[A1-SOL] LtJG Greyson: Plans and their Merits

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Carter Greyson

Nov 23, 2016, 1:37:28 PM11/23/16
to Invicta IC
((Astrofori One - Starfleet Officer's Lounge))

::People were filing out slowly, a few at a time. Some enjoyed the simple pleasure and camaraderie offered by each other and a drink. Some talked of plans for the future. Carter sat alone at the bar, not sure what to make of the circumstances or where he'd be going. His plans for the future didn't include much of anything solid, so he contemplated his next six months over his second glass of scotch, and had moved away from the small group of engineers who had more reason than he to celebrate.::

DeVeau: Hey there.  Mind if I join you?

::Carter looked up at the person who spoke and gave a soft smile, motioning to the empty seat next to him.::

Greyson: Feel free. ::He paused and had a sip of his drink.:: So I guess I need to think about a plan. I don't really want to take an LoA, and I don't want to go back to the academy and melt my brain with homework. Any thoughts?

DeVeau: You could request to be placed in a different ship, on a base, or maybe a planet.

::He pondered over the implications of putting in for another transfer, weighed the pros against the two options he didn't want to partake in. It had merit in more ways than either option. With another sip of his drink, he gave a nod.::

Greyson: Sounds like that'll be my next move. How about you? You got plans?

DeVeau: I’ve been posted to A1.

Greyson: Maybe CD's right. Brass doesn't have a sense of humor. He and Devlin say hi, by the way.

::He knew that the doc had mentioned serving with Alora in the past but was usually too busy to contact people. Since Carter had seen him most recently, it was a conveyed message that was really undeliverable until now.::

DeVeau: ::giving a shrug and a grin:: Well tell him I said hi back.  Maybe I’ll make a quick stop on my way to A1.

Greyson: I am not sure if they're still in the area or if they've shipped out though. ::He had another sip of his drink, the alcohol starting to give him the beginnings of buzzed. It was a good thing there was so little left.::

DeVeau: So you really didn’t receive any orders yet?

::He shrugged and checked his padd, just to be sure. It was completely empty, no indications of new orders anywhere, just old correspondence he had to catch up on.::

Greyson: Doesn't look like it.

DeVeau: I know you said you didn’t want to take a leave of absence, but it could be beneficial, even if it’s just for a short period of time.  

::He shook his head. He tried his best to stay focused while the Gorkon was still missing, and when they returned he found he could focus again, so returned to active duty. With a slow breath, he made his reply.::

Greyson: Rather not. Took one when I started losing focus because of the Gorkon being missing. They came back, I got posted to the Invicta, and now we're being split up again but that doesn't mean it's an excuse to take yet another LoA.

​DeVeau: Response

::Carter nodded slowly in understanding, but ​wasn't buying it. He'd found clarity on his last one, and was back to stay active as long as possible.::

Greyson: Nah. I'm okay. If there's any chance of staying active, I'll take it. Would rather be doing something than nothing, if that makes sense.

DeVeau: Response

::Again, he nodded. This time, he didn't have a reply ready. With a noncommittal shrug, he changed the subject.::

Greyson: I dunno. Question. ::and paused for a moment.:: Does Raissa have a preference of cats over dogs, or vise versa? I was thinking of getting her a pet.

DeVeau: Response

Lieutenant JG Carter Greyson
USS Invicta NCC-81407
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