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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 4, 2015, 10:50:19 PM10/4/15
to Invicta

((USS Ronin))

::Eerie was the silence that greeted her as she traversed through the
corridor, down to one of the few larger quarters - one that housed her
captain. Although she wasn’t sure he would want her company, she made
the trip regardless. The unease that had settled over her had merely
intensified. On the morrow, she would set out with the assembled team,
uncertain of what the future would actually hold for her, or anyone
else, there. ::

::The computer’s notification of her arrival held a darker tone.
Perhaps it was merely her imagination, her worries colouring her

::He wasn’t expecting anyone and there were few of his crew who would
approach Saveron directly during what little down time they had.::

Alt!Saveron: Identify.

Alt!DeVeau: It’s me. Alora.

::He didn’t need her name, she was certain he recognised her voice, but
politeness dictated that she do so.::

Alt!Saveron: Enter

::Alora passed through the door and listened to them hiss behind her.::

Alt!DeVeau: Good evening.

::The Captain was standing, a sitting mat under his feet and several lit
candles in places about the small, spartan room. The ambient temperature
was high, and he was clad only in his uniform trousers and a singlet,
lean arms showing more scars.::

::Grey eyes looked her over. She was one of their adopted civilian
crewmembers, and a resourceful one. Useful.::

Alt!Saveron: Mister DeVeau. ::He acknowledged, pausing expectantly.::

::Everyone wanted something. So few of them got it, in this harsh world
with no room for comforts. What would Alora want?::

Alt!DeVeau: Alora, please.

::How many times had she told him that? If anyone would remember, it
would be him, but sometimes habits were difficult to break. A single
hand rose to wipe sweat that beaded on her brow and she allowed herself
to step forward a single pace more.::

Alt!DeVeau: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your meditation.

Alt!Saveron: Your apology is accepted.

Alt!DeVeau: May I...join you?

::His first impulse was to refuse. He didn’t socialise much with the
crew; goodness knew there was precious little time for it, but he could
not afford the weakness of connection. Not with the difficult decisions
that he had to make, the difficult road they had to tread. The needs of
the many outweighed the needs of the few, and he could not afford even
the illusion of bias.::

::Yet not all of his crew were hardened military veterans. Of necessity
they had a significant civilian proportion, and they were less
responsive to brusque orders. Alora, who had first identified the
refugees’ plight, was going to lead their retrieval tomorrow. Alora with
her bleeding heart who could not leave them behind. She was more suited
to the world of his past than the one of her present. Really, it was
amazing she was still alive.::

Alt!Saveron: You may. ::He allowed, and lowered himself once more to the
sitting mat.:: Is this about tomorrow’s operation, Alora?

::He was rarely in the mood to beat about the bush. Perhaps by
acquiescing just this once to her request, he might encourage her to be
forthright with her thoughts.::

Alt!DeVeau: I have been reflecting on it through the course of the day.

::She freely admitted that as she lowered down to join him on the floor,
then crossed her legs. Once she was settled, she straightened her
posture, facing across from him.::

Alt!Saveron: You were the one to identify this opportunity. You have

Alt!DeVeau: It is...risky, yes.

Alt!Saveron: As is every aspect of our lives in this day and age. oO
Spit it out, woman. Oo

Alt!DeVeau: I’ve...got a feeling about this mission.

Alt!Saveron: You wish to abandon it?

::Verdant eyes flicked up to meet his own steely ones and she shook her

Alt!DeVeau: No. I’m simply choosing to spend the time before it with

::Because something told her it might be the last chance she had,
although that was implied rather than spoke aloud.::

::She was facing the danger then. It was an odd thought, that she
considered him a friend. He supposed that they were all comrades in
arms. Such a gentle soul. What was she doing here?::

Alt!Saveron: That is logical. ::He allowed.:: Every day brings the
possibility of death. Once it was not so; the past was a kinder country.
We stand for the chance that the future might be so again.

::She inclined her head in agreement, her expression solemn. Since the
death of her family, her smiles seldom held the light they once did, but
she smiled far more than most upon that ship. Such eluded her at that
moment, however.::



Captain Saveron

Commanding Officer

USS Ronin-A



Crewmember Alora DeVeau (Alt)

USS Ronin-A


Amanda Nordstrom
Lt. Alora DeVeau

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