[I] Ens. Macoy & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau: "What Dreams May Come" (Macoy)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Aug 24, 2016, 4:39:09 PM8/24/16
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(Invicta, Dreamscape)

::The garden was thick with flowers, walls covered in vines where only snatches of green could be seen through the array of pink, blue, purple, gold, and array of other colours that painted the constructs.  On the ground, the flowers were a little more cultured, but still just as bright, large swaths of land carefully coordinated with the blossoms.  Winding paths of cobblestone traced places where it was safe to walk without trampling upon the delicate flora.  At the end of a path, in the middle of the garden, stood, branches outstretched.  Upon one of these branches hung a swing, the sort one might expect upon porches of old on Earth, painted white with a seat long enough for three.  One place was already taken, a young woman, her hair pulled back in a half pony tail, yellow summer dress adorning her, gently swaying back and forth.  At the sight of Macoy, she turned and smiled, then motioned for the other woman to draw closer.::

DeVeau: Hey, how’s it going?

::Macoy looked around the peaceful garden scene, slightly confused.  She didn’t remember coming, but it wasn’t exactly an uncommon to find herself somewhere unfamiliar while dreaming.  Leaning against the tree, in her usual uniform, she gave a simple shrug.  Experience had told her, to go with the flow during this and to NEVER mention it to the actual dreamer, because that never goes over well.::

Macoy: It’s going, I suppose.  Nice place.

DeVeau: It’s my special garden!  Would you like to swing?

::Alora patted the seat next to her and paused in the motion for a moment to allow the other to join her if she  desired.::

::Iris glanced at the swing suspiciously, but sat down.::

DeVeau:  It’s nice to have somewhere to come and relax and keep your cares at bay for a while.

Macoy: I suppose.

DeVeau: Do you like to garden?

Macoy: ::Looking around.:: It’s no jefferies tube, but it’s nice.  What plant is this, or is this your own design?

DeVeau:  There are all sorts of varieties here.  Roses, carnations, lilies, aster, gaura, daffodils.  If you know of it, it’s probably here - at least Terran varieties.  My particular favourite is the hurricane lily.  

::Alora motioned to a large cluster of flowers, red with spindly stamens reaching up in between the petals.:: ::Macoy walked up to the strange looking flower.  She wouldn’t walk it beautiful, but it was interesting.::

DeVeau: They’re originally from China back in ancient times, but the Japanese imported them and now they’re considered native there as well.  Do you have a favourite?

Macoy: Not really.  Flowers are nice but I’ve never really picked a favourite.  ::Pauses:: So, what cares are you trying to get away from, that brings you here?

Deveau: Macoy: I see.



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