[I-JQ] JP: Lt. Cmdr Raissa Moonsong & Lt. Cmdr Rune Jolara: A Connection

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Rune Jolara

Nov 14, 2016, 8:41:27 AM11/14/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Invicta

((USS Invicta, Deck 4, Jolara Quarters))

::Raissa stood outside the door for a long moment before she rang the chime. She found she had become emotionally close to Rune, but she didn’t know why. In all honesty, other than counseling sessions they had never talked much.::

::However, the telepathic connection they seemed to have developed needed to be explained. She had some theories on how it might have happened but she needed to discuss them with Rune.  A faint smile touched her mouth. Requesting the meeting in Rune’s quarters also gave her the excuse to see the baby.::

::She let out a breath and touched the chime.::

::Rune let out a sigh as she laid Krystyan down in the crib Pandora had made for him. He kicked his feet and waved his hands while making a cooing sound. He was calm at the moment but she knew there was a 50/50 chance he would start screaming at any moment. She placed his stuff toy targ beside him before crossing the room to the door and hoping for the best.::

::Her expression changed to a smile as she opened the door and greeted the Counselor.::

Moonsong: Thank you for speaking with me, Commander.

::Rune stepped aside and motioned toward the sofa.::

Jolara: I knew I could not avoid you forever. Care for a drink or anything?

Moonsong: Herbal tea would be appreciated.

::Smiling, Rune motioned toward the crib as she crossed to the replicator.::

Jolara: It is fine. He is awake.

::Raissa moved to the crib. She knew it was the one Pandora had made since she helped select the wood and cloth used in its construction. She leaned over the crib to look down at the tiny boy, a warm smile lighting her face.::

Moonsong: ::voice soft.:: Hello cubling… ::She looked toward Rune.:: He is such a beautiful creature is he not?

Jolara: ::smiling:: He is.

::Carefully she reached out a finger to touch a tiny hand. Her mind feeling the simple pleasure of being alive and comfortable. She could not help the twinge of longing. She didn’t believe she would able to ever have someone like this. Not with the recent reminder. It was with clear reluctance she turned away.::

Moonsong: I hope you like the baby blanket I made…

::Rune picked up the two cups of herbal tea and headed for the sofa. She sensed the mixed emotions but she decided not to bring it up… yet.::

Jolara: ::without hesitation:: It is perfect. Thank you again. ::smiling:: And he loves it too.

Moonsong: ::smiling:: I am glad.

:: Rune handed Raissa her cup and then practically collapsed on the sofa.::

Jolara: But that is not why you wanted to speak to me is it?

::Raissa accepted the cup and sat down on the sofa.::

Moonsong: Truthfully, I would take any opportunity to spend time with Mr. Adorable. ::pause.:: But you are correct. There are things we should discuss.

Jolara: ::nodding:: I know.

Moonsong: ::sips the tea.:: We have a telepathic connection. Not just from my side. Until very recently I did not know you were telepathic.

::Rune looked down at the liquid in her cup. She wasn’t entirely sure how to respond.::

Jolara: ::quietly:: I realize I should have said something sooner. Just… there was so much hitting me at once. I still can not explain it.

Moonsong: I do have a theory that could be the explanation.

::Rune glanced toward the crib as Krystyan made another tiny cooing sound.::

Jolara: ::looking back at Raissa:: What is it?

Moonsong: Adova

Jolara: Adova?

Moonsong: Since this is only a theory, I could be completely wrong.

Jolara: Or you may be correct… but why do you think Adova is the reason?

Moonsong: You were affected by the toxin which means you already had the premutation for telepathy, assuming it was not active before then. When the Arc created the world link activating all Adovans you were carried in with the rest of us. You felt me there. I was.. Am familiar to you and you reached for my stability and control. With so much going on I did not notice nor did I check.

::Rune bit her lip as her brow creased in a frown as she thought about what Raissa was saying.::

Jolara: So you believe this is the reason for our connection?

Moonsong: Based on this… the ease our mind touch is based on that.

::Rune thought some more before responding.::

Jolara: I have a confession. I think it started on Nygel II... ::leaning over to sit her cup down:: The entity.. Kia.. She did something inside my head. Awakened something. oODon’t.Oo ::shrugging:: I do not know how to explain. Does not matter really. Whatever it was… ::taking a breath and rubbing her temple:: What the Arc did must have fully activated it. If that is what happened, I am sorry. I did not realize…


Lt Commander Raissa Moonsong

Chief of Counseling

USS Invicta




Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara

   Intelligence Officer - USS Invicta

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