JP: Lt. Cmdrs. T'Lea & Rune Jolara: Defying a Direct Order (Part 1)

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Rune Jolara

Aug 29, 2016, 7:50:06 AM8/29/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Invicta
((Jolara’s Quarters, USS Invicta))

:: Rune stepped out of the shower still feeling like she’d just been hit by a torpedo. The images Lt Reese had shown her kept flashing through her head. To say she was on an emotional roller coaster would have been putting it mildly. She was torn between being borderline glad he was dead and enraged someone had done it before she could get any real answers, not to mention they did it in a way that made it look like she had gone ballistic and done it. ::

:: The fact that Laro had stepped in and destroyed the investigation before it even really got started both shocked the hell out of her and worried her more than she could say. ::

:: She was only half dressed when the door chime sounded. Grabbing a loose fitting t-shirt, she pulled it on while moving toward the door half wondering if station security had changed their minds and decided to pursue the investigation without the body or physical evidence. ::

:: The face she saw when the door opened made her almost wish it had been security. ::

Jolara: T’Lea… not really who I was expecting..

T’Lea: Me either. May I come in?

:: Rune stepped aside, one hand waving T’Lea in and the other brushing her hair back. ::

Jolara: Sure. Come on in.

:: While stepping through the doorway, T’Lea surveyed the lay of the land, meaning she eyeballed Rune for any changes since her meeting with “the father” of her child, or any hints of what might have happened. She seemed disheveled, and sweaty, or had she just taken a shower?::

T’Lea: So, how was your day?

Jolara: ::raising an eyebrow:: Totally crappy. ::sarcastically:: I am touched you care.

:: T'Lea let herself fall to the sofa and stretched out on it like she owned the place.::

T'Lea: Pfft.. the only thing I care about is that my handler isn't getting thrown into some hellhole gulag. Let's be honest, your replacement Intel officer won't play as loosely with the rules, or tolerate me as well you do.

:: Rune sank into the chair beside the sofa. She really wasn’t in the mood for their usual back and forth prodding. She closed her eyes, rubbed her forehead, then looked at T’Lea. ::

Jolara: hmph… Now, why would I be getting thrown into some hellhole gulag when I have you here to torture me.

:: Her sense of humor was still alive and well, that was at least something, thought T’Lea as she relaxed an arm across the back of the sofa.::

T'Lea: I heard a dead body turned up on the station. ::she slanted a look:: I don't need to know the details, mostly because I don't want to become complicit, but you're here and not in the brig so something went right.

:: Rune let out a short, not so amused laugh. News certainly travels fast. Everyone on the ship would probably know before the end of the day. ::

Jolara: I doubt you would believe me even if I told you. No one else does.

T’Lea: Try me.

Jolara: I did not do it.

T’Lea: It’s a rather interesting coincidence then.

Jolara: Like I said, no one else believes me either.

:: T’Lea smile was sharp and mocking.::

T’Lea: Did I say that? No. Besides if you had killed him, you’d be acting different. See, you have a conscience; I’d like to think it would bother you. What happened then?

Jolara: ::shrugging as if it didn’t bother her:: Someone high up in the Al-Leyan Council decided to take the body and all the evidence.

T’Lea: That was nice of them. Any idea who would want to do that?

Jolara: My mentor, Laro Susell… why, I do not really know.

:: At that moment, the baby kicked hard and Rune flinched. ::

T’Lea: Stop it. I know that look and you are not having that baby in front of me.

:: Rune’s face scrunched as she shot T’Lea a look. She took a breath and released it, trying to relax and ease the pain she felt. ::

Jolara: Do not worry. It is too soon.

T’Lea: Sounds to me like your mentor got rid of a loose end. You got too close, and Laro sent you a bloody message. What are you going to do now?

:: Rune shook her head as she adjusted her position in the chair trying to get comfortable. ::

Jolara: She has done terrible things but… ::taking another breath as she felt another kick:: I do not know. I saw her earlier. She seemed… different… ::another pain:: somehow.

:: The hybrid frowned suspiciously at Rune.::

T’Lea: Are those contractions?

Jolara: ::frowning and shaking her head again:: It is nothing. Anyhow... she said it was not safe for me to return home and I should return to the ship.

T’Lea: Isn’t that a drastic change from trying to kidnap you and drag your ass back home? Or am I missing something?

Jolara: ::nodding:: It is a complete 180 as humans say. I still do not trust her and never will, but I did get the sense that something has happened.

T’Lea: You never told me how the meeting went with the father of your child, whatshisname. Did he say anything useful?

:: Rune looked down with a shake of her head. Her mind was starting to spin and she was becoming increasingly physically uncomfortable which made it more difficult to focus on what they were talking about. :: 

Jolara: Tra’li Ramni. Not really. He seemed surprised when I told him why I was there. Said it was not him, that it was impossible. ::making a face, her hand absently touched her stomach:: Something about having a solid alibi. Being in a hospital recovering.

T’Lea: You do know there are other ways to become pregnant. He didn’t have to be there in person. His alibi may be true. Did he say anything else?

Jolara: I do not know what to believe anymore. Before I could question him further, he told me to return to my ship immediately and stay here. Then he took off.

T’Lea: And then you killed him.


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