Lieutenant Falt: I'm going to miss this ship

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Tom Cholewa

May 18, 2022, 5:46:13 PMMay 18

((Clanhouse, Deck 10, USS Juneau))


Dekas: I think you’re on the brink of needing a dunk in your bed, Tomas.


Tomas wasn’t so hammered that he couldn’t see the sense in heading to his quarters whilst his legs were still responding to his brain’s instructions, and before the Fleet Captain decided she could find a much more suitable Chief. Problem was his inner Varg was having fun.


Falt: I’ll take that under ::hic:: advisement. ::short pause:: I think I’m going to do both. One more brink then off to deb. ::pointing slightly unsteadily in the direction of the bar:: Care to join me at the bar?


Dekas: ::a very amused sigh:: I’ll join you at the bar, and then I’m at least walking you to your quarters to make sure you don’t pass out on the floor trying to get there, my friend. You can’t talk me out of that.


Tomas nodded and began to make his way back to the bar, slightly unsteadily. He felt fantastic, on his ship, with his friend, both just promoted. Life in Starfleet wasn’t bad at all!


The bartender gave him an amused look as he arrived back at the bar


Falt: One more Aldebaran whisskey please, and ssomething for the new Lieutenant.


Bartender: Are you sure that’s a good idea?


Falt: Iz okay, the Lieutenant has kindly agreed to make sure I get home ssafetly.


The bartender looked questioningly at Dekas.


Dekas: Response


Bartender: Okay, but this is your last one.


Tomas watched as a new glass was placed in front of him and then half filled with the now familiar green liquid. He waited until Dekas had been served his drink and then picked is own up on his second attempt.


A toast was in order, but to who? Then a thought struck him. Everyone was so wrapped up in the Captain’s promotion and the Denali announcement that a very important attendee at the party had been overlooked.


He raised his glass, a single tear in his eye.


Falt: To… the Juneau. The besht damn ship in the fleet.


Dekas/Any: Response.


He downed the Whiskey and closed his eyes to savour the flavour. Once the burning stopped it was a really rather pleasant drink. He was definitely going to have to get a bottle of his own for special occasions. Opening his eyes, he turned and focused on placing the now empty glass back down on the bar without dropping it.  It landed with a glassy chink, but remained intact, much to his relief.


Nodding his thanks to the barkeeper he stepped away from the bar and looked around the Clansman, taking in it’s now familiar wooden panelling and floor to ceiling observation windows. He sighed.


Falt: I really am going to miss this ship.


Dekas/Any: Response


He wiped his eyes and then shook his head, trying to pull himself togther. Part of him knew he knew he had about 5 minutes before that last Whiskey kicked in and his legs stopped working.


Falt: Right, I think it’s time I go shleep this off.


Dekas/Any: Response


((OOC: Happy to carry this on, or leave it here now we’re into shore leave proper?))




Lieutenant Tomas Falt

Chief Science Officer

Denali Station



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