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Amanda Nordstrom

Nov 14, 2015, 9:37:04 PM11/14/15
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((Holodeck 3, USS Invicta))

Saveron: Did I not invite your touch? ::He asked rhetorically.:: I can
only show you Vulcan social conventions, you must teach me Terran ones.
I do not object to learning. All I ask is your patience. ::As he had
before.:: Together we can find what is mutually acceptable.

::There was a moment of reluctance, but Alora stepped through and drew
even closer to the Vulcan. She offered the two fingers extended. Then,
when he joined her, she unfurled her hand and clasped his in her own.
Gently and silently she urged him to open his hand fully, then laced
her fingers between his, her palm resting against his. She smiled as
her pale skinned hand pressed gently against his more verdant one, then
lifted her gaze so that her emerald eyes locked with his silver.::

DeVeau: I want to hold your hand...but I don’t know if you would find
that acceptable.

::The initial contact brought the mental contact that they’d previously
shared, and his thoughts betrayed nothing but calm curiosity and the
steady surety of his growing affection.::

::However as Alora teased his fingers open Saveron drew in a sharp
breath and clamped down on some of his thoughts, even as his high
cheekbones flushed decidedly green. As she wound her fingers through his
he let that control slip just a little. He didn’t find the contact
disagreeable at all; quite the opposite.::

:::There was now a hint of more confidence in the telepathic connection
they shared. Tendrils of her thoughts wound their way to gently caress
his mind in a manner that suggested experience in reaching out to a
telepath to some extent. Desire was a pale hue that tinted the very
edges even as she silently prompted him for an explanation.::

::His mind welcomed the touch of her thoughts, responded in kind as
their thoughts wound about each other. It was their hands he had
difficulty with. After a moment he clasped his other hand to hers,
sandwiching her slim hand in between his two larger palms, to stop her
playing with his fingers any further. Tones that were far from logical
had begun to tinge his thoughts.::

Saveron: That is an intimate gesture. ::He explained carefully, his
words echoed in his thoughts.:: We have very sensitive hands. ::There
was a timbre to his voice that hadn’t been there before.::

::She hadn’t been there on 83 Leonis II when the flash-burn to his palms
had felled him as readily as a kick in the nuts.::

DeVeau: Do you wish me to not touch you?

Saveron: I have no objection, I simply wish you to understand. That
which I demonstrated earlier is what is acceptable in public for that

::He tried to think of a way to explain.::

Saveron: Professor Bakewell once tried to explain certain Terran
activities to me. His words were ‘There’s a polite smooch on the cheek
and there’s Olympic-grade tonsil hockey’. ::His PhD supervisor had been
both a mentor and a friend.:: This is how Vulcans kiss.

::There was a twitter of giggles at the words, made more humourous by
the way they were spoken and who uttered them. That laughter was
fleeting, however, as she paused to consider his statement a little more

DeVeau: Humans...when we care about someone, we tend to hold hands. It
is an outward sign of our affection, as well as a way to maintain close
contact without being indecent.

::A hint of amusement coloured Saveron’s thoughts and he raised their
entwined hands slightly..::

Saveron: Amongst Vulcans this would be considered very indecent.

::She hadn’t considered that. Alora was aware of the sensitive nature
of a Vulcan’s hands, but what was considered socially acceptable had
eluded her.::

DeVeau: So I should not hold your hand in public.

Saveron: I would find that preferable, though I have no objection to
brief contact.

::The finger-to-finger touch that was often colloquially referred to as
the ‘Vulcan Kiss’ flashed briefly in his mind.::

DeVeau: But in private?

Saveron: In private you may do as you will. I have no objection. ::Far
from it.::

DeVeau: But not in front of Saavok.

Saveron: Preferably not. We do not keep our children ignorant but
neither do they require a practical demonstration. ::He said dryly.::

:There was another soft giggle, but as the boy was not currently in
sight, Alora kept her grasp on Saveron’s hand.::

DeVeau: It’s going to be hard.

Saveron: What is? ::He asked gently.::

DeVeau: Not touching you. It’s...I guess it’s an automatic response,
automatic desire for humans when they care about someone.

::That drew a warm, wordless response from his thoughts. Behind that
mask of emotional control he cared for her, with all the strength of his
people’s emotions.::

Saveron: I would not be offended if you did. ::He said gently.:: Only
other Vulcans might.

::The rest of the crew probably wouldn’t realise what effect that gentle
touch had on him.::

DeVeau: Straasik. He’s an engineer I met when working on finding the
Treasure Sprite. He might get offended.

Saveron: Possibly.

::Or he might be more cosmopolitan, working amongst aliens.::

DeVeau: So...when dealing with humans, I guess you have to fend off any
sort of social touch.

Saveron: That is why I usually adopt the stance that you did earlier.
Terrans particularly are inclined to casual contact.

::Alora nodded, though not all physical touch among humans was
considered casual.::

DeVeau: Particularly the shaking of hands.

Saveron: In some things, one must be prepared to compromise. ::He allowed.::

::He shook hands with people who had his respect.::

DeVeau: Are you...sensitive elsewhere also?

::That earned her a long look and an amused tone of thought.::

Saveron: Nowhere currently visible. ::He said dryly.::

::Alora had to admit, she’d plunged right into that one. The comment
set her cheeks aflame, but she could not hold her thoughts back from
pondering where and what exactly - which only caused the colour to deepen.::

::The green on Saveron’s cheekbones had begun to fade but it flared up
again as, through their linked hands and minds, he followed the
direction of her musings. And as attractive as he found Alora there were
directions he was not yet ready for the relationship to go.::

::The sense of relief that emanated from Alora at that thought was,
perhaps, more intense than one might have expected. It was clear that
she was not quite ready to travel that road yet by any stretch of the
imagination - even if she didsuccumb to certain wonton thoughts.::

::In that then they were agreed. Perhaps a change of subject was

Saveron: Let us find my son, before he finds that squirrel. ::He

DeVeau: Good idea. We might have to rescue the squirrel.

::And it would help provide a distraction from temptation.::

::As they set off through the forest again, Saveron kept hold of Alora’s


A JP by

Lt Cmdr Saveron

SO and CMO

USS Invicta



Lt Alora DeVeau

Chief Science Officer

USS Invicta


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