[I-AO] Lt. DeVeau & Ens. Sienelis - “An Introductory Interlude” Part I (Slight Backsim, No Tags)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 2, 2015, 5:10:32 PM10/2/15
to Invicta
OOC: Takes place during the time it took to travel to the anomaly.

(USS Invicta - Alora’s Office)


::Alora reviewed the file, which didn’t take long, then set aside her
TriPADD. In it, there had been nothing particularly exciting, save for
the fact that she now had another science officer to add to her
department. With the departure of Saveron, who was now back in the
Medical department, that was a good thing. Unfortunately, it was also
barren of little things, tells that would give her some indication of
the person beyond the uniform. Well, at least she would have the
opportunity to do that in person.::

::The chime at her office door indicated that said person was right on
time and she called for the computer to allow entry. Alora smiled as
the officer entered, then motioned to a seat. Despite the damage to her
plants from that mission with the Kindred, she had managed to coax some
back to health and had quickly gotten replacements for those which were
far too gone to save. Her African violets, at least, were plentiful
thanks to their amazing prolificness. Two shelving units housed an
array, all in various stages of growth, every one of them labeled with
the name of their variety. More than just those, she had several plants
from other planets, though all of them required similar conditions to
her violets.::

DeVeau: Welcome to the Invicta, Ensign.

::Valesha sniffed as she stepped inside the office, the pollen tickling
the inside of her nose. It felt odd to be welcomed aboard after already
serving on the shakedown cruise, but she mentally shrugged it off and
took the offered seat.::

Sienelis: Thanks. I guess we didn’t get much of a chance to say hello,
what with being playthings for Q and all.

DeVeau: Oh yes. Talk about an introduction.

Sienelis: Not the most fun I’ve ever had.

DeVeau: That’s certainly an understatement.

::Alora folded her hands and leaned back in her chair. Although she
didn’t necessarily mind discussing the mission, that was not the reason
why she had wanted to meet with Sienelis.::

DeVeau: So tell me something about yourself. I like to get to know my

::The question was apparently a little too open-ended for the other
woman, who lifted her shoulders in a helpless shrug.::

Sienelis: Like what?

::Well, that wasn’t helpful. Most people generally liked to talk about
themselves, but evidently that was not the case for that particular
science officer. Alora tried again.::

DeVeau: Whatever you want.

::Valesha’s answering expression had gone as blank as her mind. She
obviously had no idea where to begin.::

DeVeau: Okay, well, for instance, what made you decide to become an
officer in Starfleet?

Sienelis: It was Aron. Captain Kells, I mean. We met, he talked. He
sponsored my admission into the academy.

DeVeau: I didn’t realise you knew the Captain.

::Ah, so the friend of a friend. How interesting. Although Aron was
not required to tell her about every single acquaintance he’d made, she
found it interesting that here was one he had influenced in a positive
manner. It tickled her, even if it shouldn’t have.::

DeVeau: How did you two meet?

Sienelis: A few years ago. He was a part of the Starfleet escort for the
refugee caravan I was travelling in.

DeVeau: Interesting. It’s obvious he made an impression on you.

Sienelis: He was kind.

::She left it at that, shifting uncomfortably in her chair. That part of
her life was not one she liked to talk about. Alora wasn’t telepathic,
but she couldn’t help but note the discomfort.::

DeVeau: He iskind.

::Even his alternate had been - to her least. Although there were two
different versions, Alora hadn’t had a bad experience with Aron. Well,
except for the fact he killed one of her babies.::

DeVeau: He’s a friend of mine as well, so now we have science and Aron
in common.

::That was, at least, a starting point.::


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Invicta



Ens. Valesha Sienelis

Science Officer

USS Invicta


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