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((WC5C Forest))

::Alora had pulled out her device and started running scanss.  Flashes of lighter blue winked in and out as the creature winged away.::

DeVeau: :Hmm.  What next?

Moonsong: Well, this was your idea, so I insist you lead the way.

DeVeau:You might regret tthat.  ::She jabbed a finger in the direction the fowl had taken.::  Follow that bird!

::Raissa shook her head and smiled. She let Alora ‘take point’ in the hunt for the bird. She really did appreciate the suggestion for the walk. With all her friend had going on at the same time, somehow she had still remembered that Raissa sometimes needed a break from the pressure of all the minds around her. The counselor was still working on her mental control. ::

::It was relaxing out here. If she found a nice secluded spot, she might make it her own for meditation.::

Moonsong: Speaking of Saveron….

DeVeau: Saveron?  What about him?

::Alora knew Raissa wasn’t about to berate her for not talking to the Vulcan.  They’d gotten past that, though she had a feeling it was mostly due to her ‘interference’.  If that’s how her friend interfered, she wasn’t going to complain.::

::She hesitated.::

Moonsong: I just wanted you to know… I consider him just a friend…

::Now it wasn’t chocolate that had Alora distracted.  She paused in her trek once more, confusion furrowing her brow.::

DeVeau:  Okay.  Did I indicate that I was concerned otherwise?

Moonsong: No.. I….

oO Shut up Raissa! Shut up Raissa! Shut up Raissa! oO

Moonsong: I meant about what I said earlier…

::Hopefully she’ll buy that.::

::Unfortunately, she wasn’t.  Alora peered closely at her friend and crossed her arms over her chest.::

DeVeau: What’s bugging you, Ris?

::As much as Alora loved her friend, the woman was a terrible liar. Yet Raissa tried for a look of innocence::

Moonsong: Nothing is bugging me. I am so happy for the two of you.

DeVeau:  You know you can trust me, right?

Moonsong: Of course I trust you, Alora. With my life even.

DeVeau: The go ahead and say what you were going to say rather than changing your mind.  

::Raissa was silent. She continued walking though clearly less interested in following colorful birds. She need to organize her thoughts better. Alora and Saveron were her most trusted friends. She admitted she had the weakness of fear, despite all her surface confidence. She feared losing their friendship. She knew she could be clingy. She feared interfering in their relationship in any way. And she envied Alora for what she had found and what she was coming to realize she would never have.::

Moonsong: I spent some time around my alternate… In their universe, she had lost you.

DeVeau:  Lost?

::That meant..::

Moonsong: She lived only in the present. Her hope and trust tied up in two people. Her Alora and… her captain. Her Alora had died…

::Alora had wondered what had happened to her counterpart.  WIth all the odd looks cast her way as she wandered the halls, she supposed she should have deduced that.  She had been so focused on trying to figure out how to get the Invicta back that she hadn’t even looked up Alora in the files, nor asked.::

DeVeau: And the captain...she cared about him as more than a friend.

Moonsong: ::slowly:: Yes, she did.

::Alora nodded, then offered a gentle and, hopefully, comforting smile.::

DeVeau: You seem to forget something.

Moonsong: What do you mean?

DeVeau: Them and us.  We aren’t the same people.  I mean, I know we are, but at the same time we aren’t.  We developed differently, became different over the course as our histories diverged.  Besides, even if you did have a thing for Saveron, that wouldn’t change anything between us.

::Raissa frowned slightly at her.::

Moonsong: Thousands of years of human history say differently.

DeVeau: You can’t judge individuals in a blanket statement like that.  Why do you think it would change our friendship?

Moonsong: ::shakes her head slightly:: Lor, I love you very dearly, but I am a bit selfish and high maintenance. Which is why Carter and I wouldn’t have lasted.

DeVeau:  My dear Ris, we are _all_ selfish and high maintenance at times.  That’s just part of being human.

::Goodness knows, Alora sometimes realised she thought about herself far too much.  That was when she began to have pity parties, or realising she hadn’t thought about someone else’s feelings in regards to something.  Who was not guilty of that?::

DeVeau: The cool thing is, despite my faults, you love me anyway.  And I love you anyway.  That won’t change.  ::She paused for a moment, then pressed onward.::  Did going over there bring all this on?  Seeing her and how she felt for Saveron?    

Moonsong: She came to the Invicta. She was very easy to read. And I creeped her out. ::pause:: It was all a matter of timing I think. I was getting over Carter or trying to and he helped me in ways no one else could. ::pause:: It’s not hard to see why it happened… there.

DeVeau:  So she and Carter were a couple over there as well?

Moonsong: She didn’t have any memory of him...

DeVeau: What about that Alora and the Captain?

Moonsong: All I got was that both… had feelings for their Captain… ::she paused, biting her lip.:: Was I wrong to read her the way I did?

DeVeau: If you were, I’d probably be just as guilty cause I’d have done the same exact thing.

::Alora could be quite nosey.  Maybe it was a good thing she wasn’t telepathic, or she’d get into a lot of trouble, even without meaning to.::

DeVeau: Not to mention we were in a strange Universes confronted by doubles of ourselves who were, from what I saw, so completely different from what we knew, it was probably better to be over cautious.

Moonsong: I suppose… I guess in a way it reinforces my determination that you don’t screw things up with our dream guy.

DeVeau: He’s your dream guy too?

::Raissa felt herself smiling. Her friend did so much for her in ways she was still discovering. She had an ease with Alora she didn’t have anyone else.::

Moonsong: How could he not be?

DeVeau: Nonono, we can’t both have the same dream guy.  We’re going to find you a dream guy.  One for allllllll your own.

Moonsong: Awwww… why not? Saveron is perfect. How are you going to find someone else like him for me?

DeVeau: I don’t know yet, but now, I will look with my special eyes!

::Raissa shook her head. She stopped walking to rest a moment leaning up against a tree.::

Moonsong: Seriously, I don’t think there will be anyone.

DeVeau: Now, Ris...

Moonsong: No… hear me out. ::pause:: I’ve closed that door for a reason. Look at what happened to Carter. My abilities would overwhelm a non-telepath if I ever lost control. It would take another telepath just to… tolerate my presence in their mind.

DeVeau: Ris...

Moonsong: So I’ve decided that I will make more friends and surround myself with the positive emotions of others. ::smiles:: So I shall live vicariously through you. You are not allowed to mess things up.

::Alora crossed her arms and studied her friend.  Although she knew Ris could read her, Alora didn’t care - Raissa wasn’t someone she hid things from.  Unless it was a surprise birthday party.  Of course, hiding something like that would be more difficult now, but...anyway.  Ris was wrong, that door didn’t have to be closed.::

DeVeau: Well, with you around, it will be hard to screw things up, but I don’t think you should give up just yet.  That’s when things happen.

::Raissa lifted an eyebrow worthy of a Vulcan.::

Moonsong: We’re in Starfleet. Things always happen. ::pause:: Alternate dimensions, visits to the past, covert operations, Gabi’s parties…. Q…

DeVeau:  Yeah, well, I mean the perfect man for you is going to come along, so no moping allowed.

::Raissa chuckled.::

Moonsong: I promise not to wallow in self-pity… well not too much, okay?

DeVeau:  How about not at all.

::Alora stuck her tongue out at her friend, then turned it into a grin.::

DeVeau: Come on, let’s see if we can find any more birds.

::Raissa snorted but followed her friend regardless.::

Moonsong: This is for the birds…


Lt. Cmdr Raissa Moonsong

Chief of Counseling

USS Invicta



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Invicta

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