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OOC: Previously on Star Trek Juneau.  Falt provided a distraction in the alley to allow the Captain, Kendrick and Ra’Am to escape from the nasty guards with guns. Captured and taken to the Citadel he discovered to his horror that the Anadasan’s are worshipping the Borg. He knows he has to do something about that, just as soon as he gets out of this dungeon…


((Dungeon, The Citadel, Anadasa))


A massive wooden door flung open, revealing the figure of Interrogator W’Reed. His clothes were refined, more appropriate for a dinner party than for a visit to the dark caverns beneath the Citadel.


And indeed, it was with great reluctance that he made his way to the dungeon. An envoy from Councillor member D’Aanish had contacted him, just when he was about to go out for dinner with his family,  with the message that the High Guard had arrested a man - possibly posing as a missionary - who had interfered with a direct order by High Priestess G’Riett. The man needed to be questioned immediately to verify if he was a missionary in service of J’Kre or not, because imprisoning a missionary without cause would not go unpunished. 


As he arrived at the cell, a prison guard opened up the cell door. W’Reed looked at the young man, sitting on a bench in chains. Then the prison guard handed him a shoulder bag.


Prison Guard: These are his belongings.


W’Reed nodded at the guard as he crossed the threshold.


W’Reed: ::at the guard:: You may close the door now.


As the door was locked behind him, W’Reed put the shoulder bag on a little table across the bench.


W’Reed: They told me you claimed to be a missionary in service of ::looking up, folding his arms across his chest, solemnly:: J’Kre.


Tomas noticed the man folded his arms the same way the executioner had done. He was clearly as much a part of the Borg cult as the others. He decided it was best to answer truthfully but literally, it might just prevent him getting caught in a lie later.


Falt: I told them I was a priest from across the sea.


W’Reed: Then why did you defy her direct order?


Again he answered with a literal truth.


Falt: I did not know it was an order from her, and what I saw made no sense.


W’Reed: ::nodding:: Sometimes we are asked to carry out orders that confuse us, that go against our very nature. But we must have faith in G’Riett to interpret the wisdom given to her by J’Kre.


Tomas decided to ask a question of his own. In his mind a priest wouldn’t just passively answer questions.


Falt: Did she really give an order to beat an old man to death, or was that down to that idiot of a guard leader? That was a rhetorical question, no need to answer it.


It was obvious to W'Reed that the man was affected by the death of some old man, although he couldn't understand why. Not when that person was an enemy of J'Kre.


W’Reed: If you don't want an answer, then why ask the question in the first place? ::pacing up and down:: If you are who you claim to be, a missionary that is, surely you know that some of us are beyond redemption.


Falt: Regardless, the man is an idiot. He’s either been tricked into thinking I am a priest, or he’s actually arrested one. Either way he’s a fool.


W’Reed: He may be a fool, but at least the man knows who and what he is.


Falt: What do you mean?


W’Reed: You claim to be a servant of J'Kre yet you question her methods to convince those who remain deaf to her word. Even if you are a missionary, it is clear to me now that you doubt the path that has been laid out before you.


He turned around and faced the wall, hoping his prisoner would somehow convince him that his assessment was wrong.


Falt: I won’t blindly follow a path. Many have used the divine to falsely justify actions for their own gain.


W'Reed: ::disappointed:: It's obvious you consider yourself to be a wise man. ::facing his prisoner:: But over the years I've learned that it's the wisest men who are the most dangerous.


Tomas sighed, if only he understood where the real danger lay. Tomas knew he couldn’t attempt to explain, the prime directive tied his words more effectively than the bindings that held his hands. Still, he doubted the man would have listened even if he had tried.  He had to find and stop the Borg, but was beginning to doubt he was going to be able to talk his way out of the dungeon.


oO Time for a change of plan Oo


Falt: What about a man asking a question makes you think they are dangerous?


W'Reed: ::scoffing:: Because they believe they're better than everyone else. Because they doubt the existence of the divine. ::nodding:: The guard was right to bring you here. You are a danger, to yourself and to our people.


He stepped closer to Falt.


W'Reed: Names.


Falt: ::innocently:: I’m sorry, is that a question?


W'Reed: I want names. People like you cannot survive in this city without help. Without anyone giving them food or  shelter. Give me names and I promise you I will show you leniency.


