Lieutenant Falt: A sudden sense of admin

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Tom Cholewa

May 27, 2022, 6:21:45 PM5/27/22

OOC: Moving this forward but have made sure all the tags for Aratta from the last sim are in here as well, to make it easier for him to catch-up.


((Botany Lab (Under Construction), Level 14, Soldotna Tower))


Aratta: Well… we are four officers. For a starship I guess it is a good number, but for a station!!! Are you expecting new crewmembers?


Tomas realised he hadn’t shared the plans for the science division with the rest of the team, and made a mental note to gather the department staff together for a briefing to rectify that fact. In the meantime, the least he could do was explain things to enthusiastic Ensign in front of him.

Falt:  ::smiling:: At the moment, not too many more. However, Starfleet intends to send a significant number of additional science staff over once we have everything properly up and running. They’ll be temporarily assigned to run research projects, but they’ll be a lot of them. The department is going to be very different in the next six months.

Kettick: Engineering is in quite the opposite situation, in fact. I suspect our workforce is somewhat bloated at the moment due to the requirements of Denali’s early days, but most of us are likely to be reassigned in the long term.

Aratta: Response

Kettick: Oh, I am quite certain that we will need to maintain a sizable presence, both static to run the station day to day, and away teams, in a fashion, to explore the Ring further.

Falt: More than that, the Ring is as much an engineering marvel as it is a scientific one. I’ve not seen all the briefings, but I’d be stunned if Starfleet didn’t intend to keep enough engineering staff here to properly investigate.


Aratta: Response


Kettick: One would be glad to serve either way.


Falt: And we’d all be lucky to have you. What would be your preferred assignment? Do you have a speciality at all?


Tomas felt slightly embarrassed asking that question to someone who’d been on the crew for close to six months, but truth be told their paths hadn’t crossed much until recently.


Kettick: Maintenance and Safety. ::He mimicked a smile:: As you can imagine, a Ringworld full of ancient and unknown xenotechnology does not sound like a work shortage is anywhere in my future.


Falt: Sound’s like you’re an ideal fit then. ::turning to Aratta:: and what about you Mister Aratta? What assignment would you prefer?


Aratta: Response


Kettick: I believe I heard Commander Qinn mention you had something of a background in archaeology at some point.


Tomas had heard the same thing, but given how recently his position had changed he hadn’t had opportunity to review the Bajoran’s file yet.


oO Add another thing to the already ridiculously long to-do list. Oo


Aratta: Response


Kettick: An interesting fit. Of course, I assume that this is not a coincidence.


Tomas raised an eyebrow.


Falt: I really don’t know. ::at Aratta:: I wasn’t privy to the conversations around your assignment to the Juneau, or whether the plan to move to Denali was already underway when they happened. I’d assume you’re file would have been reviewed at the very least though.


Aratta: Response


Kettick: I know for a fact that my HR file has not been updated in a while, but Commander Quinn and Captain Oddas keep very meticulous reports.


Tomas sighed quietly. It was dawning on him that a Chief Science Officer would also be required to keep meticulous reports as well. He was beginning to think his future had a lot of admin in it.


Falt: Chances are everyone’s file will get update as part of the move to our new home. ::Gesturing to the construction detritus around them:: Once it’s ready of course.


Kettick/Aratta: Response.


That gave him an idea. A way to further test the skills of the science departments newest Ensign, as well as potentially expedite the set-up of some useful lab space.


Falt: How about we take steps to speed things up a bit. Mister Aratta, I’d like you to take the lead on fitting out the Archaeology labs please, I dare say you’re qualified?


Aratta: Response.


Falt: Well consider that an order then. Once you’ve come up with the design for the lab, and listed the equipment we need, come and see me and I’ll sign the requisition forms before you take them to Lieutenant Dekas. oO There it was, more admin already. Oo

Kettick, do you have any capacity to assist should he have any engineering questions, such as where to put the EPS conduits?


Aratta/Kettick: Response.




Lieutenant Tomas Falt

Chief Science Officer

Denali Station





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