[A1-SOL] Commander Kelrod: A not so swift slip away

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Marcus Dickens

Nov 19, 2016, 12:06:09 PM11/19/16
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OOC: As always, all the thoughts are IC and part of my character development.


(  Officer’s lounge )




:: As Kelrod started for the exit, he was intercepted by his chief. That thought only raised the burden or provisional, attached to his rank. ::


Tuk: Leaving so soon?


Kelrod: It seems so. I need some fresh air... at least as fresh as it could be in a controlled environment.


Tuk: I am sorry you’re not feeling up to staying. ::beat:: I understand, however.


Kelrod: oO You understand? Oo They say that syntehol effect dissapear in case of need, but there’s no adrenalyn at the moment to counter. Or maybe it’s a mix of the temporal displacement with it... Anyway, my quarters seem the place to go now.


Tuk: Take care, okay? Remember, stay in touch, okay?


Kelrod: :: straightening and composing himself, he reached to him with his hand to shake :: Same for you. It’s been a pleasure to serve with you.


:: After shaking hands, Kelrod moved away towards his quarters. He’s sure that he could catch any of them later or the next morning for proper farewells, but right now he needed some rest as he’s beginning to feel the pain in his hip again. Maybe a dose of the medicine Raj gave him before will do the trick. ::




Commander Kelrod
Security Officer (SAR Leader)
USS Invicta
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