[Juneau] Ensign Aratta Eriddu: A small first step.

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Eridu Aratta

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((Turbolift, USS Juneau))

Locked inside a state-of-the-art cocoon, the fresh-out-of-academy Ensign Aratta was traveling throughout the entrails of that giant federation ship. He was experiencing a mix of anxiety, pride and yearning. But curious enough the origin of all that cacophony of emotions was not the imminent arrival at the bridge, but Aavaro Wilds region. The hum sound of the turbolift had induced an alpha-state of mind that brought back memories of his missing mother and tails about Cardassians. Despite not having lived through the difficulties of the Cardassian occupation, the scars were deep in Bajor culture, even for him… even so many years later.  He wondered if the fact of a Bajoran have being assigned to that region was just a coincidence, or something Starfleet thought would be useful… or just the will of the Prophets. The bright side of that was the fact that the Captain herself was already a Bajoran, which could help to smooth things.

((Bridge, Deck 1))

When the turbolift doors swiftly opened the Bajoran was immediately pushed out from his reverie. In front of him another type of cacophony, but instead of emotions… sounds, actions, colors and images. Breathing slowly out, hands tied at his back, holding firmly a datapad, he waited awhile to be acknowledged. The large overview screen was divided into two sections: one showing the Juneau relative position on the system, and the other half was a list of items. The short briefing he had received indicated that the bridge was involved in some negotiation with scoundrels to distract them out of the two shuttles that have recently departed. They would have to give support to them.

Leix: And how much time do we need to buy for the away teams? A few minutes? More?

What looked like a Marine major spoke and centralized the attention of the bridge toward herself. A beautiful short person he could notice and very muscular build as well. Eriddu started to paced toward the captain’s chair while the other officers added their advices to the discussion.

Oddas/Sera/Deveaux: Responses

The blond woman on the main chair was clearly Bajoran and would be the Captain for sure. They both locked eyes and he got comfortable to proceed.

Aratta: ::clearing his throat:: Ensign Aratta reporting as requested.

Oddas: Response

Aratta: I have a major in Physics and a minor in Archeology. ::nodding to the others officers gathered around::

Leix/Sera/Deveaux: Responses

R'Kala: Response

The science officer was impressed by the other blue collar officer sitting next to the captain. He had a huge forehead, a clear indication that she was a Klingon, despite being very unusual to see her species dealing with science. And he knew also that she would be the officer he was replacing, since she was now a Counselor.

Oddas: Response


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