[R-QTRS] JP- Alt!Moonsong & Alt!DeVeau: Hope, Part 1 (Prelude, no tags)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 2, 2015, 8:16:10 PM10/2/15
to Invicta
(USS Ronin - A, 239209.23)

::There was that sensation again, the one that sent her stomach rolling
and stole away her appetite. Although she couldn’t pinpoint the
specific cause, she knew the general meaning of it - something was going
to happen, and not something good. The question was, what would it be
and when, exactly?

As the mission approached, Alora became more and more unsettled. She
realised something would go amiss, she had no certainty what it would
be. Unfortunately, their cause was just and good, and to suggest that
they postpone or cancel the rescue simply because of her ‘feeling’ would
be ludicrous. More important than her trepidation were the lives of
those who were in jeopardy. If they weren’t returned then, the away
team would have no other chances to access the prisoners. They would be
out of reach. Lost.::

::Lost. So many had been lost to them. Friends. Family. Her entire
family. Of all hers siblings, she was the lone survivor in a universe
that was still at war. Tremors danced down her spine at the thoughts
that roiled through her mind. She shouldn’t think of that. Although
her tears had been shed until she could shed no more, dwelling on their
deaths would do no good. If nothing else, she at least could hold on to
the memories of their deeds, the choices they made for the good of
others, and how they had all died nobly.

Death. It had dwelled upon her mind far too much as of late,
particularly in the last few hours. As she shoved her plate away from
her, unable to eat, and turned to take solace in the stars, she realised
what she must do. Mouth dry, Alora twirled upon the ball of her foot
and quickly paced through the corridor, down to another set of quarters.
When she arrived, she hesitated, then indicated the computer to let
the owner know that she had a visitor.

::The occupant was studying the contents of the PADD. Information was
becoming harder and harder to come by. What was in the computer was all
they had and updates were becoming erratic. Much of her medical
procedures were more guesses than informed training.::

DeVeau: Raissa?

Moonsong: Come in!

::She entered slowly, cautiously, as if one of the enemies might have
somehow snuck aboard and would pounce at any moment. The sight of her
friend, however, set her at ease and Alora smiled, though sadness
coloured and dimmed its hue.::

::Raissa watched her as she came in. Quarters on the defiant class ships
were small and cramped as a rule. She was reminded again of the cloud
that seemed to hang over all of them these days.::

::Alora paused a moment, uncertain. As she glanced back toward the
door, she attempted to form an answer in her mind, one that wouldn’t
seem as if she were insane. Then again, Raissa already knew that what
she had left was in shreds as it was.::

DeVeau: I just...wanted some friendly company.

::A half smile touched her mouth as she gestured for Alora take a seat
on the bunk. She was occupying the only chair in the room.::

Moonsong: And you came to me? Are you sick?

DeVeau: No.

::There were only two people on the ship she would readily go to, and
Raissa was one of them. As she pondered matters, perhaps she would
visit Sav, but her first stop was to the medical officer.::

::Raissa set the PADD down on desk. There were times she wished she had
gone into psychiatry. Everyone always wants to “talk” to the ‘doctor’.
Shame most of them weren’t interested in listening.::

Moonsong: So you want to beat around the bush or just tell me.

::She softened her words with a smile.::

DeVeau: I just...wanted to see you for a bit.

Moonsong: Why? You see me every day.

::Why? Good question. Why not?::

DeVeau: Because..I just…this mission. We’re leaving tomorrow. It’s

::Of course it was. The very fact they were still breathing was
dangerous as their heads were very much sought out.::

Moonsong: Of course it’s dangerous. It’s what we do.

DeVeau: I know but...I just...have a feeling.

::Raissa frowned slightly. There was an odd note in her voice.::

Moonsong: Your gut telling you something again?

::She hesitated, but then Alora nodded.::

DeVeau: Yes.


Dr. Raissa Moonsong (Alternate)


USS Ronin-A



Crewmember Alora DeVeau (Alternate)


USS Ronin-A


Amanda Nordstrom
Lt. Alora DeVeau

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