[I-AQ] JP by Lt DeVeau and LtCmdr Saveron - Tears of a Clown - Part 2

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Sarah Eccles

Jul 4, 2015, 1:51:05 AM7/4/15
to Invicta IC
((Alora's Quarters, USS Invicta))

::She couldn’t help it.  Alora burst out into a fit of giggles and shook her head.::

DeVeau: No, no, no, fairy tale.  Tale, as in story. Generally these are fictional stories with a fantasy element.  They often contain magic and fairies.  Fairies are mythical beings.  You find the in all sorts of fantasy stories, but particularly stories commonly referred to as fairy tales.

Saveron: And is there a particular purpose to these tales, beyond entertainment?

DeVeau: Most of the time they have morals, or provide hope to those who read them.  Like Cinderella.

::That was her second most favourite fairy tale, particularly an old movie version that she’d found years ago.

Saveron: I am not familiar with that story.

DeVeau: It’s a tale about a young woman.  Depending on which version you tell, the details a little different, but in all of them she is born into a wealthy family.   Her mother dies and when her father remarries it’s to a woman with her own two daughters and jealous of Cinderella’s beauty and sweetness.  So the stepmother makes Cinderella become a servant in her own household and treats her horribly.

One day, a message comes from the palace announcing that there will be a royal ball and every maiden is to attend.  See, the prince isn’t married and there’s hope that he’ll find a woman to marry there.  Of course the sisters are excited and Cinderella wants to go too but she’s not allowed.  

After the mother and sisters leave, a fairy godmother appears and provides Cinderella with a dress, coach, horses, and all that stuff.  Then she goes to the ball. The prince is so bedazzled by her that he dances with no one else and the two fall in love.  Unfortunately, there’s a time limit and the magic’s going to fade at midnight.  When the clock begins to strike, Cinderella runs away but accidentally leaves a glass slipper behind.  It’s so dainty that the prince declares he’ll only marry the girl who can fit the slipper.  

Of course, the royal household goes around to all the maidens in the kingdom.  No one suspects Cinderella you see, but when the time comes, she asks to try on the slipper.  Lo and behold it fits!  So the prince marries her and she’s no longer a servant but married to her true love and in a much happier situation.  The end.  

::The Vulcan considered the synopsis provided.::

Saveron: One would observe that there are several illogical features to this story. ::He began.:: However I anticipate that may be either irrelevant, or even deliberate.

DeVeau: I think that’s a good assessment.

::That gave Saveron more to think about. Terrans at times seemed to find the illogical particularly agreeable; they might even say they delighted in it. It was not something that he understood, though he was willing to explore the concept.::

DeVeau: So would you like to play out the story at all?  It could be fun.  And...educational.  You know, a look into Terran fiction and all that.  I’d say it’s not all that different from those romance novels you read.

::That earned Alora a long, thoughtful look, though as ever his impassive features gave away no hint of his thoughts. What was going on behind that mask was a rapid calculation regarding the nature of the story and the possible parts available to play, along with possible reasons for the invitation. Had Alora just invited him to play out a romantic fantasy with her?::

Saveron: I have no objection.

DeVeau:  Good.  How about tomorrow?

Saveron: I have a time-slot available in the evening. ::Tomorrow was already pretty full.::

DeVeau: It can be another day if you prefer.

Saveron: I will make my calender available for you to view; select a time that would suit you.

DeVeau: Ooo, sharing calendars.  

::Alora wriggled her eyebrows at the Vulcan, though she doubted he would get it.::

Saveron: Is there a problem?

::She was right.::

DeVeau: Oh nothing, I’m just being silly.


Lt. Alora DeVeau
Chief Science Officer
USS Invicta


Lt. Cmdr Saveron
Second Officer
USS Invicta

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