Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters: From Ensign to Chief Engineer, Nutshell Edition

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Timothy Alentonis

Jul 9, 2020, 2:24:55 AM7/9/20
OOC: This takes place before Cadfael checks in with medical, but after his conversation with Ambassador Nicholotti & Lt JG. Melody Delri'ise in engineering.
(( XO’s Office, USS Juneau ))
Cadfael had spent nearly all his time in either engineering, or the conduits, or the Brew Continuum. By now, he was certain he probably had coffee pumping through his veins instead of blood. However, during all the excitement he hadn’t had time to complete all the mandatory check-ins, and he still hadn’t met Ensign Wyss yet because as far as he was aware she was still in medical. He made his way to the XO’s office and pressed his hand to the chime. As he waited for a response, he glanced down at the PADD in his hand with his orders on it. For some reason, he felt nervous. Maybe it was because there had been an accident in engineering before he’d even gotten here. Or maybe it was because he hadn’t made all the rounds through security and medical yet. Maybe it was because out of all of them, this was his first stop and he knew nothing about the person he was going to be speaking with.
Peters: oO Relax, Cadfael. You’ll be fine. Just relax. Oo
He tried to force his muscles to relax, when finally he heard a voice from the other side of the door.
Amari: Come in.
Cadfael straightened his uniform and made his way into the room. He declined any form of refreshment and took a breath, forcing his muscles to relax as he stood at attention opposite the first officer.
Peters: Lieutenant commander Cadfael Peters, chief engineer reporting for duty, commander.
Amari: Welcome aboard, commander. Take a seat?
He had a seat and exhaled slowly as he attempted to get his thoughts in order. There was, of course, a logical reason for his conspicuous absence until now. A mystery, of sorts.
Peters: I apologize, commander. I got preoccupied with the little mystery going on in my department before I arrived. I have yet to look in on Ensign Wyss.

Amari: Of course, no harm done. I hear she is being well taken care of in sickbay, which, I assume you have not been to either?
Peters: Correct. That was one of the next stops on my list.
Amari: Then perhaps you will have a chance to check in while you are there.
Peters: I agree with you. Next stop will be sickbay and the security complex to sort out my relevant clearances.
Amari: Have you always served in engineering? What else is in your background?
He’d considered the question for a few moments before he spoke again. There were some interesting highlights to his background, and one he couldn’t really talk about. However, meeting new people had a way of opening up possible avenues of opportunity he hadn’t considered before.
Peters: Majored in engineering, minored in HCO. Made chief engineer of the Victory in a little under a month after being posted there, and left quite the impression on then-commander Nugra. Did some research and dev at the UP fleet yard, majored in tactical and did a little stint on Duronis II as a tac officer, did some classified stuff, and Project Capstone, which is why there's a prior mention in my file of the Juneau.
Amari: Response
Peters: So my first mission on the Victory was an encounter with the Sunak. Apparently, I was surprisingly helpful to their chief engineer and I managed to leave a box of tools behind. Their engineer made sure to tell my skipper how helpful I was before we left. Once we got back to the ship, I was asked if I was considering a more active role in department leadership. At first, I thought he was joking, and I was still an ensign. The following night I was promoted to lieutenant JG.
Amari: Response
Peters: Right. :: He paused for a moment and shifted the conversation back to the present moment. :: I haven’t had time to figure out where my quarters are in all the excitement since I got here, though. Since I started the investigation, I left my bag in my office.
Amari: Response
Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters
Chief Engineer
USS Juneau NX-99801
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