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Amanda Nordstrom

Oct 25, 2015, 10:14:18 PM10/25/15
to Invicta

(Tola'Peth Penal Colony)

::She could hear the scrambling of feet against the loose rocks as the
refugees continued on without her. With Cassie injured, Alora had made
the decision to have her team press on without her. Phaser in hand, she
quickly doubled back to the intersection where the two paths split.::

::The rescue mission had gone as well as expected. As they had
approached the facility, the intel they had received had proved true.
Guards were posted, but not as tightly as normal, and the tunnels
beneath what had once been a respected temple remained a viable way to
access the building that sprawled over a few acres of rocky ground.
They had managed to get in with little trouble - it was the getting
out that had posed the biggest problem.::

::As they had struggled, several of the refugees had chosen to hold
back, urging their fellow prisoners on. The away team interspersed
themselves throughout the group, though a larger percentage remained in
the rear. To get to where they could be safely beamed up, the entire
posse had to make it past the dampening field, and they traversed the
narrow passageway as quickly as they possibly could.::

::All around escapees, walls of mountains long eroded away, leaving only
towering cliffs, acted as sentinels on either side path they had taken
had, at some point, been split in two, either by water or some other
natural occurrence, each path stemming out on opposite ends of a deep
ravine, which plummeted on both sides of each side of the land bridges.
As the sun settled lower in the sky, blood red painted the stony walls
and the people who continued to hurry onward.::

::After they were spotted, the bombs the away team had planted
detonated, but they offered only temporary respite and only after a
couple had found their marks - including Cassie, though they were
fortunate that she was injured, not killed. While the narrow entrances
of the cliffs would not allow even small, fighting vessels access, the
Jem’Hadar were as deadly on foot as they were in the air. Their calls
of anger echoed off the sheer, rocky hills that surrounded them, a
reminder that they were not yet in the arms of safety.::

::The group managed to put some distance between them and their
pursuers, but it would not be enough. With Cassie unable to fight,
Alora had urged everyone up the left path before she returned to the
intersection where they diverged. The Jem’Hadar were faster than they
had anticipated, recovering from their traps far sooner than would allow
them safe passage. Alora planted herself behind a boulder that leaned
against the wall. When she heard footfalls, she immediately darted out
and fired, hitting the first two who made it up the steep slope. Behind
her, she could no longer hear her companions and a quick glance
indicated that they had passed around the turn, effectively hiding them
from sight. To retreat in their direction, however, would lead the
Jem’Hadar right to the team.::

::The distance between the first two of the hunters allowed Alora to
dart to the other path. There, she settled behind a thin embankment
that jutted out into the path. It allowed her a measure of protection.
From her new position, she could see the group had stopped further on,
just out of the dampening field, a few shimmering as they were
transported up. The Ronin was limited in their ability, six, maybe
seven at a time, which put the refugees and away team in further peril
while their enemies gained on them.::

::As the other Jem’Hadar trudged closer, she peered out, then fired
again. Distracted, they returned fire with fire, then split - the main
group headed down the path her companions had taken, one other planting
himself in a position to cover his partner. Alora ducked down,
uncertain. Despite her attempt to lead them astray, they were not
fooled. Immediately, she aimed and fired two shots, not at the
Jem’Hadar, but at a section of the cliff that had, at some point or
another, had crumbled off as if a bite had been taken out of it. The
Jem’Hadar set on her fired toward her, hit the wall of rock that
protected her, which sent debris flying. Pain sliced through her
forehead as stone gashed her across, but she ignored it as best she
could and fired again. ::

::A downpour of stones and boulders poured over the Jem’Hadar who, so
intent on their prey, became prey themselves. Earth and rubble piled
over them, bones cracking beneath the onslaught. The single Jem’Hadar
howled in rage and Alora took advantage of the distraction to fire upon
him. As she fired, she missed a deadly shot and, instead, struck the
hand that held his own weapon. Enraged further, the Jem’Hadar lunged at
her as Alora darted back behind her shelter. She was too slow as he
swiveled about and leaped toward her. Pain sliced through her as their
bodies collided, though his aim was too fierce. With a piercing scream,
the wrestling pair tumbled over the side of the precipice, the sound
echoing off the cliffs until it slowly faded from existence.::


*Alora DeVeau
USS Ronin

as simmed by

Lt. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
USS Invicta


Amanda Nordstrom
Lt. Alora DeVeau

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