Lt.JG G'var: Reporting for Duty.

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michael barnes

Jan 25, 2022, 4:59:53 PMJan 25

((USS Juneau))

(Deck 2, First Officers Office)

Standing before the Commander's Office door, G'var absently rubbed her pips, she had chosen to wear the Pip that Captain Rahman had given her on Limbo, a little luck never hurt. While this was not her first assignment, it would be the first since returning to active duty, and she wanted to start on a good boot, to use a Terran phrase. Dropping her hand, G'var straightened her uniform tunic and made sure the tie on her braid was tight, she wanted to look her best for her meeting with the X-O. This was one of the best Crews in Starfleet it was an honor to be chosen to be posted here. The Juneau was The top of the line Starship, boasting all the latest technologies of the Federation. She had to admit she was curious to see what upgrades had been made to the Tactical and Weapon Systems. She wasn't as good an Engineer as Wil and Teller, but she wasn't too shabby, lil' Sister had been an excellent tutor.

G'var:::balling her fist:: oO I miss you more than you know my friends, ::taking a breath:: maybe one day I'll get to tell you in person...Oo

Snapping out of her wistfulness, G'var focused on the tasks in front of her, this was a new Ship and a new Crew. Adjusting her baldric one last time, She made sure the light caught the insignia of First Daughter of House Km'Tec. She had never before worn the House's Title on her baldric before. Now, After having spent 18 months on the General's Flagship...The assassination attempt on her Mother by finally felt like she had earned the Title of First Daughter, along with the right to wear her baldric with pride. It had been a long 18 months to say the least, it felt more like 18 years. By Kahless's Sword she could finally take a breath in relief knowing that her House was safe.

G'var:::looking down at her commlink:: oO Was it worth the cost? many sacrifices, so many possibilities ended. Oo

Taking a breath, G'var centered herself back on the moment. The shadows of the past would not haunt her present nor her future on the Juneau. It had taken a letter from the General himself to get her restored to active duty in Starfleet. Though at a reduced rank to Lieutenant Junior Grade. A small price to be back amongst those she considered family as much as her Father and Mother. It was in Starfleet she had found a Mate, a Sister and a Brother. She could only imagine what awaited her onboard the Juneau, no time like the present to find out. Reaching out she tapped the door chime.

G'var:::smirking:: Always love these First Impressions.

Quinn: Response

G'var:::stepping into the office:: Lieutenant G'var reporting for Duty Commander. ::standing at attention before the X-O's desk

Staring ahead at a spot 6 inches above the Commander's head, G'var gave the older woman a quick glance. She had read the Ship's manifest on her trip out from Starbase 118, but standing before the X-O was ways a different experience. Keeping her emotions as neutral as possible G'var didn't want to leak out too much anger for the Commander. She didn't want to flood the room with to much negative energy. Instead she tried to focus on the positive feelings she had being back in uniform on a Starfleet vessel.

Quinn: Response

G'var:::standing at ease:: The trip out from the Starbase was a little longer than I would've liked Commander, being cooped up on a Runabout is not my idea of fun

Quinn: Response

G'var:::hiding a smirk:: I am just happy to be back in a Starfleet Uniform Commander, and on a Federation Starship once again.

Quinn: Reaponse

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Lieutenant JG. G'var
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USS Juneau NX-99801
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