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Amanda Nordstrom

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OOC: Takes place before we find out about Aron's untimely demise. :~(

((School rooms, USS Invicta))

::Alora hovered outside the door to Saavok’s classroom. There was no
window for her to peek in at the students and their dark, petite
teacher. She was early, that she had to admit, so her impatience was
unwarranted - as was her nervousness. Or was it?

Despite a lack of obvious telepathy, Alora was usually fairly adept at
reading people. Vulcans, however, were among those who were not so
easily understood as they held their emotions easily in check. Saveron
somehow seemed a little more available, even before they had officially
begun their romantic relationship. Perhaps it had been because of that
fleeting mental contact they had shared during their exploration of
virtual Vulcan. She had an enjoyed a similar contact with Saavok, but
even so, she couldn’t predict the child’s reaction. He had yet to say
anything, but that didn’t mean the child did not harbour emotions about
recent developments.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the doors slid open with a sigh and
children spilled from within. As the flurry of bodies rushed out, Alora
straightened and waited for one in particular.::

Alora: Sochya, Saavok.

::Her greeting was accompanied by the ta’aland she continued conversing
in Vulcan, her translator already disabled.::

::Saavok looked up as Alora greeted him, and automatically responded
with the same gesture. He was becoming accustomed to her as a presence
in his life.::

Saavok: Sochya, Alora.

Alora: Mind if we talk?

Saavok: I have no objection.

::Alora motioned down the hallway with a flick of her hand, then spurred
her feet into motion.::

::The young Vulcan obediently followed, falling into step with the
Terran scientist.::

Saavok: What subject did you wish to discuss?

Alora: If it’s all right, I’d rather do it in private. Wherever you are

::Her quarters, his, it didn’t matter to her.::

::That earned her a raised eyebrow for a moment, then Saavok seemed to
consider the question more seriously.::Saavok: My father will not be
home for another hour. May I come to your quarters? Your plants are

Alora: Sure, that’s fine, though many are still recovering.

::At least a couple of the African Violets had started blooming again.
Alora walked alongside the child, keeping pace with him. Rather than
wallow in silence as they walked, she at least continued pleasant

Alora: Did you have a good class?

Saavok: It was not disagreeable. ::He allowed. He wouldn’t say that he
found it particularly fascinating either.::

Alora: What did you guys learn today?

Saavok: The class studied basic mathematics; I had matrices from my
distance classes. Then we investigated some early Terran literature.
::Which was interesting because it was different.:: Tasnim learned not
to delve into other people’s thoughts without asking.

Alora: Wait..Tasnim learned how to delve into other people’s thoughts?
I didn’t realise she was telepathic. Did the teacher teach her that?

Saavok: Tasnim is half Betazoid. My mother taught me basic mental self
defence; I will learn more when I am older.

Alora: Oh!

::Alora knew Vulcans were touch telepaths, but she hadn’t thought about
how early mental training must start, though it made sense. They came
to a stop when they arrived at her quarters and the computer bleeped,
but the doors didn’t open. Since the doors had been replaced, Alora no
longer had to pound them just to get them to open. In a way, it seemed
to take away some of their personality. Ah well.::

DeVeau: Come on in.

::She actually waited for the child to enter before she did so herself,
and the doors hushed closed behind her. It was cool compared to the
quarters the child was used to sharing with his father, but warmer than
most Terrans might like. As a child of the South, she did tend to
prefer warmer weather, even though it got awfully cold in Japan
sometimes. Also, it was better for most of her plants.::

DeVeau: Have a seat.

::Alora lowered herself onto the couch and patted the space beside her.::

::Saavok obediently settled himself onto the couch, his PADD in it’s
case on the floor below his dangling feet. He looked at Alora
expectantly; judging from her behaviour that this was a serious
matter.::Saavok: What is it that you wished to discuss?

DeVeau: Okay...so...how do I ask this. Um...so, you know your father
and I, we’re courting right?

Saavok: Affirmative.

::The little Vulcan’s blank expression was entirely unhelpful.::

DeVeau: Well, what I want to know is…

::No no she had to ask in a Vulcan way. Child or no, communication
might be aided if she used terms they tended to use.

DeVeau: Are you agreeable with this arrangement?Saavok: I find the
arrangement agreeable.

::He used the same convoluted grammar that his father did. He also had
the same grey eyes, which were watching Alora carefully.::

Saavok: You considered that I might object? ::He asked after a moment.::

DeVeau: I considered it as a possibility. I’m not telepathic -
well...not in the usual sense of the word - and while I care about you
bunches, I don’t know your thoughts about me. ::She leaned over to
cross her arms over her knees.:: But you’re his son and I want you to
be okay with this. You’re too important not to be considered in the

::His not being okay with it wouldn’t really change anything between her
and Saveron, but she had hoped the child would be amenable to the idea.::

::The little Vulcan gave the matter serious consideration.::

Saavok: I find your presence and company agreeable. ::He said
eventually.:: You are an interesting person and… you seem to find us
equally interesting.

::Not everyone found Vulcan idiosyncrasies particularly tolerable.::

Saavok: My father finds your company agreeable. ::He added
thoughtfully.:: He has been… more centered, since you became
ko-ri’telsu.::The word meant an unbonded female partner.::

DeVeau: Wow...I don’t think I’ve heard that term in forever.

Saavok: It is not in common usage. ::He admitted. Such arrangements were
relatively rare in Vulcan culture.:: The Nel Gathic term is ‘t’aehtlu
fheigh’. Will you Bond with father?


PNPC Saavok

Vulcan Child

USS Invicta



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

USS Invicta


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