[R] Prelude: Taeval Traianus (alt) & Alora DeVeau (alt) - “Not Alone” (Part I)

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((Storage Compartment, USS Ronin ))

::The Romulan was a loner.  Honestly, many people on the ship were in some sense of the word.  Alora, however, was not.  Since her arrival on the ship...how long ago had that been?...she’d wandered the halls, making herself useful where she could and connecting with the refugees and crewmembers alike.  If they allowed it.  Some kept their distance while others were grateful to have a friendly face they could find from time to time.::

Alt!DeVeau: Good evening Taeval.

Alt!Traianus: ::He nodded.:: Alora.

::Alora hefted the crate onto the shelf, then pressed the button to close the doors.  Supplies were getting scarce and they’d have to scavenge for what they needed soon.  Rather than dwell on that thought, she turned, instead, to the man who was headed out into the hallway.  Since she had delivered what she was supposed to, Alora walked with him.::

Alt!DeVeau: How are you today?

Alt!Traianus: About as well as expected.

::The burns on the side of his face, and underneath his clothes, were still pink and tender. The cloaking device had burnt out a week or so ago, and as ever, there were not the medical supplies to do any more than get him back on his feet and set the healing process on its way.::

Alt!Traianus: Wandering the corridors again?

Alt!DeVeau: Not aimlessly.

::His smile was lopsided, favouring his uninjured side. Rarely did Alora divulge in aimless wandering.  Usually, she was on some sort of task or another, doing whatever was needed around the ship.::

Alt!DeVeau: Just finished distributing what supplies I was supposed to deliver.

::She tilted her head to study the raw skin that had been assaulted by the malfunction.::

Alt!DeVeau: Looks like it’s healing pretty well. How’s it feeling?

Alt!Traianus: Sore. But I’m told it should be fine, given time.

Alt!DeVeau: Time can heal a multitude of things.

::And a multitude of wounds, though there were some things that would never completely heal.  If she had learned anything through the war, it was that.  Still, Alora was grateful for what she did have.::

Alt!Traianus: It could certainly have been worse. Romulan and Federation technologies don’t get along very well.

::He smiled that crooked smile again. Technologies, people… you could interchange the words quite happily.::

Alt!DeVeau:  I’m glad it wasn’t worse.  I hate seeing family get hurt.

::Alora sighed and shook her head.  If they had more knowledge, more supplies, more people...more of a lot of things.  Yet, what they did have, they made miracles from.::

Alt!DeVeau: Be careful, I don’t want to see you getting hurt worse.  ::She paused, then queried.::  Where are you off to now?

::He gave her a long, thoughtful look, then without taking his eyes off her, gestured down the corridor.::

Alt!Traianus: The phaser emitters need realigning, the torpedo targeting sensors need recalibrating and the shields… I can’t even think about the amount of work those right now. I don’t suppose you’re a dab hand with tactical systems?

Alt!DeVeau: I’m not an expert, but I’m learning a few things here and there.

::Alora had made a point to be useful to the crew and over the course of her time on the ship, she’d picked up a few tricks.::

Alt!DeVeau: I wouldn’t leave me alone with it, but I’ll come with you and assist.  I’ve not been assigned anything else yet.

::And Alora preferred to keep busy. He nodded, and continued walking, leading them toward the torpedo control room.::

Alt!Traianus: You’ll forgive me, I don’t know. Do you have a trade or profession?

Alt!DeVeau: Not really.  I’ve just kind of learned on the fly.

::As had a lot of people.  Alora picked up things pretty quickly, especially if she actually _did_ them instead of just listening to a lecture on how to do them.::

Alt!DeVeau: I go here, I go there, do what is needed, learn what I can.  So, what’s the problem with the system?

Alt!Traianus: ::He sighed, softening it with a smile.:: Oh, it would take far less time to tell you what *isn’t* wrong with it, though that’s hardly a unique status on this ship. The most urgent problem is that the targeting sensors are being thrown off by the recent fixes to the nacelles. Right now, we’d struggle to hit a moon while in its orbit.

::Alora’s mouth quirked into a smile of her own.::

Alt!DeVeau: Well, I’m not good enough to figure out what’s wrong with it just from listening, but two pairs of eyes couldn’t hurt.  Why don’t we work together and see if we can find the problem?  If nothing else, I can hand you the proper tools and keep you company.

Alt!Traianus: I would like that. 


Taeval ir-Jhianhre e-Sienelis tr'Traianus
Chief of Tactical/Security and Absolutely Not a Tal Shiar Officer
USS Ronin


Alora DeVeau (alt)
USS Ronin-A

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