Falt: ::pushing it:: you want names of food or shelter?


If he was managing to annoy his captor it didn’t show. Tomas wanted him annoyed, frustrated, and therefore hopefully less-likely to watch him closely.


W'Reed: Perhaps I can find some answers here.


He walked over to the table and picked up the shoulder bag.


Falt: You’re welcome to look, but I doubt someone like you will be able to comprehend it’s contents.


Tomas watched as his interrogator, still showing no outward signs of anger, picked up the fake leather bound book that contained his tricorder. He was very, very, glad he had taken the time to disguise his 24th century belongings. There was no way he would be able to penetrate the tritanium case, or open the biometric lock.


W’Reed: ::puzzled:: Strange.


This was an odd book. It appeared to be sealed and by looking at the size of it, it wasn't as heavy as one would've expected.


Falt: It is sealed with a divine lock, only I can open it.


W'Reed simply ignored his prisoner and just grunted as he started to fiddle with the locking mechanism attached to the book.


Tomas knew he had one chance to get this right. His quickly formulated plan wasn’t without risk. If he failed he’d likely hand 24th Century artifacts to the Anadasan’s, as well as die a presumably slow and painful death in the dungeon. He changed his tone from snarky to superior.


Falt: Whether you believe me or not, you still won’t get it open. It requires my hand, water and a divine word. There is water in my canteen, bring it to me and I will open the book for you. You will need to remove the stopper, feel free to check it is water.


He watched as the man weighed up his options, to either try and open the book or give it to Tomas. He reached a decision.


W’Reed: Very well. But if this is a trick of yours...


Falt: There is no need to unbind me. Place the book down and hand me the canteen.


W'Reed placed the mysterious book back on the table and took out the canteen from the bag and pulled off the stopper to check its contents.


W’Reed: ::handing the canteen over:: This is all very peculiar.


Tomas took the canteen, his bindings forcing him to hold it at the base in both hands. They were in the perfect position to open the biometric lock he had hidden in the canteen, the one with the phaser inside.


Falt: You don’t mind if I take a drink first do you?


W’Reed: ::annoyed:: If you really must.


Tomas finally heard annoyance in the man’s voice, giving him hope his plan might just work. He began lifting the canteen and used the movement to position his left hand directly over the lock. He felt the compartment open as the canteen reached his lips.


oO Here goes nothing Oo


He took a sip and then lowered the vessel, allowing the type 1 phaser to slip out into his palm as he did so. Time to see if he could carry out his plan without further breaching the prime directive.


In one movement he threw the canteen across the room, sending it clattering into the far wall. His interrogator turned his head briefly, it was the chance Tomas needed.


W’Reed: ::confused:: What in J'Kre's name-


Satisfied the man wasn’t looking Tomas fired his phaser, glad he had set it on stun before they had left the ship. The man collapsed. Tomas let out a relieved sigh.


oO Now for the second part of the plan. Oo


He closed his eyes and took a moment to calm himself, not wanting his adrenaline to seep into his voice and give him away. Satisfied he was as calm as he was going to get he took a deep breath and shouted as loud as he could.


Falt: Guard! Guard!


He heard footsteps, followed by the sound of a key in the door. It swung open and the guard from earlier stepped in.  He rushed to aid his colleague.


Guard: ::angrily:: What did you do?


Falt: ::holding up his bound hands:: Nothing, he just collapsed and I yelled.


Tomas was glad only one guard had come into the cell, it would make things easier. He watched as the guard knelt beside the stunned man, and the moment he was sure he was looking elsewhere Tomas fired his phaser again. The guard collapsed on top of the interrogator.


Falt: ::to himself:: Well that went well.


Knowing he had little time to waste Tomas lifted the phaser to his face and, adrenaline still pumping, used his nose to cycle it to a low-power cutting setting. It made short work of his bindings. Rubbing his wrists he crossed the room and retrieved his canteen, before stashing his phaser back in it’s hiding place. Better safe than sorry.


He gathered the rest of his things and put them back in his bag before turning to the stunned guard. Time for the last part of his escape plan.


Falt: ::to the unconscious guard:: Fortunately you look to be just about my size.





Lieutenant JG Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801





W’Reed simmed by:

Lieutenant John Kendrick

Acting Chief Security and Tactical

USS Juneau, NX-99801




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