[A1-SOL] LtJG Greyson: Looking For A Proverbial Olive Branch

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Carter Greyson

Nov 28, 2016, 4:51:14 PM11/28/16
to Invicta IC
((Astrofori One - Starfleet Officer's Lounge))

::Again, he nodded. This time, he didn't have a reply ready. With a noncommittal shrug, he changed the subject.::

Greyson: I dunno. Question. ::and paused for a moment.:: Does Raissa have a preference of cats over dogs, or vise versa? I was thinking of getting her a pet.

DeVeau: You want to get her a pet?  I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

​::His own brow creased contemplatively as a brow shot upward and he polished off the glass of scotch before switching to water. They weren't even able to have a conversation without it getting awkward. That was proven recently aboard ship::​

​: Terrible idea, isn't it?​

DeVeau: Oh no, it’s not that.  It’s just...well, generally, giving the gift of an animal is not something I would just do.  You’re not just giving them an animal, you’re giving them responsibility.  While Raissa has no problem with animals, she may not necessarily want to own one.  I would suggest you find out if that’s a desire of hers before you just give her one.

​: So which is it, is she a dog person or a cat person? ::He sipped his water and contemplated over whether this was a horrible idea or not.::​

DeVeau: Of the two choices, I would suggest cat, but I really think you should talk to her first.

​::On a similar vein, he decided to continue the inquiry. It seemed like a strange question, but a perfectly valid one.::​

​: Okay. ::He paused to sip his water, and shifted the subject slightly.:: Tell me something. Scuttle-butt around the Invicta was that you and Greywin gave Devlin to CD shortly after he was weaned. Did you ask him about it first, or just gift him with a ball of adorable little beagle?​

​DeVeau:  Actually, *I* didn’t really have anything to do with choosing of the gift.  I just happened to be there when Greywin was taking Devlin to Chythar and just went along for the ride, so you’ll have to ask him about whether or not he talked to CD.

::Carter shrugged and considered again. If he wanted to be friends with Ris so they could have at least one conversation without the awkward moments or discussions of work, it was probably in his best interest to talk to her first and Alora was right. That was a conversation for another day, as he didn't know where the good counselor had gotten to after the ceremony commenced.::

Greyson: Really? I was unaware your only role in it was the delivering....

::He had another sip of water, mulling over the most recent conversation. It was still weird being in the same room with her and not being as close as they had been, but ​
​at the same time, he wanted to form that friendship so that the past, as awkward and painful as it had been for him, could be swept behind him in a blur of forgetfulness.::

::Alora straightened and nodded slowly.:::

DeVeau: Yep.  I got to meet him before CD did.

::He gave a shrug and tried to play devil's advocate with the cute little puppy argument.::

Greyson: She does love Devlin considerably though. I saw pawprints on the screen when I visited to drop him off. Only guess is the little guy doesn't know what a screen is.

::She leaned forward, her emerald eyes piercing into him, piercing through him, like heated phaser tubes with target lock engaged. His muscles tensed, and he swirled his water around in the glass.::

DeVeau: Carter, please don’t just give her a pet.  I know Raissa...I don’t think it would go over well.  At all.  If anything, I think it might make the situation worse.  I’m quite serious.  If you want to give her a gift, that’s fine, but trust me, don’t make it an animal.  If you want, I can show you what plants I have available.

​::As he considered her words, the clearer his head got, the more he realized she was right -- a pet was a horrible idea. Then, something in her words made his ears perk up.::

​Greyson: Plant?

DeVeau: A plant would be a far, far, far better gift for her than an animal.

Greyson: oO She's right, you know. Oo ::He leaned back in his chair and sighed.:: You think a plant will be easier than a pet.

::It wasn't a question. It was reaffirming that a pet was, in fact, a truly horrible idea. Truth be told, a plant's only needs by comparison were to be watered as a means of caring for it, as opposed to a pet which was much more high maintenance/::

DeVeau: Yes, I do.  

Greyson: Alright. Let's go look for... ::He paused and considered.:: ​...an olive branch.

::It was both a metaphorical and a literal idea for him. They parted shortly after the breakup on wounded terms, and now their relationship was purely professional since his return to the Invicta with a massive dose of awkward built up between them because of their past and no friendship to smooth things over with. He wanted peace.between them, and friendship. A baby olive tree seemed like the perfect idea.::

​DeVeau: Response

Greyson: ​Subject to what you have available, of course. The symbolism is right, wouldn't you agree?

DeVeau: Response

​::He finished his water and left the empty glass on the table, allowing her to lead the way. He had no idea what he'd say when confronting Ris with the plant.::

​oO Plant first, speech second. Oo

::He tried to relax at least a little bit as he fell in step with Alora. All the waiting was making him nervous: waiting for new orders, this newfound idea of the presentation of a plant, and just waiting for the anticipation to go away. He blinked a few times to try and clear his mind.::​

​Greyson: Mind if I ask what you feed them? ​

​DeVeau: Response​

Lieutenant JG Carter Greyson
USS Invicta NCC-81407
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