[R] Prelude: Taeval Traianus (alt) & Alora DeVeau (alt) - “Not Alone” (Part II)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 12, 2015, 4:24:48 PM10/12/15
to Invicta
((Storage Compartment, USS Ronin ))

::He paused by the door to torpedo control, waiting for her to enter the
room first. He followed her inside, and squinting as the lights
flickered back on. Sections of the ship empty of personnel were left
unlit, to save power. Every little bit helped.::

Alt!Traianus: So tell me, Alora DeVeau. How did you end up on this ship?

Alt!DeVeau: My father was Starfleet. He joined after the fall of
Starbase 118 and kept up the fight. After he died, I decided to remain
on. I want to be helpful. I want to keep fighting.

::As did they all. Most of them. Some of the refugees simply wanted to
flee and Alora couldn’t fault them that. Those who remained on the
ship, however, kept up the good fight.::

Alt!DeVeau: I have a home here, and we’re family.

::Although her biological family was gone, one didn’t have to be related
by blood to consider themselves a part of one.::

Alt!DeVeau: You know, I don’t think I’ve asked you that question before.
What made you decide to come here? Why not stay with the Romulan Empire?

::The torpedo casings were stacked wide and high in the control room,
and as he passed them, he checked they were secured in their racks.
Where in kinder times torpedos were repurposed as probes, now the
opposite was true, and that made for some complicated adjustments.::

Alt!Traianus: Nothing so noble as you, I’m afraid. Revenge. The Empire
won’t act against the Union, but I… I wish to.

::Alora nodded solemnly. She could imagine that there were others who
fell in line with Taeval, though he was the first she met. Usually,
every organisation had its rebels - even the Dominion and Romulan Empire.::

Alt!DeVeau: What made you decide to fight against the Dominion?

Alt!Traianus: Have you ever loved?

::The question spurred a sidelong glance from the young woman and, after
a moment, Alora nodded. She might have explained further, but
refrained from doing so. Even though they were on friendly terms, he
really didn’t need to be bored with the details.::

Alt!DeVeau: You?

::He nodded, making his way over toward the main sensor console. His
brow furrowed, until it pulled at the healing skin and he lifted his
eyebrows to dispel the expression.::

Alt!Traianus: Yes. She died. The Cardassians were responsible. ::His
voice was soft and moderate throughout.:: The Empire wouldn’t do
anything about it, officially or unofficially, and so I will.

::At his admission, Alora placed a gentle hand upon his shoulder.
Although she had spoken the truth, the man she cared for had not
perished, and though his feelings were not returned, she at least had
the comfort of knowing he was alive and well.::

Alt!DeVeau: I’m sorry. I truly am.

Alt!Traianus: As am I. ::He said it quietly, then looked toward her,
patting her hand with his own.:: You are very kind. A rarity, these days.

Alt!DeVeau: It shouldn’t be.

::The Dominion had stolen a lot more than worlds from their Universe.::

Alt!DeVeau: We’re all family here. We should always be kind to one another.

::Maybe some didn’t see it that way, but Alora did. They were all the
family she had left.::

Alt!DeVeau: After this, care for some company for dinner?

Alt!Traianus: That sounds delightful. Nothing like sharing terrible
rations with a good friend.

Alt!DeVeau: Rations always taste better in good company.

Alt!Traianus: That would explain why they’re usually so awful.

::He laughed quietly, and took a knee, unfastening the panel from the
column of the sensor console. The inside was a charred mess of melted
components and jury-rigged fixes. Something was inside was dripping,
forming an oily, dark green pool at the base of the pedestal. He leant
his elbow on his knee, and sighed.::

Alt!Traianus: This may be a long night.

Alt!DeVeau: Well, at least you don’t have to go it alone.

Taeval ir-Jhianhre e-Sienelis tr'Traianus

Chief of Tactical/Security and Absolutely Not a Tal Shiar Officer

USS Ronin



Alora DeVeau (alt)


USS Ronin-A


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