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Zaaia Leix

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((Upper Main Shuttlebay, Deck 6, USS Juneau))

As the shuttle made its way into the bay, Zaaia’s thoughts were still back with the Chin’toka crew. Transfers were a part of life in Starfleet, but this one had been particularly unexpected, especially since it came with a Marine squadron assignment. Her Starfleet rank had been matched to its Marine equivalent–Major. 

A slight smile turned up the corners of her lips. The last time she’d held a Marine rank, it had been the equivalent of a Starfleet enlisted. She’d reached Chief Warrant Officer, first-class before joining Starfleet. Her fingers found the Marine rank insignia on her green uniform, fingering it delicately. This was a whole new ballgame. She was in the big pond now and her word carried more weight than it had in her early days as a Marine.

Rank was both everything and nothing. 

Clearing her throat, she tucked the thoughts away for another time, prepping to grab her gear. From the conversations between the pilot and whoever served as the Communications Officer on this boat, they were in the final stages of landing. Moments later, a mild shudder ran through the deck under her feet and she heard the thrum of the engines fading.

Pilot: Just need to wait for the shuttlebay to finish decompressing. ::smiles:: Other than that, you’re good to go.

She nodded and settled in near the back door for the wait.

((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Juneau))

The turbolift slowed as it grew closer to its destination, at last stopping completely, the doors opening onto the bridge. She felt a slight stir of nervousness thinking about the unfamiliar room that lay beyond but tapped it down like the professional she had to be. She couldn’t let her emotions have free reign. Not now.

Ignore and override. 

Exhaling a slightly shaky sigh, she stepped out onto the deck, scanning the room for the Captain. The crew was in the middle of a mission from what she’d read, so she wasn’t even sure she’d find her here. 

At last, her eyes fell on a woman with blond hair. Captain Oddas offered her a nod of greeting. The slight change to the screen in front of her caused her gaze to divert momentarily, but she caught herself and looked back to the captain, snapping to attention.

Leix: Major Zaaia Leix, reporting for duty, Captain. oO Old habits die hard. Oo

Oddas: Welcome aboard, I'm afraid we need to put you to work right away.  We would like to distract the administrator of the scrapyard, and anyone else that might be listening. I'm hoping if we offer the scrapyard something from our list, that will get their attention enough to keep them from noticing our two Away Teams.

She nodded. Though she’d only read bits and pieces of the happenings so far, she was familiar with these sorts of tasks. It was a bit different with a fighter than on the ground, but the tactics and the politics were similar. She would need to see the list the Captain was talking about to have a better idea of what it contained, but it sounded like a plan was already in place and it just needed to be executed.

Any: Response

Not wanting to show off, especially with her limited knowledge of the situation, she allowed others on the bridge to chime in, listening carefully.

Oddas: Do we have enough of that on board to get their attention?

Sera/Deveaux: Response

Any: Response

Oddas: What do you think he could be using it for?

Sera / Deveaux: Responses

Leix: ::pauses:: Pardon me, Captain. My concern would be its potential for harm if it fell into the wrong hands. Perhaps we could somehow nullify its use as a weapon?

Oddas / Sera / Deveaux: Responses

Her brow furrowed thoughtfully. The situation was sticky indeed and they did need a way to protect the away teams. This sounded like a viable option given who they were dealing with and the Captain had raised a valid concern.

Leix: ::to Sera and Deveaux:: I’m not familiar enough with it. Is it possible to make it safe without alerting the recipient that it has been modified?

Sera / Deveaux: Responses

Leix: And how much time do we need to buy for the away teams? A few minutes? More?

Oddas / Sera / Deveaux: Responses 

Any: Response


Major Zaaia Leix
Orbital Mechanics
USS Juneau, NX-99801
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