[A1] Capt Washington: Gynoid Goodbyes

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Rich Yulin

Nov 29, 2016, 2:43:56 PM11/29/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Invicta
((Bar, Astrofori One))

Washington: Visiting his folks, eh? That's a big step...

::Joseph hid a teasing smile behind his glass as he took another sip.::

Rahman: Well, I mean, we have been together now for a while. Surely not that big.

Washington: So you've introduced him to your parents then?

::Rahman suddenly stared ahead for a moment, staying silent. She finally took a sip from her own glass.::

Rahman: Well... it's a big step.

::Before Joseph could tease her some more, his former operations officer approached them both.::

Pandora: It has been an... experience. One that must, it seems, draw to a close, however. I depart in three hours.

::Rahman chuckled at the android's description of the party, but Joseph sat up.::

Washington: Depart? It's still early, commander.

::The android explained further.::

Pandora: I have just received my orders. Regrettably, that is all I am permitted to tell you.

::Joseph exchanged an amused glance with Rahman.::

Rahman: Naturally. Well, it has been an honor and a privilege, commander.

::She bowed her head slightly in the android's direction.::

Washington: And likewise.

Pandora: If simulated sincerity is of any interest to either of you, then I offer you my wishes for good luck to you until we speak again. ::smiling faintly:: The way this organisation tends to operate, I suspect that may happen before too long.

Washington: Let us hope. Safe travels, commander.

Pandora: RESPONSE?

::But before she left, Rahman had one more thing to say.::

Rahman: And do try to keep out of trouble.

Pandora: RESPONSE?


Captain Joseph Washington
Commanding Officer, USS Invicta
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