ::He glanced to the direction of Irena briefly then shook his head and went back into character as much as he was able. Confidence as he spoke.:: Ease some minds.


The barkeep arrived with their drinks. Tomas took two tankards for himself, it seemed like the kind of thing Varg would do. He drained the first flagon, before picking up the second and raising it in salute to his companions.


Falt: Skol! 


Sera/Any: Response


Motor knocked back his own drink, before walking over to another booth. He leaned against it and began to engage its occupant in conversation. Dekas had gone in the other direction, closer to the fire, and had raised his instrument.


Dekas: ::to himself:: Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.


Tomas didn’t know the song but recognised it as an old Earth melody. It was probably a classic, but his own knowledge didn’t go past Heavy Metal so he couldn’t be sure. He took a slurp of his second drink and listened for a minute, Dekas was actually quite good.


After another minute he realised it was probably time for him to join in. He doubted his character would be subtle. He drained his second drink and stood up.


Falt: ::loudly, slamming his empty flagon onto the table:: Varg is bored!


He noticed a few glances in his direction.


Falt: ::for all to hear:: Why is this tavern so dull! There’s more excitement in a Eunuch’s britches than there is in here! 


The patrons that had glanced in his direction returned their attention to their drinks.


Dekas/Sera/Any: Response


Falt: I’ll give ten gold pieces to the first person to challenge me to an arm wrestle.


He had no idea if he even had ten gold. Not that it mattered, no one moved. Even the barkeep had looked away.


Falt: ::to the room:: It’s like you’re all under some kind of spell!


That got a reaction. He suddenly felt the sense of fear in the room grow. He realised at least three of the patrons had touched their necks, and once he noticed that he saw a number of others were wearing scarves, despite the warmth.


A castle, a mist covered land, people living in fear and touching their necks. Guessing Varg would be someone to jump to conclusions he smiled a grim smile, that could only mean one thing.


Falt: Vampires?


He picked up his axe and slammed it down into the centre of his table, splitting it clean in two.


Falt: Varg hates Vampires!


Dekas/Sera/Vihn/Any: Response




Lieutenant JG Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801




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