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((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Juneau)) 


Oddas: Ensign Sera, Ensign Aratta - I know it's not in your specialty - but let's assume we are going to give the administrator his verterium cortenide, but want to render it inert.  Come up with a way to make that happen, and if you can think of some innocuous things to toss in without making it looks like we are giving him a hanger full of junk, so much the better. 


Sera tilted her head slightly and nodded once in assent.   


Sera:  Understood, Captain.  ::turning towards Ensign Aratta::  Ensign, if you would accompany me to deck 14.  I believe we will be able to procure innocuous items that the scrapyard administrator may find…useful. 


oO and it will give me a few moments to consider how exactly to obey Captain Oddas’ order regarding the verterium cortenide Oo Sera silently added. 


Arrata:  Response 


Sera entered the turbolift with Ensign Arrata a step behind.  


Sera:  ::to the computer:: Deck 14.  ::Turning her gaze to the Bajoran male standing next to her::  Ensign, you just stated that your majors were physics and archeology.  However, how…strong is your chemistry background? 


Aratta:  Response 


Sera:  ::looking seriously thoughtful, which was different somehow from her resting non-seriously thoughtful expression::  Well then, it would appear that we shall both engage in the time-honored Star Fleet tradition of making some ‘stuff’ up. 


Aratta:  Response 


Sera:  One must consider how to inactivate the warp field generating capabilities of verterium cortenide without changing the molecular makeup of this material.  We are, in essence, engaging in subterfuge on a chemical level.   


Aratta:  Response 


Sera:  Why are we going to deck 14?  An excellent question, Ensign.  I will be taking you to an area on the ship few non-engineering personnel even know exist.  ::turbolift doors opening::  Please follow me.

((Cargo Bay 3, "The Graveyard," Deck 14))


Sera walked purposefully down the corridor to Cargo Bay 3.  Although most on the ship knew where the locations of most major deparments, labs, and offices were – few thought to consider what exactly was in some these areas.  Cargo Bay 3 had an area carved out that Sera heard referenced as “The Graveyard.”  She surmised that the epithet went along with the saying that she had heard bandied about, “Where equipment went to die.”  If there as any equipment or supplies that could be added to the list to further entice the scrapyard, it would be found here.  Most of the detritus was slated for molecular breakdown or refitting as appropriate.  It was the most logical place to start to fulfill Captain Oddas’ request to give the scrapyard items that would appear to have more use than they actually possessed.  It would also give Sera, and Aratta, time to consider their strategy regarding the synthetic compound problem.


Sera:  Do you have any…thoughts on how to disrupt verterium cortenide’s warp field generating capabilities?  ::starting rummaging through the equipment and pulling out items that had promise for trade:: 


Aratta:  Response 







Ensign Sera 

Engineering Officer 

USS Juneau, NX-99801 



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