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((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Juneau))


Tomas had been aboard the USS Juneau, his first posting out of the academy, for less than 5 minutes before he had been given his first assignment. The Captain wanted to know if the city the away team was currently exploring was as old as rest of the ring, or any other information about it for that matter. She had directed Tomas to the bridge crew to get him set-up. He turned in the direction she had indicated and was greeted by a smiling human male at the tactical station.


Silveira: Welcome, I am patching all relevant data to Science 1. ::He pointed the station.:: That one.


Tomas strode to the station that had been pointed out, feeling an equal mixture of excitement and anxiety at the pace his first assignment was moving. The Captain continued her instructions.


Oddas: Anything that will make it easier to track down Starfleet personnel will be beneficial.  Knowing if the Ring was inhabited that entire time might give us clues as to the condition of the entire facility.


Falt: Aye Sir.


Tomas regarded the Captain as he reviewed the sensor data. Her arms were crossed and she was shifting her weight back and forth as she stared at the main viewer. Tomas didn’t know the Captain yet so couldn’t decipher how she might be feeling from her body language. Tomas thought he heard her sigh. Before he could begin to ponder what that might mean for the state of the mission the away team made contact.


T’Lea:  =/\= T’Lea to Juneau are you receiving us?=/\=


The female voice on the channel was barely audible due to some kind of interference.


Oddas: =/\= Barely Away Team, Report, we will try to clear it up from our end.  =/\=


The Captain nodded to the man at tactical who was clearly doing his best to improve the signal.


Silveira: =/\= There’s a lot of interference, trying to clear the signal


T’Lea: =/\= Commander Smith is leading us to an =/\= ::static :: =/\=calls the Vault.  I am attempting to =/\= ::static :: =/\= to you now. ::pause::  Copy?


There was another larger burst of static.


Silveira: As they move further inside I am having more trouble with keeping the line open.


Stelek: Fascinating.


Tomas looked up at the sound of the Vulcan woman's voice


Oddas: What are you seeing, ::pause:: Lieutenant?


Stelek: The coordinates sent from the Commander correspond to a slight energy buildup from under the city, it is slight, but noticeable.


Oddas: Is the Away Team in any sort of danger?


Stelek: Unknown at this time Captain.


Oddas: =/\= Commander T'Lea, did you hear that? There is some sort of energy buildup at that location -- =/\=


Tomas winced as communication was interrupted by an ear splitting feedback. The computer quickly brought the volume down to safe levels but the ringing in Tomas’ ears reminded him of the aftermath of a Klingon Opera, or the historic Norwegian “metal” performances he had attended growing up. An electronic tone confirmed the channel had shut down.


Silveira: Dammit, I can’t do any better than this...


Falt: It would be reasonable to assume the interference is related to the energy build up.


oO Nice job stating the obvious Tomas Oo


Oddas: Agreed, I need to know what that energy buildup is and if it's a threat. 


Stelek: Sir, whatever it is, it has increased 1% in the last five minutes.


Oddas: Can we reestablish contact with the Away Team to let them know what's going on?


Silveira: Already on it Captain.


The tactical officer entered the required commands to reopen the channel


Silveira: =^=Commander can you hear us? Away team?


Tomas listened for a response from the away team but if there was one it was not audible above the interference.


Silveira: Son of a witch. I can’t punch through, too much interference… Could this be connected to that energy you detected Lieutenant Stelek?


Stelek: Response


Silveira: I can still track them, but I might lose them as they go deeper. I don’t think we can restore a comline.


Oddas: Response


Silveira: We could try and send out a data PADD, I don’t know if the transporter signal can get a good coordinate for it. ::He shrugged:: If need be I can send a probe with a PADD inside from here. It would be like firing a torpedo.


Oddas/Stelek: Response


Tomas had been reviewing the sensor data and felt he had enough new information to contribute. He gulped, his first contribution.


Falt: Sir's, I have been reviewing the data on the energy build up. It's frequency is consistent with that of a large power source charging up.


Oddas/Stelek/Silveira: Response


Falt: Unknown, but there is no guarantee the power source will even be able to perform it’s original purpose. I've been reviewing the data we have on the city, soil depth in the areas reclaimed by the native flora is indicative of just over 2000 years of plant growth and decay. Assuming the city has been abandoned for a similar time frame there is no guarantee the power source will not malfunction, given it is unlikely is has been kept maintained. I agree a probe to warn the away team is prudent at this stage.


Oddas/Stelek/Silveira: Response


Falt: If I may also make a suggestion ::Tomas paused for an objection which didn’t come:: it might be prudent to load pattern enhancers as into the probe as well, in case we need can get communications back online and we need to get the away team out of there in a hurry.


Oddas/Stelek/Silveira: Response


Any: Response




Ensign Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801



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